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    Yep. I can’t help thinking that after the likes of Dawn Butler making not only making a fuss but putting it all over social media a few weeks ago it just encourages every local big shot to take them on. Most of us have had experiences where the police have over stepped the mark, and I certainly have, but the bottom line is it’s the Polices job to keep order and pursue criminals, and most of the time it costs nothing for us to co- operate, as in “Yes mate, my name is Joe Bloggs and I work up the road “ . It seems to me the ones quick to complain about the Police are the same ones that start screaming when they become victims of crime. My ex- Policeman next door neighbour , in 30 years has been shot at, stabbed, set on fire and beaten up. He also has 22 commendations for bravery. I am glad he has had to face the drug dealers and scumbags on the streets day after day and not me, so if the Police are a bit OTT at times I am prepared to cut them some slack. Politeness and civility cost nothing.
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    Surely, if he'd been civil and polite in the first place, then wouldn't have been a problem. Instead he made a huge scene of it, got it recorded on his phone and then, when he got home, went crying to mummy and daddy. Entitled little sh*t.
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    How am I making it up as I go along? That's a still from his own video. It makes him look more suspicious. If the police stop you and ask for your details, be courteous, give them your details and don't act like a tw@t. I would say the same to my own son. It's not difficult.
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    Oh come on. The police stop teenagers all the time. It used to happen to me as a teenager. The little snot bag should have just answered the questions instead of getting lippy and looking to go viral. Bring back a clip round the ear!
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    Sky news going full sensationalist banzai on Des Swayne. All he said was that he thinks the data is being manipulated and that the measures in force are unnecessary. Now he's Lord of Anti Vax worldwide. Utterly pathetic journalism.
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    100% agree with that. There was a similar video come up on my FB feed of a interaction between some vile chav & a policeman who had stopped his car. The reason being that the car was coming up as a white Audi and this one was black so it was suspected stolen. Apparently the car had been wrapped but was still within legal requirements without informing the DVLA but rather than confirm his details and explain the discrepancy to the officer he decided to act the cock while his mate filmed the whole thing. He refused to open his window or give his details and kept going on about how the police had no right to stop him, he didn't have to tell him his name and goaded the policeman into a reaction. Nearly all the comments supported the chav and the officer who probably did subsequently over react got suspended so a victory for the people?? All he had to do was confirm his details as the legitimate owner & explain the reason for the discrepancy and everyone would have been on their way but no let's create a sh*t storm and post it on social media. How the hell are the police expected to do their job if they can't ask anyone who they are?
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    I didn’t say it was either reasonable or unreasonable for the police to ask my name . This is how these discussions get escalated to a ridiculous degree. All I said was it costs nothing to co-operate and civility and politeness cost nothing . It’s a question of life skills and how you are going to get through life. The policeman in the video was not well endowed with tact and was a bit of a Wally , but what’s easiest, tell him who you are and be on your way in 20 seconds or start standing on your rights have an argument, get Daddy to splash it over Twitter then Godfrey Bonkers re tweets it, now it seems some other bod wants to chip in and help with a complaint , so that takes over your life for a couple of months. Frankly , for me life’s too short to faff around with all that, when it can be over and done in a few seconds. If the police are still aggressive after that, you’ve still got the video, and you can still make the complaint if you want to. To put it another way round, a few years ago one of my neighbours had his car stolen, and a policeman called on me to see if I had seen or heard anything suspicious . So what would you do ? Stand on your “rights” and refuse to give any information, or do what I did and give what little information I was able to give to help him do his job?
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    The BoJo government is the greatest danger to civil liberties since WW2, and even then people were probably freer to go about their business. Priti Patel is especially dangerous in this respect. No doubt the government and its acquiesent supporters will argue that the Coronavirus creates exceptional circumstances even though it's nothing like Ebola or the Black Death, but let's see how quickly and how much of these emergency powers get rolled back in due course.
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    It's dead simple, if the EU blocks vaccine coming to the UK we block vaccines leaving, problem solved. If this was Britain running 3 months behind the game and then trying to impose conditions on the EU supply the remainers on here would be having a field day. In fact if it were Britain 3 months behind whatever the reason there would be endless posts about it from the remain camp but it's a very good example of where some on here were right to say that as a single country we would be able to make decisions and react more quickly to events than as members of the EU.
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    BBC today with another navel gazing feature on the unknown number of people suffering with the unclassified condition of “Long Covid”. I’d be rather annoyed if I were one of the 250,000 ME sufferers in this country. The BBC doesn’t bat an eyelid at them. Rather like the relatives of the 500,000 people who have not died with Covid over the last year. Such is the quest for populist sensationalism over perspective.
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    Exactly the same as the government saying “joggers and dog-walkers are highly likely to have Covid”. It’s a plain fact that we cannot rely on the government to tell the truth. So when the likes of Tsunami tell us to believe in the government, we should not. We should retain our critical faculties.
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    Out of those 13 appearances he has only started 4 though. Think DC2 is including his goal in the CL. I think Cavani would score 20+ if he started games.His work rate and movement is excellent he puts some of the younger ones ie Martial to shame.Cavani in for Martial every day of the week to give us that goal threat,work rate and passion just as we should be expecting from a Utd player.It seems to me Martial has none of those mentioned.
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    doyle was riding in this country until swindon pulled out of the league jason very loyal to british speedway
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    You’re now making it up as you go along. If he was stopped for suspected possession of illegal drugs the PC should have said so and arrested him accordingly, but no such thing was mentioned. The PC overstepped the mark and intimidation of the public is wrong.
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    I just hope when poland dumps them british promotors are strong enough to say we dont want u either!
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    It’s just been reported on LBC that the German press have turned on Merkel who had procured, or was procuring millions of jabs for Germany but backed down in the face of threats of legal action by the EU ( where have we heard that one before ? ). So we have the unedifying sight of the EU squabbling, screaming shouting, and even threatening , in order to get their hands on a vaccine their own agency has not yet approved ( read rubber stamped ).
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    Lets go back to uprights in the UK, safer and cheaper to maintain....
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    Tungate in the SS said Denmark had 3 plans, one with no fans, one with some fans, and one with no restrictions.. The UK still have a plan built on "can't run without fans in the stadiums", which is still a distinct possibly... Cannot blame riders for following the leagues that appear to be making (as much as they can do), cast iron plans...
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    Not entirely. The follow up question is why has he chosen Denmark (probably no more than 8 fixtures) over the UK? (I suspect Poland, Denmark and Sweden all being in Schengen unlike the UK might be a factor)
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    Of course the Daily Star will publish Speedway news if its newsworthy - their Speedway correspondent is Peter Oakes!!!
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    Won't sports people get like a travel corridor or something?Genuine question.Footballers will be travelling all over the place in the middle of February for Champions/Europa league.
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    The police wouldn’t lie would they?
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    No. You search yourself. Think the dispute was from 'Bavaria' You can't claim you don't have enough time......
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    If the price keeps going up I'd rather lose it. I'll content myself with a few amateur meetings and some grasstrack.
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    Come on Arch,,,,, behave ya self,,, it's my job to do all the negative stuff ,,, but I agree with ya

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