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  1. screm

    berwick bandits 2021

    Looks like there will be another Berwick rider heading to the Premiership with Kacper Anderson signing for Kings Lynn.
  2. screm

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Important Statement from the Promotion. As we will have all seen recently, the Birmingham Brummies have unfortunately reached a crossroads in their season that they are describing as 'make or break', putting out an urgent plea for their fans, old and new, to get behind their club once and for all and attend their forthcoming meeting on Wednesday night, or face the reality that Birmingham may have to close it doors. It is with extremely heavy hearts, that the Newcastle promotion would also like to make their supporters aware that due to low crowd numbers, we regrettably find ourselves in an insecure financial position leaving us uncertain of the future. After a meeting held today following the low attendance numbers of the majority of the meetings this season, Co-promoters Rob Grant, Dave Tattum and Commercial Manager, Rachel Robley have came to the heartbreaking decision that unless this weekends double header meeting has a drastic improvement of crowd numbers, or any potential sponsor comes forward with a donation towards the club, then after 92 years, the future of Newcastle Speedway will be in doubt. When the new promotion came to the rescue of the club at the end of 2019, the vision that was held for Newcastle was one of a brand new-era. Every person involved shared the belief that we could collectively bring this club back from the ashes and make the Diamonds shine bright once again. First and foremost, the promotion would like the fans to understand that this vision does still firmly remain central in their hearts and it is all they want to achieve for the club. However, speedway is not a charity and we have all now lived through a pandemic and are still continuing to live through the after effects of a pandemic that has crippled business after business, with Rob's successful family butchers and event catering business also being no stranger to these after effects. The grim reality of the matter is that Rob and his business has invested a large sum of money into Newcastle Speedway, especially after having to buy the club twice due to the liquidation and losing all revenue invested in the old company, and this is no longer sustainable. Rob's main business has heavily subsidised the speedway through the uncertain times of the pandemic, whilst at the same time not being able to bring in its own potential full revenue due to the event and hospitality industry being forced to close over the past 18 months. It is only now that this sector can hopefully start to pick itself up for the rest of this year and 2022, meaning that Grants Event Catering is unable to continue subsidising the Speedway in the way it has been throughout Covid. Newcastle Speedway can no longer continue running at the financial losses it is each week. This weekends double header meeting, against Poole Pirates and the Plymouth Gladiators featuring Steve Worrall, Danny King, Rory Schlein, Bjarne Pederson and hopefully former world champion Jason Crump, really is the best chance to save a 92 year old Tyneside institution. The promotion feel they have done everything they can to highlight that Newcastle Speedway still exists and can offer thrilling entertainment for the whole family, including making this weekends double header amazing value at only £20 for adults, removing the car parking fee to make it cheaper to attend and spending countless hours promoting the Diamonds across the local area, but unfortunately the crowd numbers are still not high enough to meet the running costs each week of a speedway club. The Just Giving page, that was a huge success and the promotion are still extremely grateful for, raising £2000 more than the initial £8000 target, helped cover the costs of a maximum of two meetings whilst running under covid-restrictions. We now can not continue to do this alone, and we are calling on all of our supporters, far and wide, young and old, to please get behind your Diamonds and support your club this Sunday and for future meetings. We need a combined effort to make this weekends meeting great, with a great selection of riders for a great offer on admission and a great way for you and your family to spend your afternoon/evening otherwise the heartbreaking alternative that faces us, is that if the crowd is once again as low as it has been, it may seal the fate of the Newcastle Diamonds. We really hope to see as many of you there as possible and if we can please ask for all our supporters to share the word to as many family or friends as possible who would be interested to come along. We can not do this without you, let's all make sure Diamonds really are forever. Many thanks, Newcastle Diamonds Promotion
  3. Here`s a chance to watch your new rider in action
  4. screm

    Club Merchandise

    Just a fleece, hoody, cap wouldn't be a bad start.
  5. screm

    Club Merchandise

    Well done to those tracks, but there are many who are behind the times.
  6. After Edinburgh, Berwick and Newcastle he might be hot footing down to the ferry to Denmark.
  7. The new guys in for a shock when he sees Armadale and an even bigger shock when he sees Berwick, and then onto Brough Park.
  8. screm

    Poole Pirates 2021

    SIGNING | PIRATES SIGN RATED DANE Poole Pirates have filled the vacancy left by the complications in travel encountered by Czech rider Ondrej Smetana, by signing the promising young Dane Benjamin Basso. The 20 year old (born 2nd July 2001) who was a member of the Danish national side that took on Team GB at King's Lynn in October 2019 follows in the footsteps of three former Danish riders who have had Pirates experience, as he was crowned the 2016 World Youth Speedway Champion, a title previously won by Leon Madsen (2000), Nicolai Klindt (2001) and Frederik Jakobsen (2013). Poole owner Matt Ford said "I spoke to Nicolai about Benjamin and he thought he would be an ideal fit but he thought he had Polish commitments to fulfil which would have precluded him from joining us. I then had a conversation with Frederik who gave me the tip-off that Benjamin was so keen to come to the UK that he would give Poland a miss if there was a chance he could ride for us. "But I have to say, it has not been an easy ride to get the signing completed as there has been a lot of additional hurdles in our way as a consequence of Brexit, including a spoken language test and a personal hearing before he was granted the necessary paperwork to allow him to get the clearance needed. Once again, we are hugely grateful to Nigel Leahy who helped steer us all through the process. "As for Benjamin himself, he won't be eligible until Friday and that means something of a baptism of fire for the lad around the small Armadale circuit. We need to be sensible and not put any undue pressure on his young shoulders but I feel that working alongside the likes of Danny [King] and Rory [Schlein] we will be able to bring his career along and given that he currently holds a higher average for his Danish side Fjelsted than both Frederik and Peter Kildemand we are already starting from a reasonable foundation." With his debut on Friday, Benjamin will face the busy schedule facing the Pirates for, after their SGB Championship meeting at Edinburgh on Friday, they go on to race at Berwick on Saturday and Newcastle on Sunday.
  9. screm

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    I would say un-likely as he was guesting for Berwick today at Newcastle.
  10. You think, Zsmarslik at Gorzow what ref is going to have the balls to do that.
  11. Maybe Aaron thinks he is Jacek Rempala, he was a bit like that.
  12. Untidy crash for Woffinden but it could've been worse had he collected Vaculik.
  13. screm

    Club Merchandise

    You would think in this day and age just about every club would have some kind of on line shop. Speedway really does need to be dragged into modern times I think.
  14. Under the circumstances I suppose it was a decent effort from Berwick, but yet again another collapse in the last few heats. One point down going into heat thirteen yet end up getting nothing must be hard to take and at some point will need to be addressed.

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