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  1. boz

    Redcar 24

    Suns out but windy! Been dry all day so far where I am, about 5 miles from track.
  2. It is fine margins for us to be fair which is almost more frustrating!
  3. Not sure where the Bears go from here really. Poor again, and more importantly for me a poor track. Very slick again, even Barker commented on it during the meeting. I don't mind losing if I have been entertained but that has rarely been the case so far this season. Wright was excellent, although Barker getting in his way potentially cost us the meeting in heat 13. It's hard to see what the answer is as the middle order have had decent meetings, just not all at the same time. Knudsen has to be the one at risk for me, but no idea who could replace him. Berwick solid throughout. Schlein looked quick, and very solid returns from Kemp, Etheridge and Borke. I'd like to think I'm not a negative poster, but can't see this side making the playoff as it stands.
  4. Not entirely sure what to make of that really. Fair play to Scunny, solid throughout. Allen and Howarth had much better meetings and Boughen was excellent at reserve. Riss was a class above and never really looked like being beat - I'd be trying everything I could to get him back but I appreciate it's not that simple. Wright was good and thought Edwards did well but rest inconsistent. It is a young side though and that will happen. Still not sure what I think about the track this year - Scunny certainly seemed to have no problem overtaking but we seemed to struggle, even Charles when he was behind.
  5. Fair post again from Yearby. Think with Charles we may have won but who knows. Was a much improved performance by some, with Knudsen having a good night and Bailey looked quick after his opening ride. Great to see Edwards continue his progress. For Scunny MPT was excellent, with rest giving good support without any real standouts I thought. Harrisons four points proved hugely crucial. Track on the slick side again but understandable with the amount of rain again this week.
  6. Well done to Worky - both Cook and Batchelor clearly fancied it tonight which is not always the case. Both looked good. Tate took to the track straight away and Vissing was excellent. Celina battled hard and deserved her points. Worrying start for the Bears but not panic stations yet. Charles was good I thought but lacked any real support - thought King looked poor. Bailey did OK, but after a good first ride Knudsen was disappointing. Thought Edwards was good. Track a bit slick but understandable with the amount of rain over the last few weeks. Not sure if it is too early to get on the blower to Mr Riss.
  7. boz

    Redcar 24

    6 of the team to be announced tonight - who do we think?
  8. boz

    Redcar 2024

    More chance of Captain Cook I think
  9. boz

    Scunthorpe 2024

    Should be a great signing for Scunthorpe - would have loved to see him return to Redcar but can understand the lure of riding for your local club!
  10. boz

    Poole 2024

    If Cook did leave Poole, would have loved him at Redcar!
  11. boz

    Redcar 2024

    Wouldn't be too disappointed with that side at all. Would like to see Riss back as I think if fully fit would be a strong heat leader in a weaker league.
  12. Can't see the Bears pulling it back, but should be a cracking meeting either way!
  13. boz

    Redcar 2023

    A good move for us I think, Jamie and Jade are speedway through and through and have done a great job but u the nk it is good to have someone who is running a successful business on board as well.
  14. Can't argue with much of that - was one heat leader and five second strings really. Fair play to King, Hume and Edwards for battling away. Riss incredibly poor. Oxford looked strong throughout once conditions settled a bit. Have as good a chance as anyone of winning the league.
  15. boz

    Redcar 2023

    Why does no-one ever seem to say "Yeah sorry, I got that wrong" anymore?

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