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  1. The Ben Fund collection from last night has raised the incredible sum of £2168.
  2. Almost a brilliant bit of team riding there from Pawlicki, deserved the 1-5.
  3. screm

    Berwick 2024

    Freddie Hodder was an unused reserve for Team GB today in the European Junior Championship in Pila, the meeting was won by Poland but there was a creditable 3rd place the Team GB behind Team Seden who came second.
  4. screm

    Berwick 2024

    Whilst not denigrating Jason`s efforts last night, its worth considering that he was gifted his third place in Heat 7 and when giving a helping hand for his second place in Heat 2 after the two Glasgow riders got in each others way in turn one of lap one. Honestly, I don`t see him as much of an improvement on Hodder, but you are correct in pointing out that it may do Hodder some good by taking him out of the team as his confidence must be rock bottom at the minute.
  5. Its very unlikely you will ever win a meeting with only 5 race wins, that was Berwick`s un-doing.
  6. Changes are afoot, well one change anyway.
  7. His reputation went before him, this time round however he has zero chance at qualifying by right and next to zero chance of a wild card pick and his ego will stop him attempting to qualify through the qualifying rounds for 2026, so at SGP level Tai is finished, a spent force, an also ran.
  8. Tai will find all the answers he needs in the mirror.
  9. Never gonna happen, like never ever. And let us all be thankful for that.
  10. Thanks to the rain in Scotland, the British Superbikes are delayed. Hopefully this won`t affect the timings for the start of the SGP.
  11. screm

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    Leon Flint making his debut in the SGP2 series, link is here to see the meeting live. http://kergel.ucoz.lv/index/live_stream_2/0-12
  12. screm

    SGP 2

    Good luck Leon.
  13. screm

    Berwick 2024

    Season over.
  14. screm

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    Very good day for Leon Flint in the Extraleague Under-24 today, he has top scored for his club Czestochowa with 12+1 from 6 rides. Sadly his side went down 56-33 to home side Stal Gozow, in the same meeting James Pearson scored 5 from 5.

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