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    Starry had an op to remove a non-cancerous brain tumour. It all went successfully at Southampton General and he is now in the recuperation/recovery stages.
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    Try living on £154 a week like I have to after working for 48 years.Without concessions no speedway for me.
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    SCB's thin veneer of intelligence is once more stripped away by his rancid and repugnant ageism. It's a familiar argument - "I know a pensioner who's well-off so every one of them must be." It's as intellectually and morally bankrupt as "All these foreigners are taking our jobs". I do wonder if he's got a problem with his parents or other elderly relatives, given the sick bitterness and prejudice he continually shows to the elderly. In another recent thread he came up with what were superficially intelligent comments about the way forward but which were invalidated by his comment "Stop pandering to the old, they'll be dead soon", or words to that effect. I'll leave you to consider for a moment just how repugnant that is. Don't be taken in by someone who is obsessed withe speedway rule book and averages. It doesn't make them intelligent, merely fixated. I had to correct him ages ago when he was spouting this regulation and that to point out that he was completely ignoring the key part of the rule book, the supplementary regulations which are issued during a season and regularly amend those rules., I remember SCB complaining about the car park at a certain track on the basis that it was damaging his very expensive car. Lovely chap. I'd park mine outside ;-) If people were singled out for such abuse on the grounds of race, gender or sexuality they would be rightly condemned by most reasonable people in society and in many cases prosecuted. So why is ageism allowed? Speedway may have an age profile that could do with reducing. The SCB's of this world would achieve that by making the sport hostile to the elderly and forcing them out on the basis that the young and 'cool' (i.e. his own perception of himself) are put off by the sight of geriatrics viciously sitting down because they can't stand up for two hours and callously drinking hot drinks from a flask because they know that the stuff on sale at the track is awful quality and overpriced. Shame on them! It's not the elderly that are the problem, it's the shallow, ignorant outlook of certain people at the other end of the age spectrum. Still, there's one consolation, given the modern trend to despise the old by the time he gets to be in that age group life's going to be pretty appalling for him. Yes I have attacked the poster, and I have not one iota of apology for doing this. I've posted some strong views on here over the years but they have all been based on a deep love of and concern for the sport, and not my ego. I had my brief spell in the spotlight and I can tell you I am much, much happier sitting quietly in the shadows now. When I see SCB's posts I see raw ego. I worked with a few TV technicians like him in the past and you would sometimes get those who developed appalling arrogance through working in the industry. I thought I'd seen the worst.......until now. I remember years back Sittingbourne getting their only away Conference League win at Newport. Almost everyone on the BSF were congratulating the then Crusaders on finally getting a win. One kid wasn't though. He went through every decision made in the match, every pass and incident, desperately trying to prove that the Kent side hadn't deserved their win. Ever since then I've been waiting for SCB to grow up. Seems like I've got a longer to go. Still, I'll probably be dead first, eh? Rob McCaffery - aged 60 and expecting the basic state pension only, if that when I can finally afford to retire. You see, instead of building up a career I spent too much time with speedway. I'm now partially disabled so have to have a seat at a track even if it's a folding one which SCB so despises. After 46 years of course I don't deserve a small concession on the admission in my advancing old age.....It would be nice to be able to enjoy the sport in my final years without having to put up with prejudice from this shallow clown.
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    I agree with SCB on some points but to turn his argument on it's head why should children get in free or at a reduced rate. Presumably their parents chose to have them with all associated costs so why should working childless people subsidise them. Dont say they are the future because without the present OAPs on their reduced admission there will be no future
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    Jesus christ this thread is something else. Sundstrom was a near 8 pointer when riding in this league a few years ago, hes got better as a rider and the league has been watered down hugely. i am no fan of Poole and to be honest most of their fans annoy the hell out of me but if they round this team off with Sundstrom and Shanes, it really does look head and shoulders above any of the rest. Kurtz is a young improving star of the future, Holder at worst will hold his average, Josh G averaged 7 riding at number one last season and starts as a third heatleader, Sundstrom is a quality rider who can ride all tracks big or small, Woryna is a hot prospect who will surely make a mockery of his average, the other Pole is the stand out reserve in the league and Shanes is improving and has a year under his belt plus has secured more meetings for 2018. sorry but if any other team announced this line up nearly every fan on here would be saying how good it looks. given the rules and averages etc, it is the stand out side. Thats assuming Shanes and Sundstrom sign but it looks so good that even if they dont, they will still take some stopping.
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    Here you go again SCB. You really must be a very bitter person. You are right when you say that a hell of a lot of Pensioners are well of, some of them very well off. However the obverse is also true. There are also a hell of a lot of Pensioners who are not very well off, are indeed very, very poor. Some can afford Speedway every week, but others will inevitably not be able to, and it seems that you want to make them even worse off. I doubt if there are many very well off Pensioners who attend Speedway that often so you are actually having a go at the poorer ones. Shame on you!!! You are either very bitter, very jealous or very selfish or maybe a combination of all three. Shame on you!!!
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    Times have changed. How many of the riders that Lambert was competing against in last year's World Under 21s have a full time job and ride speedway as their side-gig? The answer is almost certainly none. I don't see Lambert's comments as amateurish. I think he makes a very valid point about an outdated and almost certainly illegal asset system which is loaded in favour of clubs.
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    You don't pay a pound a minute do you .Most meetings are around two hours. Unless using your stupid theory you would only see around 6 minutes horse racing in 3 hours around 14 minutes in 3 hours at greyhound racing. Then about 4 minutes action in around 4 hours around 18 holes of golf There is only about 12 minutes played in one hour of tennis. Even football in around 62 minutes per match.Even in darts only about a fifth of the match are darts being thrown. Nobody makes comparisms about time in other sports so why do some speedway pundits keep doing so
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    SCB, even taking your view, don't forget that many pensioners paid into the system and paid the full admission price at speedway throughout their working lives and subsidised whatever benefits you think they now receive for those who were pensioners when they were younger. You can argue about statistics as to which group was relatively better off 10,15 or 20 years ago but the fact is that few, if any of those who are now pensioners begrudged the older generation a few "perks" when they were working. We thought they had worked hard all their lives and deserved a few benefits in their later years. However, put all that aside. The fact is that many commercial organisations offer discounts to many different sections of the community because they see it as sound commercial sense to do so. Teachers, civil servants, members of certain organisations. people who buy certain brands of products, are all offered discounts ranging from buying insurance, to holidays, to purchasing many different types of goods and for entertainment and leisure activities. There's nothing altruistic in offering pensioners these same discounts. It is done for exactly the same reasons as for any other group, because businesses think it commercially advantageous for them to do it. Much as it may grieve you I suspect that as a group we will be offered even more discounts because we shall be even more attractive to businesses as there will be more of us because we are living longer.
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    If you buy a day ticket for the main racing only, its £28 (or £34 on the gate). That's not quite so good. You're right, though - just because something isn't comparatively expensive doesn't mean it is value for money and, in many cases, speedway does fall down there. I went to the Belle Vue/Wolverhampton TV match last season and, basically, everything was just bang on. A reasonably close result, some fantastic racing, an Aces win - we even had Chase the Ace doing a 'Staying Alive' dance. I paid £10 but even at the usual £17 it would easily have been worth every penny. All too often, though, we have crap tracks, ridiculous, unnecessary delays, poor presentation and riders who can't be bothered. All that has to be addressed, and soon.
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    I work full time...and I would like 20k a year for working...let alone being retired.
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    Theatres , cinemas , trains , buses ,football games.... all give concessions amongst many others. there are plenty of pensioners who are very glad of a little financial help
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    ...trouble is SCB has a fixation about ageism and raises the issue over and over again. Gets a bit tiresome after awhile.
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    Lindgren would survive a nuclear war!!!! Lets hope he finally pushes on.
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    Yes, but it’s a huge disincentive for NL riders to see the CL dumping young Brits. CL clubs should be proud to show off the talents of Nielsen, Jacobs & Perks, setting examples for NL riders to aspire to, rather than ending their careers. Thankfully Stefan, at least, has got back.
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    Plus they will need beefed up suspension for Wimborne Rd
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    Spoke to Mike earlier in the week and he was at home, think it's a little daunting for him. As I have a heavy cold not visited him , as soon as I make contact again I will post something.
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    He like all speedway riders is self employed, it is up to him to get the best contract he can subject to his ability, skill and scoring power. If he expects to be able to make a living out of the sport he needs to negotiate a better contract, get out and acquire a lot of sponsorship or ride for other teams. If he cannot demand the income he wants then he needs to improve and do something about it. If anyone in any job expects to earn a living they need to be in a position where their skills etc are worth want they want as an income. If they are young and learning they have to accept a lower income to start with.
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    Let's turn your question around. Why shouldn't Lambert expect to make a living out of speedway? He's expected to make himself available to King's Lynn, turn up fit and health, with machinery prepared and ready to race. Most people expect to make a living from their job, why shouldn't speedway riders?
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    One phrase in the Lambert article highlights some of the problems with speedway in the UK, and in particular the cost of attending meetings He refers to "making a living out of speedway in the UK" - he's 19 years old, should he really be trying to make a living out of riding for Kings Lynn at that age? Did Terry Betts and others expect to do that, at 19 or even older? Most certainly, no they didn't, and admission prices reflected that It's fine to be ambitious, but lads these days seem to expect far too much from a sport that is not F1 or Premier League, and far too soon
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    The above was Halifaxtiger quoting SCB. SCB, it does say "average", that means the figure evens everyone out. Someone on the National Minimum Rate of £7.50ph will earn £15,600pa. Even the new pension, only recently started to be paid, is approx £8,400pa and that depends on NI contributions. Pensioners before that get much less- and thats what my state pension is....much less. I contributed to a private pension for 23 years which helps me out, many pensioners today do not have private pensions. They will really be struggling. I think you need to learn what pensioners are actually on rather then rely on some "average" figure. If pensioners didnt get "senior citizen" rates I would imagine some businesses would struggle - speedway would probably have folded years ago.
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    Just shut the hell up you childish morons grow the fk up
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    I doubt that there are many rich pensioners that include speedway as an interest.. The OAP concession should remain
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    Bit of a generalisation SCB, there's plenty of pensioners on basic pension and maybe a small personal pension .....
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    Phil you have nothing that needs defending , like you state you need the extra revenue these days to exist every publication does really can’t see where Semion is coming from as like you say the 24 page ad is an extra that doesn’t cost the customer any more! I actually find the brochure quite good toilet material once I’ve read the actual magazine content lol Despite social media and the internet in general I still enjoy my fix of my speedway star as does my son...as you know! Keep it going more of us appreciate it than those that do not
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    How very amusing you are.
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    Another good thread Sid! Best memories? 1. My very first meeting at Cowley (1972 vs. Coventry) 2. White City winning at Wolves in 1977 thereby winning the league. 3. Oxford vs. Ipswich (KOC Final Second Leg). Best ever meeting at Cowley during my time in my opinion. 4. Hans Nielsen winning the World Championship in 1986 at Katowice...I was there! 5. Oxford hammering the enemy (Swindon 'Budgies') at 'The Abbey' in 1986. Worse memories? 1. Any deaths at speedway (thankfully I was never present at any meeting when a rider was killed) but they all left a profound effect on me. 2. Travelling a great distance to be met with a postponement announcement. 3. The demise of the second half...used to have some great second halves at Cowley during 'The Rebels' era. 4. The closure of White City and Oxford as speedway venues. 5. Seeing the sport decline in popularity and I can't see it being reversed.
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    Many organisations offered discounts to OAPs to use the facilities or spend their money during quiet times, ie the pub etc for meals before 7pm on weekdays, or clubs during the daytime. This then spread to other organisations who thought that by offering a discount they would get more people into their venue who would then spend more money. Many who are retired do have to watch what they spend and any help from organisations with discounts is probably greatly appreciated by them, but it is difficult to means test them for those that are hard up and those who have an adequate income and those that receive well above the average income.
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    Don’t worry, Poole fans are counting their over-hyped chickens as usual while Rosco counts his horses
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    How is it valid? You have two riders over 8 in your starting lineup - that isn’t valid
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    Yawn! You just can’t help yourself :rolleyes:
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    Good: Speedway opening in Sunderland in 1964. Speedway opening in Sunderland in 1970. The Racing. The excitement. The spectacle. The friendships formed between Supporters. Friendly banter. Bad: Speedway closing in Sunderland in 1964. (After only NINE Meetings). Speedway closing in Sunderland in 1974. Barry Briggs being T-Boned by Bernt Persson in 1972. I had gone there supporting 'Briggo' and am sure he would have won without Persson's antics. Having to endure Double Points, which made me quit the Sport for a while. Inconsistent Refereeing decisions. Riders not returning to the Tapes immediately following a false Start. Unfriendly banter. Fatalities and Injuries. Gardening. Rule bending by some Promoters.
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    ...Ice Hockey, to the best of my knowledge, is an exception to the rule regarding 'team sports' whereby the full 60 minutes are played (3 periods of 20 minutes). When the puck is not in play the clock stops if my memory serves having followed the sport extensively during the eighties.
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    That's very true.....makes me realise even more what a crap evening out speedway is...using my interests..likes and dislikes.....
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    SURELY depends on what his net income is at the end of the day
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    Add in the corruption of some riders getting reassessed and others not. Either all riders who didn't ride here in 2017 get reassessed or none do. Total corruption indeed.
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    No one can doubt his obvious ability on a bike. Probably it would be best if he let his riding do his talking, and forego airing his views in the national magazine...
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    Isn't the point Lambert was making is that he was prevented from negotiating a better contract with another team by King's Lynn, therefore he was forced to accept their offer?
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    I think what Midland Red meant was years ago the likes of Bettsy and co didn't dream of making a living, certainly not at age 19. The demands of the clubs were the same. I can't remember many, if any, cases of riders not turning up because of their "earning a living" job. They turned up with bike in a rack on the back of a car and just got on with it. that said Lambert rightly wants to be a professional speedway rider, times have changed. What he needs to realise is that being a professional is full time and that includes any statements he makes to media. For any professional to publicly say he is reluctant is extremely amateurish and could well be counter productive if the feelings it's stirred up in many fans is anything to go by.
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    ...unfortunately the same thing is happening at Cowley and when I once put the question to the then owners was told that it wasn't true. Last time I looked in at the stadium it was in a terrible state and despite all the good efforts I can't see the facility remaining for much longer.
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    Very sad to see but it's a typical tactic of an owner of a site/building when they're refused planning permission,you just allow it to crumble and become dangerous, & dilapidated then eventually the planning permission will be granted as the local authorities will be glad to get rid of an ugly eyesore .
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    Robbo for me. He is a great Team man, if not him then Nichols. That's it from me. I won't hold my breath. Even if he did he would probably only pick up two or three in the next Away Match. I'm sorry if folk don't like that - but history suggests that I am right.
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    A very sad and touching film that many of us ex fans of defunct clubs can relate to.
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    This thread is ok until gavan comes back on it then it goes into lets dig at every poole rider,you don't see any poole fans go on the Ipswich thread bleating on about how he's got beatan by him,he shudnt be beat by him hes a no1 and the other guy is a 2nd string blah blah blah why dont you focus ur attention on how ipswich are going to massive chumps again next season and win nothing again LMAO
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    Pretty much any 'debate' if you can call it that you've had with Starman.
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    " delusions of grandeur" sums him up nicely.
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    Fricke is quality, it's pretty plain to see. I wouldn't use Aussie championships as much of a barometer, averages from the Polish, Swedish and British top divisions are a better indication. World U21 results where applicable are also a good gauge. If you can beat the cream of the Polish youngsters on their missile bikes then you have got something about you.
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    Sky did have quite a few years experience with filming speedway, if BT does show speedway again this year perhaps they will learn by experience as they progress through the season.
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    I guess your glasses are failing you. Round One, engine failure then excluded for falling on his own Round Two, excluded for taking off Holder Round Three, beaten by Jack Holder. Brady Kurtz is Pooles number one rider. He is riding against teams second or third heat leaders (Fricke, Masters) ans other teams second strings ( Tungate, Holder) He should be totally dominant but as like heat 13 in the second leg of the play off final he sort of messes it up when it matters. If you class beating second strings (and being beaten by one in Holder in the final) as devastating form then you are very easily pleased.
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    Good place to hold it really....easy to get to and great race track....Looks like the line up is going to be pretty good to....all should add up to making a good bit of money for the fund.