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    Nonsense. You either believe masks make a difference or you don’t and you act accordingly. Especially if you’re a head of state responsible for dictating policy to millions of people who legally have no choice but to do what you say.
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    Said it before and I'll say it again, just imagine the reaction from the extreme right had Obama undertook the same actions as Trump.
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    Absolutely, andout. One of the big differences between Nixon and Trump was that Nixon did not actually plan the Watergate break-in. His involvement was in the cover-up. Trump, of course, actually orchestrated and directed the insurrection, which itself was a far worse crime than a burglary. Not only treasonous but also resulted in five deaths. How anyone with any sort of decency and sense of justice can still excuse and support Trump after what happened on January 6th is completely beyond me.
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    She's not in Scotland. When in Rome.......(or London in this case) I've no time for her and less for her idea of becoming Queen Nicola but in this instance she's doing nothing wrong.
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    In speedway, if the best riders gates first (which is a contributory factor as to why they are “good” in the first place) then the “not so good” riders will finish behind them. On Saturday there were very few times the “not so good “ riders got out of the gate first & when they did, the good riders passed them. Hence why 4 of the Lions team achieved paid maximums.
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    Not really knowing the strengths and weaknesses of both sides.....but I was not expecting that result though. What was encouraging for Kent was that all the riders chipped in with points. Look forward to a visit to Iwade.
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    There can be processional races everywhere however good or bad the track is. The only thing they are doing at Leicester is trying and innovating. The original track shape and banking has been altered several times and the camber on the first turn has been improved and may be improved further. The fact that the track is extensively used for practice must hamper preparation on occasions but without practice there would be no conveyor belt of new talent. Swindon was massively improved by shortening the straights are rounding off the corners and a few tracks may benefit from that as the issue it seems are bikes and modern engines and set up's as much as tracks, even though Leicester is a relative new build. Give the Promotion there credit where it's due and as someone else has said, better a track where racing is ocasionally boring than no racing at all, you only have to look down the road at Coventry and Cradley to realise that.
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    Same cameras and crew and wage bill
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    Just hope that not too many riders read Berry9’s post. If they do, they will looking for excuses not to show up for their team. Love the reference to cheating. The club have picked up on this and have agreed to remove the sign post on the first bend which reads ‘riders in white and yellow helmet colours please turn right and allow for the safe passage of those in red and blue helmet colours’. The management will also apologise for the strong team they have assembled and will discourage them from making good starts to give opposing teams a chance to win races and promise not to pass opposing riders in front of them. I’ve made this point several times on this forum and the quality of racing is down to the quality of riders on track and their willingness to compete. I’ve had the privilege of watching GP level riders giving it their all head to head on this track (when it was worse tan it is now!) and the racing was superb. The only team to beat the Lions at home last season were Poole. Nobody seems to like the Pirates (and I can understand why), but they won because their riders attacked the track and were the better team and deservedly won on the night. In the first couple of seasons after Leicester returned to the sport, I don’t recall too many negative comments from opposing teams regarding the track. The Lions were consistently beaten at home and the track was far worse than what it is now. Hope this hasn’t discouraged Berry9 from future posts. For future posts though the spelling of ‘sink’ and also ‘Bears’ (check user name reference) need to be noted for the adult checking and posting comments on their behalf.
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    Hostile seeing as most of them are OAP's i bet you were all quaking with fear
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    Sam Woolley seems to have upped his game. Fair play to him.
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    It can quite categorically be stated that the current Northern Ireland situation would not have happened without Brexit. Of course, violence is never far from Northern Ireland politics, but not really worth provoking over ideology that's actually detrimental to UK industry anyway.
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    That's exactly what they're doing. The EU did come up with a solution - the only one that's realistically practical. It's not their fault that it suddenly doesn't suit the UK when the Unionists start threatening violence, or indeed that the UK played silly buggers by insisting on diverging from common standards that would have made the moving goods across the border much more seamless. Just face up to the fact that the Brexiteers never grasped the NI border issue and just blustered and bluffed over the matter, as they continue to do. They still haven't even worked out how they're going enforce immigration controls either, even insisting that EU citizens have to have an ETA to enter Northern Ireland when there's no immigration control on the border. Comical...
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    The other party is implementing what was agreed. It's not their fault the UK government didn't understand what it was signing. It's still a very simple equation though - if you have different customs regimes either side of a border then you need to have customs controls somewhere. Still don't understand what the Brexiteers fail to understand about this.
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    Round 1 announced- with a mixture of the matches on Canal Sport 5 and Canal + online service Saturday April 9th Gdansk v Krosno start time 3.30pm UK time Canal + online(N Sport 7.30pm UK time) Saturday April 9th Lodz v Rybnik start time 3.30pm UK time Canal + Sport 5 Sunday April 10th Zielona Gora v Gniezno start time 1pm UK time Canal + Sport 5 Monday April 11th Landshut v Bydgoszcz start time 5pm UK time Canal + online
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    He’d be 2nd in averages so in theory should be, but wouldn’t surprise me if Kurtz was used.
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    United have the Glaziers Aces have Lemon coincidence the silverware is heading elsewhere?
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    Harris is notorious for having engine failures galore in the opening months before finishing the year strongly . Ask Coventry fans.
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    Blank Canvas and cocked it up. No doubt the track builder/Layer had plenty of suggestions for improvements at that stage but They fell on deaf ears. Edit Redcar Somerset and Scunthorpe 3 examples of what can be done with a blank canvas
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    In the Hyde road days, Aces fans would watch their team at home in the afternoon and then dart to the Speedway at night… often with City and United fans sat together enjoying their speedway
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    War crimes have always been a very hit-and-miss affair mainly because once the war is over their is reluctance to put funds into into , hence so many can just disappear and escape punishment. We have situations such as when the Japanese Emperor Hirohito , as guilty as anyone else of war crimes in WW2 Japan , wasn’t charged with anything for purely political reasons, while his Prime Minister, Tojo, equally guilty, was executed. We had groups like the doctors in the infamous Japanese Unit 731 , who carried out the most horrendous experiments of Chinese and American prisoners causing them to die in the most excruciating agony, yet weren’t charged with anything and allowed to return to their pre -war medical practices simply because they had information on biological warfare the Americans wanted. Many others were sentenced to death then had their sentences commuted to life in prison and were often released after just a few years. Even though American, Lt William Calley was convicted by an American court of ordering the mass murder of a village of Vietnamese he only served a token sentence. So , all in all I doubt that Putin will be losing sleep over the threat of war crimes.
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    Unnecessary but true
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    For the years of racing experience Harris has, the amount of mechanical failures he has is ridiculous! You barely see him go through a meeting without breaking down once.
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    Only in Brexit Fantasyland. As for fake news, it's not me who took the tsar's rouble. That's your heroes...
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    Of course it's related to Brexit. Firstly, many of the P&O vessels are financed by or leased from EU companies that require them to flagged in an EU country because no agreement was reached on the UK's tonnage tax system (yet another Brexit screw-up). That led to P&O re-flagging many of their vessels in Cyprus which is an open register (i.e. flag of convenience) and therefore imposes minimal employment requirements for vessel crews, which is what is allowing them to now employ Indians and Filipinos for GBP 1.82 per hour instead of British crews. Now you may reasonably point out that Cyprus is in the EU, but those lax rules don't apply to Cypriot-flagged ferries providing scheduled services between ports in EU member states. The penny starts to drop. It's all very well Sunak promising that the new 'red ensign' register will attract vessels back from flag-of-convenience registries by cutting taxes, but how is that going to work when crews on UK-flagged vessels now have to be paid minimum wage (something Sunak himself introduced before Brexit)? Last but not least, cross-channel and cross-Irish Sea trade is still way down thanks to Brexit. Yes, COVID undoubtedly affected this as well, but it cannot reasonably be claimed to be the whole reason especially now that things are getting back to normal.

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