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  1. Bellers101

    Newcastle 2019

    His 2nd season where he was coasting around at the back trying to lower his average to get a move constitutes garbage imo!
  2. Bellers101

    Newcastle 2019

    Redcar is Lesser Bjerre's best track! Are you having a laugh? He was garbage for Redcar. We are still finding his dummies around the place!
  3. Bellers101

    Redcar v Newcastle

    Newcastle made their fair share of the starts tonight but were soon swallowed up coming out of the 2nd bend.
  4. Bellers101

    Newcastle 2019

    Hello and welcome. Good result tonight. Can't believe your reserves scored so many yet you still lost.
  5. Bellers101

    Newcastle 2019

    Quiet on here tonight.
  6. Bellers101

    Newcastle 2019

    Got to love Lesser Bjerre!
  7. Bellers101

    Somerset 2019

    Somerset's top 5 led to the 2 young lads being thrown at reserve. Blame the management. They built the team that way.
  8. Yeah, whatever cheers.
  9. The word HARDLY is key to my post. I didn't say NEVER. CHEERS.
  10. Castagna was hugging the white line, hardly ever moved of it.
  11. Bellers101

    Brummies v Bears

    Looks like the Redcar super team were taking it easy tonight.
  12. You know your stuff! Ha ha.
  13. Err, yeah thanks for that. Anyway, enjoy your one man team, laters!
  14. Thanks for your even less mature reply. Look, there is always next year! Ha Ha. Get over it. UTMFM.
  15. Just concentrate on not winning the league now you are out of the KOC! Ha Ha! UTMFM!

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