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  1. its a cracking track but like the majority of tracks going to get some dull meetings , must be every current riders favourite track to race on
  2. if Richie doesn`t get away from the parade line up first he will turn right on everyone from habit
  3. homer

    Redcar v Leicester

    just dodgy links from people in asia that will appear
  4. homer

    Redcar v Leicester

    not sure to be honest someone will know more than me
  5. homer

    Redcar v Leicester

    No Stream of the Redcar match tonight it was a misprint in the speedway star
  6. That`s a great point as nice as it is to win every week sometimes the opposition riders are worth going to see , as long as its not batterings every week the odd defeat with some good racing can be accepted .
  7. homer

    Redcar v Plymouth

    im a few miles from the track but its currently dry and sun is out
  8. homer

    Redcar 2022

    like i said you dont think have a look back what opinion have i posted
  9. homer

    Redcar 2022

    he doesnt think
  10. homer

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2022

    have to say Scunny is one of the few away tracks i would go to , even went when they raced Worky a few years back was chucking it down and Kildemand was almost untouchable
  11. maybe adrenalin , but was well clear of third just needed to hold a steady line KK lucky not to have been wiped over into the stand
  12. yeah thought it was something like that so has two left unless they go behind enough for a tactical

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