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    If I was still running a speedway I would have kicked your arse for you. Fans can speculate with their wishes or what they know. Riders and especially a hired hand like a mechanic, should leave the business to the promoters who's business it is. I would remind other readers of theses post, that this poster is the same poster who published what was going on at Newcastle in October, when Alan Hedley was about to quit the Diamonds. That was internal business, his post wasn't banter, but more attempt to get himself known as a part privileged knob with some information but wanted to big up what he knew. in any business, you don't want an internal mouth blabbing to the forum, to make himself look big and informed. I said at the time it was a mechanic who was blabbing and it didn't take long for me to find out who it was. Beware Kevin and all at Redcar, some will love it, but he will do no good to your business.
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    Those questioning Wright just don’t understand Somerset. He’s part of the DNA of the club and terrific entertainment and shows 110% commitment week in week out. Welcome back Wrighty delighted your back !!!
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    Looks like Holder will be signed on the cheap. Oh for those days when he was the most sorted after rider in the UK. Now after his Kings Lynn side show the word is out there.
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    BENR195...... you are one of the chosen few in this world of speedway . you get to see the inside of how speedway works (sometimes) travel the length and breadth of the uk, sometimes further . if i was in a position like that and heard a few pre season things . i would keep it to myself and gain the respect of riders and mechs,fitters or full time pit people . you will gain more respect and may even hear things that should not be heard . but keep stum. we all respect the job you do on race nights .rain or shine , you guys have to be there . good luck in 2018 , but dont play the kids game of , i know something you dont. as i said before , enjoy your time as a pit person and also enjoy the time you will be spending with pro riders and promotions . MERRY CHRISTMAS.... WAR IS OVER !
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    A lot of talk saying we will only have whatever’s left over as other clubs are announcing signings, whose to say We haven’t signed our 1-7 and the other clubs are working within a pool of what’s left? The club seem pretty adamant the 1-7 will be in place for the January’s meeting, and with Christmas and New Years in between, I would imagine at least 5/6 are signed, if not the complete 7
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    Just my opinion, but seems like a massive over reaction here. Would personally think it would have been much worse if someone comes on here and blabs the team before it is announced
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    Think if I was a Robins fan I would be slightly pi##ed off at the management letting the World Champ leave the club,espiecially if he is still riding in UK.
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    So where are all the posters who were telling one and all that both Holders would be at the Oaktree?????
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    Great news for Somerset and British speedway as a whole
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    It was mentioned on here weeks ago about Doyle signing and people said we couldn't afford him - I said at the time that wasn't the case and so it's proved. Welcome back to Jason Doyle to his spiritual home. Plenty to be optimistic about with this team, plenty of improvement in Lawson, Holder, Wilson Dean and Allen. Who knows about the Dane as I know nothing about him at all. Poole can keep Chris Holder. I'm led to believe he was on his way until Ford put a stop to that. We'll settle for Doyle though *insert smug face*
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    Every team is plop so far according to Shov. But no doubt when the meetings start in March Poole will be massive underdogs when hes making predictions.
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    taking this chance to wish every workington speedway fan/promotion/and the true supporters of wuckintun cornets a happy and not too merry Christmas over the next few days . stay safe and if poss , a wee bit sober .this goes out to ALL fans who post on this site . without you , speedway would not exist . really looking forward to having a season of entertainment @ wucky. we are not too far off the finished product , team wise . special mention to laura , tony and all those people who give up their days to run Worlington speedway in cumbria .almost forgot steve whitehead, who is prob worth more than a mention ! so , not too far away till start time and i hope it gives us the entertainment it can and does on a regular bases . good luck to all riders @ workington for the coming season . im all a quiver . think its toilet time !
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    Just a reminder of some of the things that did say about Newcastle even though you can't remember. It shows you were a regular contributor on the Newcastle thread quoting things that were happening and insinuating things relating to George. Very convenient you can't remember, but as other have said, you're one thick, attention seeking individual who cant be trusted to be on the inside of any club. No team deserves you to be an inside team member. Apols to Redcar for our intervention, but things had to be said. Now you know, I think this thread should get back to the original heading "Redcar 2018"
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    TBF I said same aswell. And holder would have been there if it wasn' for Poole demanding 25k for him
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    Good to see the world champ in British speedway in 2018.Nice little Christmas pressie for the Somerset fans.
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    Trolling somewhere else no doubt. Superb news that the world champ is racing in the UK. Well done to the Rebels for pulling off this signing.
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    I think people worry far too much.......by all means have a whinge if the named 1-7 looks poor but don't see the point in whittling over speculation.
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    Good to see Doyley still in British speedway.
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    But if you are a Redcar fan or at least someone with a connection, why would you take pleasure in winding up fans with deliberate false statements - stating that JBA would not be returning was a lie - why say anything? All you have done is make Redcar fans question JBA because if he can appoint such a cretin as his mechanic, you have to worry about him.
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    Somerset a lot better off with Jason Doyle than Holder IMO
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    On Twitter Comets have wished everyone a Merry Christmas and have said there’ll be more team news before New Year.
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    A little lad goes to visit Santa, sits on his knee and gets asked what his Christmas wish would be... "I would like a real life fire breathing Dragon that I could watch fly around my garden" was the lads answer... Santa, obviously a bit taken aback replied.... "Well, young fellow, even Santa will sometimes struggle to make everyones desires come true, have you another wish?" The young lad thought for a moment before answering,... "Yes, I would like to see Speedway in Britain ran professionally like other Sports, well marketed, and with a fit for purpose operating model and business plan that delivers no Mickey Mouse meetings, but instead a high quality night of entertainment both on, and off the track, each week".. Santa, ponders this for a quite a while before replying. . "What colour would you like that Dragon kid?" Merry Christmas Everyone....
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    Having gone to the recording Tai came across very well indeed, to the point I had many people come up to me and ask about Tai and speedway. (Had my Clifton racing hoodie, and tw108 hat on) all said how well he came across and that he seemed outspoken but not in an arogant way. Clare Balding who I have seen discuss speedway before, also seemed very knowledgeable and understood the politics. Tai had great chemistry with fellow guests tai kwondo star Bianca (forgot her surname) and Frank Lampard. And it was a thoroughly entertaining evening.
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    Was supposed to be abit if harmless fun, didn’t expect to become forum famous for it
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    Sorry if someone has mentioned this before but I haven't read the whole thread. I think that a sign that things are radically wrong with the sport is when James Sarjeant (and I mean this with no disrespect to him whatsoever), has a poor season to say the least in 2017 and sees his average drop drastically. His reward for this is team places in two leagues in 2018. Joe Jacobs has a great 2016 and increases his average beyond all expectations. His punishment for this is to be frozen out of the start of the 2017 season and have to wait for someone to get injured and face the possibility of having to do the same in 2018. Surely this can't be right.
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    You been on the mulled wine mate?
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    well if he'd just shut up instead of digging himself into a big hole we would all move on but he has to have the last word
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    Celebrating the signing of Doyle.
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    The delay? Probably been told their team is over the limit. Clegg is not a 2.
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    You honestly come across as a really thick individual to be honest
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    Just saying, but that's exactly the way you have come across for years now...
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    Fair play to the club - several sponsors must have played their part. Terrific signing and a decent looking team who can all increase their starting average. Also great for British Speedway that the World Champion is riding here!
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    Well done Somerset! Very glad that Doyle will still be riding in the UK after winning his world title.
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    I think you answed your own question....they don't have the right mentality to run a bath..let alone a sport.
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    How old is young??? Lawson will be 32 by season start and Wright 29.
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    It must be Doyle why leave so many points unused if it isn't him.
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    Fair enough. How much is Ford offering???
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    I agree Steve A great British classic, full of characters, run for years (something like 286 episodes) and was recognised as a great success.
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    I'd have read 'rules changing every other week' as just a saying rather than taking it literally, either way it really can't be worth making such a bloody fuss about!!
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    I will tell you now, we will win the league again. Doubt us at your perial.
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    Just seen Mitchell Davey has signed. What a waste of a signing. Just about any 16 year old Brit would have been better simply because in the short term they can be no worse and at least they're not 28(?) year old and as good as they're ever going to get. The 16 year old might one day make it, Mitchell Davey is a NL level rider and has been since he first rode in this country.
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    it wasn't banter though - he claimed authority for a statement which he knew to be false. He could have caused problems - they may have appeared available to other promoters for example. If i was promoter or manager he'd be in trouble. Needs to keep it shut if he's in a trusted position. Well the management know he's not trustworthy now. Yes fans come on here and speculate - they do not claim authority and thats the difference
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    That's very kind, thank you. I'm just trying to pass on what I've learned over the years. I want so much for this wonderful sport to recover and thrive.
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    The team is pretty much the same as last season so why should they make the play offs next season? As you Say all a bit unexciting. Who is the big improver?
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    No it would not be fair.
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    I remember seeing 3 Norwegians in the wasps colours ed strangleland, einar egedius & reidar eide. Ed was a entertaining rider from my memory, einar I think married a Newport girl but it was reidar who I remember most fondly he was in I believe the best team Newport ever had in 1975 he also rode in 73 & 74. One race inparticurlrly recall is a golden helmet race against ole Olsen I think in 73 where he brought the house down at Somerton park by blasting by ole to lift the helmet, great days.
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    One day I was supporter then a fire alarm at a supporters' convention saw me become a commentator. It's hard to believe it happened now. There is a book in it but the lawyers would have a field day. Bear in mind even when something is true you have to prove it is. I was never an insider which did rather complicate things. The odd thing is that every job I performed in the sport I was asked to do - I never applied. Anyway, the BSF has more important matters to discuss. I was just a bit taken aback to be quoted by Peter Oakes!
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    From the guest appearances Shanes made last year he was producing 5 point plus performances With more regular racing doubling up I would expect he will kick on further He certainly could be challenging for a spot in the 1-5 and possibly most likely to be the biggest improver of 2018