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  1. Well done Dan Thompson and Ryan Douglas. Shame to see Jenkins struggling again, Ipswich made a mistake last year remaining loyal to a couple of riders and it cost them the title so I don't know how long they're going to give Jenkins.
  2. Hope everyone in King's Lynn is keeping safe. With all of that rain the drains must be overflowing by now.
  3. Poland already flexing their muscles. Something fishy regarding the Doyle situation as well as the Tungate one from last week.
  4. Really don't see the logic behind that statement. Torun really aren't that good, Przedpelski is a passenger almost every week and a rider who's getting worse with every season also Dudek is far too hit and miss to have any faith in. Grudziadz just put in a good performance and that was with Doyley having an off day which goes to show that they've got other riders who can step up. Torun would get obliterated if Lambo or Emil had an off day.
  5. Buster is a cancer to the sport. He's one of the main problems as to why nobody takes the Sport seriously in this country.
  6. If it's slick then KL get battered. If it's grippy then KL win a close one because the Tigers will have a couple of riders who hate grippy tracks mainly a former KL rider (C. Holder)
  7. 100%, Massive miss. Leszno done very well to keep up with Torun for half of the meeting but as soon as Dudek turned up then it was a forgone conclusion.
  8. TTT

    Ipswich vs Oxford 18th April

    He's much better than his early season form suggests, Ipswich have time though because the team has been racking up wins. Hope JJ can bring back his 2023 form back.
  9. Keep Tarasenko because he's the best rider you've got when he fires. Would Klindt and S. Lambert fit for MPT and Wojdylo?
  10. The problem I brought up pre-season is most of if not all of Vlad and Patryk's UK experience is on the Showground circuit which counts for nothing now. They're basically having to start from scratch and it's a big risk asking both riders to rack up the points consistently especially Patryk who hasn't even ridden every track in the league. For KL to even push for a play-off place they need the Ekstraliga versions of Vlad and Patryk due to how poor the engine room stacks up compared to other teams (MPT and NKI's best days are long gone).
  11. Fricke's finally turned up this season and the reserves have improved in the last 2 meetings. Leicester finally clicking.
  12. KL are in big bother already. That was always the risk when Buster banked on Tarasenko and Wojdylo being mustard all season. You need Klindt ASAP!
  13. TTT

    Ipswich vs Oxford 18th April

    What's up with Jenkins this season? He's been dreadful in the Championship as well.

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