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    Ive been sent a video this evening that shows Mason is clearly not the cause of the accident, I am so disillusioned with speedway tonight after a couple of things that happened at the track after the accident, 1, after being asked to leave some 'supporters' chose to either stay in the stadium or return to see what was going on after being asked to leave quickly and quietly, give your heads a wobble its not a side show, go home and wait to hear the news in due course, 2nd the people whinging and whining about getting a poxy refund, get a grip a young lad was still lying on the track with multiple injuries, his Dad and Gran had to witness what happened, our promotor and team manger were clearly distressed, go home, do the decent thing and email the club at a more appropriate time if your are that god damned desperate. Im with you Geoff lets get behind our club and support them in any way we can and stop behaving like utter morons over things of no importance
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    While you are absolutely right that everyone should have taken the instruction that Dave Hoggart gave out and left the stadium, I don't think in the circumstances that anyone was acting badly if they stayed on for a short while or came back later. That was simply a case of deep concern for Dan Bewley's condition and I thought the way fans behaved last night was exemplary. Not one single person was rubber necking to get a better view. As to the refund, taking Geoff's excellent advice I have torn my ticket up this morning. It beggars belief that with a young rider prostrate on the track in extreme pain anyone's thoughts would be anywhere but with him. Happened almost right in front of me and was undoubtedly one of the worst I have ever seen. Such was the nature of the crash that I really did think the worst and, indeed, I am somewhat relieved that the current diagnosis is a broken leg and arm.
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    Hope dan is ok , texter on updates blames mason i dont think he was to blame he was going for a gap same as kyle and dan just a racing accident with a bad ending. Now on the bad side i guess tonights tickets get us in next meeting either free or with a massive reduction howabout as a gesture to laura we all on here pay the full admission and spread the word so laura doesnt take to much of a hit i know not all will but now is the time to stick together , tonight has been a bad night with flight delays the late ambulance arrival and poor dan in hospital lets do all we can to show laura massive support.finally on the plus side well done kyle on his first comet race win.
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    First of all, best wishes to Dan Bewley and, Workington Speedway on what can't be easy times atm,,, Adding to the guest/8 day rule, although a silly rule IMO,,, some are blaming promotions etc. but suppose it would be too much to ask to have the riders to be 'clued-up' on the rules also ?
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    Only just watched it and personally I'm getting fed up with this vendetta against Pederson, it's getting boring. Janowski a rider I've always liked has gone down to zero in my estimation and that imbecile cretin mechanic should be banned from the pits for life. Totally unacceptable.
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    Over the last 3 years we've witnessed teams chop and change their starting line ups and even bring in GP riders just for the play offs, All within the rules i may add, but come the end of season PO chase the Aces chances are yet again ruined by injuries ( Fricke / Bjerre ) This isnt sour grapes BTW, as i know Wolves suffered similar fate last year , but the rule is a joke. why should teams be punished When a rider is genuinely injured ?? Main thing is Dan makes a speedy recovery, he's worth the admission fee alone
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    As Halifax tiger says. All our thoughts should be with Dan who aswell as Chris I'm hearing just a badly broken leg and arm. If that's the case he can find himself very lucky indeed by all accounts. Now onto Worrall for Lawson. Yes it was the right thing to do to not let stevie ride. Rules are rules and Mr Jackson rightly pointed it out when stevie arrived at track but FFS... come on man.... lakeside announced hours earlier he was riding. Why diddnt worky stop the guest then instead of let him drive all the way to worky for a meeting they knew he would never ride in. Again it just looks like promoters got it in for each other and trying to outdo them with not a care in the world for the riders
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    i agree with you liz !!! . why oh why didnt some supporters do the right thing and just buzz off out of the stadium instead of waiting and waiting to see if they could see something . people like that make me throw up .REFUNDS , that should be the last thing that they think of . greedy , ignorant people . shame on you scumbags .
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    This may well be the best Post I have seen on this forum. I was not at the meeting last night but a close friend was and he advisd that it was a very nasty crash indeed. Further to your point regards the admission,maybe a collction could be arranged for Dan, with us (edinburgh) coming down next week(maybe too soon for tonights meeting) im sure there will be a lot of fans who will contribute. Get Well Soon Dan.
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    Hope Dan has a good recovery and we see him fit and well next season, seems to be one thing after another at Workington this season what with the change of race nights hope it has not had too much effect on Laura and the promotion.You deffo deserve to be in the playoffs.
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    Please don't assign any blame for this at the door of Workington Speedway . By all accounts saturday leading up to the meeting was very challenging to say the least. The rules are in place and its not Workington's fault that for whatever reason those rules would have been breached. Its incumbent on team managers and to a point riders to be familiar with the rulebook on such matters. It appears Tony Jackson did.
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    Having seen how wet the track was earlier I thought the meeting was OK..I thought it was a good advert for the sport with a big full stadium and a great atmosphere...the racing wasn't fantastic but to be honest i started watching in the 70's and speedway racing is often poor ..this wasn't poor....this was a good advert as speedway goes
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    Tonight a reminder that the playoffs & trophies, though very nice, aren't the be all & end all of speedway that some would have you believe. Watched Bewley from the start in 2016, unassuming kid with phenomenal talent. Starts 2018 at reserve & beating heatleaders home & away, mostly from the back too. He's the heartbeat of our club imo, get well soon Dan.
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    It was down to Lakeside in my opinion but as usual the only ones who were going to lose out is the fans. Doesn’t really matter now anyway, all that matters is that Dan Bewley is going to be ok.
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    It is being reported by Rybnik on Twitter that Dan had an operation on his leg at 1.00am this morning. I hope that it was successful and that Dan has a full and speedy recovery.
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    This is where the play-offs can become farcical.Through no fault of any team if you are the best by miles over the season and you get an injury or two at the end this will more than likely end your challenge.A couple of posters have already said it has happened to their teams in the last few years which finished them. I think we need a rule change as to when a team gets a rider that is seriously injured they should be allowed a change after the so called date.Although this must be controlled properly as this has been abused by a couple of teams in the past.
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    Nothing to do with Workington IMO, Lakesides cock up it appears.
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    I think it would be common sense to allow injury replacement signings for riders who break bones between the cut off and the start of the play offs. This injury will diminish the quality of the last four meetings.
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    I think you are being a little harsh here, even if that is understandable in the circumstances. Scunthorpe were awful on Friday. Rob Godfrey has taken a lot of criticism this season for some of his actions and in my opinion much of that is justified. But it is a lot harder to criticise him for what has happened at Scunthorpe. In past seasons, EWR has quite properly gained a huge reputation for excellent racing. Even though I have made many visits to the NSS this year, the best match I have seen remains Scunthorpe v Glasgow. On Friday, I think we were lucky to see a meeting at all given the weather conditions and I think Rob can be forgiven for the track not being at its best then. As to the team, on Friday both Auty and Allen were inadequately replaced. Nielsen is a pale shadow of the brilliant rider he was at the outset of the season and I suspect shouldn't be riding at all. Worrall went out after one race. Manzares was disappointing and while Phillips struggled, there aren't many on his average who would do much better. Rob can be accused of putting out mediocre teams in the past, but not in 2018. What was a good team on paper has been destroyed by injury and that just isn't his fault.
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    totally devastated, what a night ...makes you realise what danger these guys endure for our entertainment...my thoughts are with you Dan , from going from a high in heat 2 for Kyle getting his first win of the season to that in heat 3
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    I intend to pay full again.......hope young Dan is ok soon...
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    I did say after Malilla that the wildcard situation is going to be really interesting, and as i see it now it`s Holder,Pawlicki and Cook replaced by Lindback,NKI and Kolodziej. Everyone else deserves their place.
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    Best wishes for a good recovery to Dan Bewley and Georgie Wood ,,,,
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    Don't mind handbags between riders, but mechanics, hangers on etc it's unacceptable.
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    I've said many years ago something similar... Like 'It's a Knockout', (but maybe not like 'Jeux Sant Frontieres' due to Brexit), we should have hessian sacks put over riders helmets so they cannot see what's in front of them.. Each rider then has a buxom wench dressed as a milk maid allotted to them, standing on each bend, to shout "Left! Left! Left!" to them as they come past... Each rider carries some coloured water in a bucket on his handle bars (the water being the same colour as his helmet cover) and each buxom wench has two pails hanging from a wooden pole across her shoulders... After four laps the rider puts what left of the water into his milk maids pails.. She then runs to the tapes with the pails of water and decants them into one of four designated, red, blue, white and yellow tubes... The rider with the most water gets three points, the second two etc... Imagine the excitement build as all the maids decant their pails into the tubes? Stuart Hall may be unavailable to do the commentary though... Could be a winner...

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