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  1. Decent meeting that a subdued Emil came good in ht14 tho
  2. Milik having his best pay day in Poland for a few year's
  3. Wolves is already postponed
  4. Nothing on twitch either so far
  5. Well Brum offered Berwick to change the dates like Edinburgh and Newcastle did but Berwick declined so what could Brum do apart from choose guests which they were entitled to do
  6. LOL.oops I got carried away with Brummies getting a couple of 5 1s up in Berwick
  7. Well I doubt Cookie will feature in the set up unless we're wiped out with injuries
  8. Don't consider how much rain has fell in Pardubice area over Fri and into Sat am. They done well to get the track into any shape to be able to race today.
  9. Track held up quite well considering the rain it had from yesterday afternoon and through till this morning..
  10. Intermittent sun and scattered clouds in Pardubice at the moment the rain passed over this am forecast is mainly dry for rest of the day fingers crossed
  11. Currently lashing it down with rain in Pardubice this am
  12. Give him his due he has had 1or 2 seroius leg breaks over the years.
  13. What's going on with Bjerre that's 2 meetings on the spin now he's been passing riders unheard of for Kenneth
  14. Indeed that was evident few weeks ago in ht2 when a reserve went into his team mate instead of laying the, bike, down

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