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  1. Outstanding Heat 13, just to show the Lublin class.
  2. Lublin, just too good from 1-7
  3. Anders Thomsen fabulous ride.
  4. Good come back by Falubaz. Heat 15 decider.
  5. Credit where it's due. Great ride Pawlicki Heat 10.
  6. Parnicki is a hell of a prospect. Very exciting at such a young age. He should have no issue getting sponsors going forward after this season. Fair play to him.
  7. Top class from Leszno again. Smektala riding well and Ben Cook both passing Dudek.
  8. Isn't Smektala too old to ride at 8 anyway?
  9. Torun getting a tanking from Leszno
  10. Cracking racing here. This is brilliant.
  11. Great ride from Zengota. Super stuff.

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