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    I applaud you Chris Louis for holding your hands up
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    What makes you think that? It seems a random figure to pluck from nowhere. Last season he did 10 matches, had 49 rides, and scored 20+2 points for an average of 1.63 (minimum 2.00) This season he's done 1 match, 4 rides, and scored 2+2 (an average of 2.00 from 1 match - but of course he needs 4 matches to gain an average, so still on 2.00). His average can only be 2.00. Anything else is just someone pulling a number from their backside.
  3. 2 points
    Because Morris is far better if he gets backs to what he is capable of.
  4. 2 points
    NEVER put football before speedway, sacrilege!!
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    The promotion thought they had got it perfect It wasnt.....as Chris Louis said they over watered Good to see a promoter firstly admitting they got it wrong ............then secondly issuing a public apology to all riders and fans Ipswich might not be the best 'race' track as shown on the tv meeting................but its usually well prepared and not dangerous Have any of the Poole promotion ever admitted that they have messed up?
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    But what a location. A stunning beach situated a stones throw from the track. No venue could replicate that.
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    Ashley Morris was outstanding again for Birmingham on Wednesday scoring 13 paid 15 beating Danny King twice . Surely it is a matter of time before Ash starts knocking in some decent scores for you boys. Well i hope it is anyway .
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    I really enjoyed tonight the track produced some really good racing a great night out.Batchelor was sublime tonight attacked the track and showed us what a class act he can be well Rasser what can you say about him a gutsy rider what a steal on a 4.51 average.Perks also impressed one race he gated with Batch I thought Batch would have to team ride him round no Ellis buzzed off and looked almighty quick.Augurs well for the Robins need to get the Zach replacement right but we should now be able to push on and make the playoffs.King's Lynn impressed me really gutsy side Lambert well i could watch that guy everyweek a class act he has such a racing brain for a young man.Lynn get Riss back replace Lambert at reserve they should be in the mix come the end of the season.again like Belle vue the other night Speedway was the winner again.
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    The reason supporters are not coming is a lot more than the price, major factor these days is the product itself
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    Is this another way of saying we could do what we liked when Alex was in charge
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    Ultimately both teams can say absentees cost them points. Would Josh have scored much more than Kyle? Maybe but not too many more if his appearance for us was anything to go by. Hans would no doubt have got more than the 3 RR points but KP would also have got more than the 4 RR points. Oh and Jake would have got a hell of a lot more than 1 point so overall I think the result was probably closer than it would have been had both teams been complete. And yes as Chris Louis has admitted the track was not good so I think the overall result was a fair one.
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    £105 million on the euro lottery tonight ???
  13. 2 points
    I said at the start of the season Swindon were 2 riders away from being title favourites ..... Jensen and Perks huge upgrades and if they can get the right rider for Zach I make them the team to beat
  14. 2 points
    Yes one has jam with lunch , the other doesnt !
  15. 1 point
    Leon Flint will be second reserve for the GP Challenge event at Glasgow tomorrow. Fully deserved after his efforts last weekend.
  16. 1 point
    aye , the ones from (frae) workington (wuckintun) say the jam eaters are from (frae) whitehaven and the ones from (frae) whitehaven say the jam eaters are (frae) workington (wuckintun). the word jam eaters came from (frae) the miners that worked (wucked) down (doon) the pit and was considered to be the fuel for the miners , cheap and and easy and quick to knock up ( oh eck , thats gonna get me in trouble ) lol . so both towns folk say the other ones as jam eaters . the word frae is Scottish and translates to from (for us posh folk ) doon translates to down . garn translates to going . both are cumbrian , i do believe . honestly ! so when someone says to you , are you garn doon t speedway...... you only have to answer . ... not any more mate .lol see ya,all sometime . keep the faith ............ J..... always happy to be shot down , ...
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    Oldside (Northside) was one of the sites evaluated for the New Stadium, badly marked down on user attractiveness and regeneration value for this purpose. The biggest issue with the training track site is security, hidden away in the trees in a secluded location leaves it open to theft and vandalism from which it has historically suffered. Would need top security fence and plenty of razor wire for sure. Would be better if it was more out in the open in close proximity to a frequently used road.
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    Another P## poor guest booking which cost us the match..we seem to have an awfull track record when it comes to guest bookings.
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  20. 1 point
    It's just not a good enough area to develop though.........for all Derwent Park's many faults is was still a palace compared to some purpose built facilities..e.g. large and proper grandstand, concrete terracing etc....I always recall being disappointed at Barrow's out of town Park Rd. stadium...it was awful, and never popular with the Furness public...therefore short life span. Northside would be much worse.
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    Tai having a little moan about lack of practice for this meeting,did Zmarslik not miss practice too.They knew the rules before season started so should have told their clubs where to go but money rules even for aWorld Champion.Poles have the sport by the “short and curlies”.
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    Go on then am available.... Funnily enough I keep praying to the Good Lord for that very thing to happen and every night I say my prayers and end with "please God if you can let me win big on the lottery" and it hasn't happened yet.... however last night in a dream the Good Lord came to me and told me what he wanted me to do and when he finished I asked "Lord every night for the last 10 years I have ask for a big lottery win an still nothing? Whats wrong?" He said "John you are going to have to work with me here" "I said Lord what would you like me to do" and he said "well you could at least buy an effing ticket for a start" Doh!!! Regards THJ
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    Can we please not turn a thread for a speedway meeting into an argument about politics.....there’s already 8700000000000000000000 avenues of the internet to debate and argue about the bunch of t055ers!!! so king, bellego, Heeps and coty can take a ride for KP r/r Heeps could be a busy boy tonight me thinks
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    Loved Steve's time as a Robin and Wrighty ,would have both back at Swindon like a shot in the future at some stage.I. think Stevie is getting there with his form be great if he could get back to the level of his WTC form of a couple of years ago..
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    Think you're forgetting about a certain Mr Worrall currently plying his trade at the National Stadium who for me was the main beneficiary of the system, started the season at #13 on the list and finished at #5, as a Swindon fan I had the pleasure of watching the improvement in him and it was vast, before breaking his leg last season he was a 3rd HL in the Premiership and had represented Team GB and deservedly so.

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