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  1. K3Scotty

    Oxford Chargers 2024

    Like Leicester you mean? Dropping a 16 year old up and coming rider and fielding a declared premiership rider instead?….
  2. K3Scotty

    Oxford Spires 2024

    Right here! I wasnt laughing at your prediction mate........I had other reasons....
  3. I think Lewy needs to keep quiet after this one.......
  4. K3Scotty

    Peterborough Panthers 2023

    I was there that night as well.....It was painfull! ...Totally agree.........
  5. K3Scotty

    Rye House 2020

    We need as many people to object to this as possible. Just make sure you OBJECT. Several have supported by mistake.
  6. K3Scotty

    Rye House

    We need as many people to object to this as possible. Just make sure you OBJECT. Several have supported by mistake.
  7. K3Scotty

    Poole vs Kings Lynn 12/09/19

    Poole? On the fiddle? Surely not....
  8. K3Scotty

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Daft comment, These are sportsmen, not Kamikaze pilots.......
  9. K3Scotty

    Poole 2019

    And totally ignore the kids, who are the future.....Pathetic.....
  10. K3Scotty

    Poole 2019

    No!, run it as agreed at the start of the season. This Sunday at Kings Lynn. Good luck to all the youngsters..
  11. K3Scotty

    Poole 2019

    This is a poor show from Poole. The boys and girls in the youth championship are the future of British speedway. Hopefully, people will turn out this weekend at Kings Lynn to support it. What a shame that the so called "champions" can't honour the agreement made at the AGM....Good old Poole......
  12. K3Scotty

    Kings Lynn 2019

    We did that last year........And still ended up 2nd....A top 4 spot is a realistic target and then try and do a Poole special in the play-offs....With the right team changes, its very acheivable......
  13. K3Scotty

    Junior Speedway bike

    Junior 125cc speedway bike. My son had this to learn on and now needs a bigger bike as he has grown somewhat!. Trak Plus cadet frame(the smallest frame available), Renthal bars, Hagon Shock absorber and guards with SM Pro small wheels. Full size wheels can be fitted to this frame by replacing forks with full size ones. I bought the bike as a rolling chassis and fitted a new 125 engine. Has been used to learn on, so has not had any serious fast use! starts and runs perfectly. £1850. Bike can be viewed at Rye House practice sessions or at our home in NorthWest Norfolk. Call or text 07795277450
  14. K3Scotty

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Having read Craig Cook's twitter response, As I see it, the reason he didnt sign a contract(with the previous promotion) was because of the issue with sponsorship logo's...But he seems to contradict himself saying that he had not originally signed a contract because of this, and then saying that he had discussions with the previous promotion and understood that he would be exempt from this....But the "contract" wasn't changed to reflect this......What contract?........He said he never signed one!.....So am I right in thinking that the sponsorship logo issue was implemented BEFORE Buster Chapman took over the club? If so, I think he has tried it on and Buster was having none of it? If the logo rule was put in place by the previous promotion, Surely he can't have a case to argue? Or have I read it wrong??

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