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  1. Bellers101

    Newcastle 2019

    Ha ha. Obviously you can't handle the truth. Lets just wait and see what happens with Lesser in 2019.
  2. Bellers101

    Newcastle 2019

    Lesser Bjerre is a bad penny just ask Redcar and Sheffield so Newcastle is the ideal team for him. Just saying!
  3. Bellers101

    Redcar v witches 26th july

    I don't know the exact reasons why but Berge has been dropped by every club he has rode for in the UK apart from maybe Sheffield. Seems to ride poor for Redcar but rides a stormer whilst guesting elsewhere
  4. Bellers101

    Redcar v witches 26th july

    Apart from Sheffield won't be going for the title after tonight.
  5. Bellers101

    Redcar v Peterborough Thursday

    Totally agree and said that when I first saw him ride. Having said that Bruce Penhall used to do it and didn't do too badly.
  6. Bellers101

    Redcar v Lakeside 24th may

    Possibly because nobody came in for him and Redcar was the only option if he wanted a UK team spot!
  7. Bellers101

    Redcar v Lakeside 24th may

    JBA was dire tonight and on this seasons performances has Definately gone backwards. Heard he wanted a move away from Redcar during the winter and maybe it is showing.
  8. Bellers101

    Redcar 2018

    NL replacement for Kus on Thursday against Glasgow!
  9. Bellers101

    Redcar 2018

    Might as well just givd Redcar the wooden spoon now after those home performances against Sheffield and Scunthorpe!
  10. Apart from Morris and Doolan Newcastle were woeful! Ha ha
  11. Nutters? By the way you have never seen me shout abuse at riders. Yet more buffonery from you! Madder than a box of frogs comes to mind!
  12. The stock car barrier behind the air fence won't have helped Steve. Good job we have air fences now as could have been much worse. Racing incident.

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