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  1. BigFatDave

    Tai Woffinden

    Don't be so hard on yourself, iris!
  2. Still got the Potty Mouth problem then? Nothing new there.
  3. BigFatDave

    Tai Woffinden

    ....and you don't - jealous?
  4. BigFatDave

    Next Years Gp

    In similar vein to the Darren & Sharon Boocock Scholarship, which is mainly funded by a few companies and far-sighted individuals for the betterment of British Speedway, and receives no official help..
  5. Here's a few for you, iris! Plenty cheered Tai on in SWC last year. Most morons can't spell as well. Another attempt at wit? The last one was actually after your post but I believe it falls into the same category. Quite why some forum members choose to go the Nationality Route to slag riders off all the time escapes me; maybe it's inspired by jealousy, or more likely their own inadequacies; who knows? You have to remember, Marky, that these intellectual pygmies who slag Tai off all the time are all so much better than he will ever be - just ask them. All I can suggest is to wait politely for their next rant, then when they've calmed down a bit just tuck them in and they'll go back to sleep, until it's time for their next tantrum/bottle, whichever comes first. Tai's been blessed with the option of dual nationality and he's chosen to ride for his birthplace; GB. That should be enough for most people, but not the ones born with a chip on their shoulder, alas.
  6. Great News for next year's tour: in 2013 the Scholarship is looking at running an eight man team and heading further South, with Kurri Kurri firmly on the agenda. Among the names bandied around so far is Bradley Andrews from Auckland, NZ, who rode in the UK in second halves this year under the watchful eye of SGP Rider Jason Bunyan. Bradley is the grandson of Bob Andrews, who rode for the Dons & the Heathens back in the day.
  7. BigFatDave

    Australian Championships 2013

    Great News for Aussie Fans last night; Chris Holder interviewed on SPEED Channel told us that in response to the outpouring of support from Downunder he's definitely considering riding in this season's Ozchamps. Now if we can just get a certain Bristol-born three-time World Champion to consider having a spin as well........
  8. BigFatDave

    2013 Gp Venue/dates

    Thanks Mama. So that'd make SWC 20th July in Prague?
  9. BigFatDave

    Simon Wigg - Never Forgotten.

    Simon would have been Fifty-two today, October 15th. Thanks for the memories.
  10. Couldn't help himself - totally sucked in.
  11. It's a total waste of time and space replying to your obvious and increasingly desperate attempts to pick a fight, since you cannot even acknowledge your own shortcomings while going to town on what you perceive to be mine. Goodbye.
  12. Apart from committing the cardinal sin of quoting yourself to prove a point; pretty much a peak for egotistical megalomaniacs, you deliberately mis-quote my reply: a sure sign you've embarked on a deliberately argumentative stance. Lift your game, mate. Good to see you're 'working' late; hope your boss doesn't mind you ripping him off.
  13. Geez, you're up late on a Sunday Morning - still haven't got a life, eh? Do you know where the Sun doesn't shine? That's where you can place your advice, mate. I'm up to here with your continual trolling of my posts, your gratuitous advice, empty threats and general holier-than-thou attitude. How about you treating the forum members who actually contribute to Speedway with a bit of respect; you've certainly shown none so far, coming on here on your high horse with your antagonistically argumentative stance on anything and everything. It's little wonder that people who actually support Speedway, either by regularly attending meetings world-wide, working on machinery gratis or simply sponsoring riders and clubs are leaving this forum in droves if comments like yours are what greets them on here. I might be one of the very few Aussie contributors left still posting regularly where once there were several; most of whom have been driven off by a vociferous minority. There are a couple of members who think it's the height of intellectual debate to call anyone they don't agree with "Bell End" or "Tosser" - why don't you troll onto their posts and lecture them for a change, they seem to be more on your level?
  14. In order to take part in the Scholarship, riders have to come up with Airfares and Pocket money for two months. The Scholarship provides everything else, from toothpaste to methanol, with everything in between, including transport to & from tracks for practice and meetings, plus all accommodation. When you take into account the sheer size of Australia, indeed just of Queensland, the costs of running the tour are prohibitive; it's a miracle this year's tour is on at all, especially given the almost complete lack of interest from British Speedway Clubs, who are the main beneficiaries of the finished product. The benefits of spending a few months riding on a variety of Australian circuits can easily by seen by watching the improvement in riders who've already taken part. If they want to come, all they hafta do is come up with the bucks. I agree, MrMungo, it would be great to have more riders and different riders taking up the challenge, but it's not up to the Organisers to do everything for them, wouldn't you agree? Prospective Riders have to get out there and raise funds as well. There have also been approaches from Denmark and Sweden to get their riders involved; it all comes down to money in the end.
  15. Depends if you want to wipe the floor with them I suppose. Don't forget, this week's Anglers Mail is next week's fish wrapper. I look forward to your tips on Bait, Blazeaway; you're obviously a Master Baiter.

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