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  1. Arson fire

    Newcastle vs Glasgow 8/5/22 4pm??

    Wow, thats fkg shocking.
  2. Aye apologies to the poster, i read the post wrong as in if our #1 had been riding.
  3. I attended through thick and thin for best part of 40 years!!
  4. Lifelong fan Arson fire said in reply ‘ i don't go anymore Rob, but when i did ( home and away) i spent £50/60/70 per week in/at Newcastle speedway( more if i took the kids), as i had a good night out and was entertained. To expect me to pay top dollar in todays climate, to watch the worst teams assembled for decades at Brough is poor and speculative on your behalf. Yes you put your own money in, and yes you have been shafted along the way ( thats your business) but ffs show some ambition and some team building clout to at least be competitive. Myself and many others i know would jump at the chance to put their minimum £1,200 per year back into the club and you. Give people some incentive to attend or return.. please!! Newcastle speedway has turned into a pitiful laughing stock yet again and you are responsible, only you can put it right!! Tell me I'm wrong”.
  5. Tbf, we should never have seen the first of him.
  6. Arson fire


    Gutted, sleep well Jim mate.
  7. Is that meant to make 29 look half decent?
  8. Arson fire


    Agree with this. Chatting to Rob Lyon several years ago about the structure of British speedway being ar5e over t!t, he was concerned then but they wouldn't listen. Either use and accommodate them going forward as a rule, or dont…but stop mucking them about.

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