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    As I’ve said before I’ve been crucified on social media from some quarters and that’s fine I’m not bothered by it but the bit that grates is I may be in the wrong and my thoughts my not be a way forward but nobody is doing anything, we are plodding on piddling about with rule adjustments, nobody is getting hold of the sport, so if your going to say I’m wrong then at least offer some alternative , the sport needs structure and strict machine and finance control
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    Don’t get me wrong, although it may come across that I’m out to get at riders I’m not, this is about the bigger picture of the future of the sport, the fact is the crowds are getting smaller and the money is getting less, now we can all blame the bspa or cradley or Donald trump or whoever you want but the fact still remains we are where we are and now buxton are struggling to field a team because of riders demands , my angle on this far too much is spent on unnecessary equipment by the riders, there is no need for a lot of it but riders want it and believe they need it and so pushing costs up and who funds the costs? The fans who are not turning up, the sport as a whole needs to get a grip on costs and machinery but to get this to happen is like pulling teeth, there are many people in the sport who don’t understand or just turn a blind eye to just how bad things are financially at some clubs, we are slowly dying and as painful as it is, we need to take steps to address this and we are not doing anything and I can honestly say the sport I love and have devoted my life too sometimes deserves to die, it is it’s own worst enemy, I listen to riders talk about money from speedway and quite frankly they couldn’t care less if a club shut down as long as they got their money, i know it costs a fortune to race, when i was in the premier league I spent a fortune on engine bills with top tuners like blomfeldt and bullet and I still have the eye watering bills even by today’s standard and I was on piss poor money , infact it was less than national league riders today and I lost £1000s but that’s what I had to do, i didnt spend on unnecerary bits that I couldn’t afford , you could argue that I didn’t make it but it wasn’t through lack of ambition or money, I rode against some big names and rode in all 3 leagues but at the end of the day I didn’t have enough talent but I never set out to or expected to earn a living from speedway, I was in it to be the best, I suppose world champion in some fairyland day dreams and when that didn’t happen I just decided to change the way I approached speedway and had a blast , just want to add my finest moment was I beat Nicki Pedersen and there ain’t many riders in the sport who can claim that lol. One other point I have made before is you get the best 10 NL riders on the best bikes money can buy v Jason Doyle on a 10 year old GM who will win ? Until the day comes when it’s a NL rider wins then I will keep plugging my point about unnecerary costs, we could just ignore the whole thing and put £5 rise on admission for the fans
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    Also worth noting with Bellego last night, the collision in the first staging of heat 3 bent his bike. He realised this after his 2nd ride of the night. Got pulled out of his 3rd one, then went out on an un-bent bike in heat 14 and won comfortably. There's a few inconsistencies in there, but generally I still like the feel of this team and think we'll be pushing for trophies at the end of the season. After last season, I think there are a section of our fans who think we should be winning every meeting, and should be scoring at least 55 at home each time. Entertainment wise, I prefer a meeting like last night to a drubbing.
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    Let's be fair its 2 people who dig at Bellego. One posts like a multi alias troll does and Crazy Robin panics if we only win by 10 at home so all in all people are behind Bellego.
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    If a rider aims to reach the top of his profession, he should be able to ride any track. The likes of Adams, Crump & Ward were brilliant at arena.
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    The Robins were off their game last night and it really looked likely at one stage that Rye were going to win it, however they turned it round in the end. If the team can be as below par as they were last night and still win I think it bodes well. In any team sport even the best teams have occasional lapses in form but the top teams can still win even when they're not at their best. I think there may have been a bit of complacency last night but judging by Rosco's demeanor at the post meeting press conference this will get addressed sooner rather than later. One final thought and that is about David Bellego. He seems to becoming the team's whipping boy for sub par performances. Some people seem to forget that David was a a key component in last season's success, a point raised by Rosco himself during the season review. Sure he's not riding as well as he did last year but I'm sure he can pull his form round. We don't want to become like the Pikey's on the south coast and start ditching riders as soon as their form dips.
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    A reduced fixture list with weeks & weeks of no meetings & we still have to resort to double headers. Madness.
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    Other teams are more helpful & not win at all costs as proved when we agreed to rearrange our meeting when Klindt, Bewley & BWD had GP qualifiers.
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    I thought we should adopt the Workington approach from a PR point of view, you know the let's not tell anyone we've got a good team and let's not hold any home matches, that way no one will complain about the food and drink and we won't lose more money. A brilliant business model! And of course if we race tonight that's saved you c20 points of points money. Win win for everyone
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    Ellis Perks is back racing in UK his pem average fits 3.80
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    no fixtures for weeks , then this . IF Glasgow win ,it will the hollowest of hollow victories and the Glasgow spiel machine will run riot . rain dance anyone !
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    well, after going behind the way we did, to drag that result back to a win with a 14 point swing, got to be happy with that. sure, DB is struggling at the moment, but pretty sure he's going nowhere... (much to the disgust of RR) the track wasn't as quick as it has been for the last few meetings with a bigger bias on gates 1 & 3... Rye House must be gutted to not convert that start they had, 2 - 10 after 2 heats...
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    A twit for stating a opinion on a forum. Maybe you shouldn’t be a member of this forum, God forbid anybody have a difference of opinion.
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    Your a twit.How's Mitch's fundraising going.
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    Championship crowds run to lesser crowds after years and years of often having to run 'select teams' when their heat leaders are needed in other countries... Even the most ardent fans are now giving such nonsense a miss.. When it's not 'your team' then why attend? So many have simply lost that 'emotional attachment' as it has been eroded away by a completely unfit for purpose Operating Model.. One thing for me though is clear.... If the Leagues actually possessed 100% credibility, and everything else was equal, ie the same 14 riders, the same weather conditions, the same start time and the same admission costs. The crowd levels attracted on a Friday or Saturday evenings, or a Sunday afternoon, would far out weigh the crowd you would generate (for exactly the same thing) on any given evening Monday to Thursday... The flip side to that is it doesn't really matter what night you run if fans are not going to attend because they don't feel any attachment to any randomly cobbled together teams put in front of them... That weekend clubs currently ride in front of 'lesser crowds' is more down to a disillusioned ex fan base, who gradually got more peed off with the nonsense being put in front of them I would suggest rather than the night they race on... Quite simply the current British Speedway Operating Model does absolutely no one any great favours... And that is not usually a successful way to run a business....
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    NEGOTIATIONS currently taking place
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    Hancocks always been a nasty piece of work off track and all smiles behind the camera. Sounds like a right barrel of laughs being part of team usa!
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    He won't be back next year apparently so maybe some truth in what your saying
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    King Kev likes to keep his away average to about 5
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    Maybe not , but when you have a reserve scoring double figures away from home you should have half a chance . Certainly when your number 7 scores 11 you should expect to get more than 32 .
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    That is a very fair post and IMO a very fair assessment. I grew up watching speedway at a big track and it took me some time to adjust to Arena but as you say its in the eye of the beholder. According to Stuart Robson, it was the most physically demanding track in what was then the Elite League, and according to Kelvin Tatum and Neil Middleditch it is a very mentally demanding track . Of course that gives it both plusses and minuses as a spectacle but unfortunately some want to dismiss it without looking for the finer points. However to see someone like Peter Karlsson performing his famous cut backs at Lakeside or Wolves is really a special aspect of the sport that you don't see at many tracks. One thing Kelvin said, is that many riders are beaten in their minds before the racing even starts. They convince themselves they cant ride certain tracks so don't overcome the mental challenge, especially if they know they have a track the next night that gives them a big payday. Of course there are the narrow minded armchair experts who never will get there minds round the fact that different tracks have different qualities, but personally I think we are very lucky in this country to have such a variety of tracks to enjoy. Its just a pity that most of them are in such dilapidated stadiums
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    the big names haven't come back because of £££. And don't say if you bring them back crowds will rise because there's no guarantee and people will go bust finding out.
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    An easy win for moanarchs. You can't expect a team like this to not have a blip or two and last week was one of the blips. Back to normal this week.
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    Was announced as being a Bournemouth player, despite playing for Newcastle for the last 2 seasons. No mention of Kelvin Mullarkey passing away. Bet your bottom dollar if Darcy Ward had sneezed it would have flagged up. Annoying.

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