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  1. Bellers101

    Redcar v Scorpions 3.5.19 Shield

    Looked like a poor crowd tonight. Cold weather, nothing at stake as it was a shield fixture and a bank holiday weekend was maybe the cause.
  2. Bellers101

    Redcar v Scorpions 3.5.19 Shield

    Auty used to the really good around the STMP but was poor tonight.
  3. Looks like Barker was riding that moped he rode at Redcar on Friday!
  4. Bellers101

    Redcar v Leicester

    Agree. Perks went down on his own. Very surprised it was all four back. c
  5. Bellers101

    Redcar v Leicester

    Poor gating yet again from most of the Redcar riders and was Barker riding a Vespa tonight?
  6. Bellers101

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    What happened to Hans Andersen tonight?
  7. Palovaara is available.
  8. Good win for the Bears but they were left for dead at the tapes by the Diamonds in most races. Need to get their trapping gloves on!
  9. Bellers101

    Newcastle 2019

    Poor show Newcastle. Not fair on Palmolive!
  10. Bellers101

    Newcastle 2019

    Ha ha. Obviously you can't handle the truth. Lets just wait and see what happens with Lesser in 2019.
  11. Bellers101

    Newcastle 2019

    Lesser Bjerre is a bad penny just ask Redcar and Sheffield so Newcastle is the ideal team for him. Just saying!
  12. Bellers101

    Redcar v witches 26th july

    I don't know the exact reasons why but Berge has been dropped by every club he has rode for in the UK apart from maybe Sheffield. Seems to ride poor for Redcar but rides a stormer whilst guesting elsewhere

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