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    Excellent turn out at the Brandon Hall Hotel tonight for a presentation by the S.C.S. Group detailing the continuing fight against Brandon Estates. Over 300 people attended, standing room only, to hear how the group are to counter the 'ahem' *inaccuracies* in the developers claims about viability and alternative sites. Almost a two hour presentation with no-one calling for a refreshments break, such was the interest in the well prepared (and delivered) presentation.
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    Taking a carer along might not be a bad idea, could use somebody to stand in the food/beer queue ensuring i don't miss any of the speedway action.
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    As someone who got addicted to Speedway with the Bulldogs in 77, I fear we will never see or hear the roar of a speedway bike in Bristol again. I have so many fond memories...it's under my skin and I keep logging back into this forum to keep up to date. However...after the demise of the Bulldogs and then following Swindon, Newport and Somerset around the Country...I'm left in despair. I haven't watched one single meeting this past season...either live or on TV. I'm so depressed with how this sport is run. I can't give it my time or effort...it's a complete farce. However...it feels like a son or daughter who has strayed...and you are still thir for them. You can't help the love...but you know deep down it's totally screwed. So sad...yet so simple to resolve. The sooner the old school promoter dies the better...bunch of clowns that only have the interest of their pockets. The sooner Speedway riders realise they aren't like any other Motorsport...the better. Apart from Poland...they are a Garden Shed product...yet they want to portray an F1 type status. It's total bullrubbish...smoke and mirrors. Speedway is followed by Lower working class people with very little disposable income...said with respect...it's run by Promoters that are no better than second hand car salesman, Circus Clowns, found out by TV and sponsorship. It's a total shambles. I just feel for the kid I was at 12yo age....who got addicted and wanted to ride a bike and have fun. And then got a bunch of speedway politics thrown at me. Same for riders....same for public....it's all complete bullrubbish...yet it's totally ingrained in our lives and hard to ignore. Totally punch drunk with the whole affair.
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    One upside of the aging demographic of the speedway fan is that soon they'll be bringing their carers along, it might just save the sport
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    Really? You want to swap 2 meaningful heats for 6 un meaningful heats that the crowd aren't bothered about, from my memory at least 50% of the crowd left after the match, then some of the top riders were not interested and often dropped out anyway followed by whoever was in the Rider of the Night Final agreeing to split the prize money whatever the result
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    Years ago the rider was of secondary importance to the Club, but now the rider holds all the aces. With their demands, their costings and their distant relation with the clubs, they have to take some responsibility for the way this sport has declined. They appear as mercenaries taking the sport for all they can get, giving little back in return. Like you say the majority of riders want to rush off to their next payday. If the rider cant give 110% to the club then don't sign them, Would much rather have a lesser rider who gives his all, then someone who goes missing because of fixture clashes The phase 'second halves' is old fashioned. what the punter wants is a well organised meeting that flows through the evening. We could start with a 15min practice session , to help riders set their bike up, then a 5min break to regrade the track, before the meeting starts in earnest. After 4 heats another 5min break, again to regrade the track, another 4 heats then another break . We see this every week in the polish league and it works like clockwork.... Midway though the meeting there could be a set of races for youngsters starting out , before the climate at the end of the night. Presentation and a scheduled program is more important than anything, It would enable the fans the opportunity to get drinks or pop to the loo without them long delays...
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    One seasons experience of him at Berwick was more than enough to see he wasn’t fit for purpose
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    Thats terrible This year Ipswich didnt run the 16 Lapper which was due as part of the season ticket A pro rata refund cheque was sent within a couple of weeks of the confirmation the season was finished with a letter apologising for the meeting not happening and thanking the fan for their valuable support
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    Seems a few were left wondering what that post on Twitter meant especially when it gets on other sites and you don't see the comments made. Seems to be something a school kid would post but strange for an official account to post. Did the post White Bunnies on the first of the month
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    It depends what people want to spend money on, 20 fags about a tenner, 4 pints up town about fifteen quid. In that context sixteen quid for speedway is ok, it’s getting people in and coming back again that is the problem.
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    I do think that £16 is a completely fair price for an adult. Could even reach £18 and I think it would be well worth the entertainment (considering some championship tracks do charge this and more, with no greater facilities than Derwent Park). As for concessions, it would be wrong to scrap the discounted rate in my opinion as the majority of the current audience are 65+. However, a concession rate is offered for ages 16-17, students and OAP’s. The argument has been raised regarding retired people having more disposable income. What about the massive amount of young workers (24 and under), apprentices, that earn a totally lower pay rate than ages 25+. No discount is given. Maybe this could explain a lack of interest from young people. There will never be an answer to please everybody. It is seemingly difficult to pull in new fans, but we can protect the club with what we already have. Every little helps, plenty of fundraising, people contributing to Workington Speedway Trust. It would be a real shame to lose the club we love after such a brilliant season.
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    Honestly It is not just the teams you have quoted who run at a loss nearly all of the promotions in all the leagues are "blowing their brains out", however when you talk to these guys it is the same old "Hydraulics" "oh we have made a small profit", or "oh we have broke even this year" or the old chestnut "oh we have only made a small loss but we are nearly their". One promoter advised that "I've nearly balanced the books and only took a seven grand hit this year due to buying a 25 grand air fence, next year I am in the black" on further due diligence inspection prior to a possible investment that £7k loss was actually and £85k loss and the following year there was another £75k loss. When are these people going to realise, when is the message going to get through, how the sport is being run (especially in the top two leagues) is just not sustainable. We can not compete financially with Poland or anywhere else on the European continent for that matter. Currently British Speedway is being run as a "feeder country" for the Polish Leagues and we may have to revert back to the semi pro or fully amateur format that we once run in the past and stick with that for a period before we can climb back to anywhere near the way the sport was. BluPanther may have put up a really negative post however under the current terms of reference the sport has major difficulties and he may well be correct in his assumptions (unfortunately) Regards THJ
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    That of course was similar to that plan of Gaming International (Stadia UK) initially - move Dogs/Speedway from Blunsdon to the new Racino in Reading. I actually drove round the land which Reading Council had offered GI/Stadia today. Warehouses - made me think what it could have been if GI/Stadia had kept their word. They of course didn’t and never have when it comes to any stadium construction / replacement.
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    yes I know that . You know as well as I do why the forum on the website was closed and that was a popular forum
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    Any club at Championship level that runs at weekends would have to avoid signing any rider who competes in any of the Polish divisions. By definition any of the 'richer' clubs riding Mon/Weds can afford to sign stronger teams which will make the one league concept uncompetitive for some. Clubs that lose regularly also lose fans!
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    Would they not try run a nl team team to keep the track running ,the likes of Eastbourne and Birmingham seem to have put decent competitive teams together and have kept a decent crowd level and not lost any money from what I hear they would have a decent team with some local riders in Leon and kerion plus the likes of mitch Davy Luke Ruddick Ryan MacDonald Kev Whelan blair Smith that would give locals something to cheer about and with less matches could have a weekend of now and again and with having the training track on their doorstep could bring riders up from there, also there wage bill would be easy quarter less than they pay out now and with local riders the local press might cover it more
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    Some would argue that it is a good move, as it would get rid of his three rides quicker. There seems to be little mention of the fact that Danny was coming back after a serious injury (bearing in mind the doctors told him to forget about riding again after the injury occurred). Some take longer to get back to a level they were at (he was averaging over 4 in the PL when the injury happened). The only thing you can have a go at him (or indeed the Scunthorpe Management) for is he came back too quickly at the higher level and maybe should have concentrated on the NL for the season.
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    The whole culture is different because the Sport has credibility.... If Poland ran their Leagues in such a 'Mickey Mouse' fashion as British Speedway does then simply they wouldn't enjoy anywhere near the same coverage... Part of the Polish success story (and the success story of any team sport at whatever level) is that 'tribal loyalty' that is built up through the identity of their teams... Polish fans simply wouldn't stand for the No1 rider of their fiercest rivals wearing their colours and representing them on an adhoc basis... As it fundamentally goes against what team sport should be... I remember how hard it was for Darcy Ward to be accepted by his own ZG fans when they signed him, as they saw him as a Torun man.. In Britain in one single week you could be a Wolverhampton rider on a Monday, a Somerset rider on a Wednesday, and a Swindon rider on a Thursday and actually be the Belle Vue No1....! (Who also represents his contracted team of Glasgow on a Friday, but rides for Workington on a Saturday and Newcastle on a Sunday)... Simply nonsense... And will never generate any decent national mainstream media coverage as it simply doesn't stand up to scrutiny... As it wouldn't in Poland if they ran the Sport the same way...
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    Believe me, That would be much worse than Horton
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    A number of Championship clubs don't want one league with FRNS as they can only run on their designated day. Also if the 'top' riders are attracted to those clubs that can afford them what chance do the other clubs have in a one league scenario? They would not be competitive. (As already stated by the likes of Newcastle etc.)
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    Its a bit unfair to single out individuals when there are so many interesting and knowledgeable contributors to this section of the forum . Yes there are also a few numpties who's sole purpose is to wind folk up and also one or two of the nasty variety . But thankfully they are in the minority and the rest of us love the sport and i enjoy the quiet moments reading the various threads . I remember the days when i went to the speedway ; went home and didnt have anyone to talk to about it until the following week , so this forum has been a godsend in that respect . Long may it continue to flourish .
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    If it was a fishing match there can only be one winner, the mighty JCF ....
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    I thought I'd watch this on catch-up after seeing this here. Good luck to Blair. I hope he gets himself sorted out in the rehab that they sent him to. I wonder if this is one of those cases of someone involved in sport desperate to regain the adrenaline rush that they have lost after finishing their careers. I felt very sad for him watching this. He wasn't your typical "Jeremy Kyle" type guest who comes on screaming and shouting, and his family were clearly a bit embarrassed to have to resort to putting him on the show. He looked emotional throughout and seemed to genuinely want help. No way did he come across as a "scum bag". I think he is lucky in that his family clearly care about him. I hope they do some sort of catch-up programme in the future and he is doing well.
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    Posting on here can be classed as an addiction
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    In 2014 Wolbert started with Glasgow on 8.48 and finished the season on a deplorable 6.19. The following season he rejoined Edinburgh on that bargain average and finished the season on 8.18. Supposing he was the only rider left on the planet who could fill your final team place, you'd be better closing your track with dignity than employing this shameless individual IMO.

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