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  1. mickthemuppet

    Beat the Bookie GP 2021 prize competition

    Artem Laguta £50 more
  2. mickthemuppet

    Extortionate Admission Prices

    What a load of rubbish
  3. mickthemuppet

    Sandcastles and Redcoats

    So how many camps did Butlins have and also how many hotels
  4. mickthemuppet

    The Olympic Games

    Women and Men in sports perhaps I should have said Figure Skating, Curling, Angling, Badminton, Table Tennis, Ten pin Bowling, Mixed Hockey, Diving, Gymnastics, korfball, long distance swimming, Synchronized Swimming and the Discus world record is held by a woman
  5. mickthemuppet

    The Olympic Games

    Suggest you look at Goodwood horse racing results today where Holly Doyle had a treble
  6. mickthemuppet

    The Olympic Games

    Think you might have forgotten Tennis. Certainly far more people play tennis than they do playing cricket and baseball combined
  7. mickthemuppet

    Extortionate Admission Prices

    The Theatre Royal in Norwich has the 85 year old Engelbert Humperdink doing a one and a half hour show for £62.50 . and part of the act will be mimed or perhaps even all . That's what you call extortionate. Some of the seats are even dearer in other theatres to see him. Then there will be another £10 for a programme
  8. mickthemuppet

    Wembley and world finals

    The individual world finals were always at Wembley. This competition was set up by 7 British promoters which included 6 from London clubs. The profits were then put back to the UK clubs. Where or why did all this change . Surely they had a monopoly like Darts and Snooker has where world finals are always held in this country. I am sure Len Silver would have some of the answers
  9. mickthemuppet

    UK speedway betting 2021

    Peterborough @ -2 v Belle Vue @ 6/4 Ulrich O +5 @ 17/20 v Dan Bewley ??
  10. mickthemuppet

    Beat the Bookie GP 2021 prize competition

    Freddie Lindgren £50 more
  11. mickthemuppet

    Beat the Bookie GP 2021 prize competition

    Zmarzlik £50 more
  12. mickthemuppet

    UK speedway betting 2021

    Tonights Witches V Belle VUE Could this be another draw Kemp at +2 against Tom Brennan looks good as Tom Brennan not scored more than 3 points in a match plus Kemp will get at least one extra ride =
  13. mickthemuppet

    UK speedway betting 2021

    Interestingly Bet 365 bet Masters +2 v Jack HOLDER -2 Last meeting Masters 11, Holder 9 Then Morris -2 v Troy Batchelor +2 Last meeting Morris 9 Batchelor 12 Scott Nicholls is a big start at +4 against Danny King -4
  14. mickthemuppet

    UK speedway betting 2021

    but you had six bets so how could you get 2 out of 3

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