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  1. salty

    West Ham Speedway Closes 1972

    As far as I recall Custom House was designed by Archibald Leitch who was the foremost Stadium designer of the day. Responsible for stands at grounds such as Ibrox, Roker Park and Goodison amongst many others. The trademark lattice design of the metalwork on the double decker stands at West Ham was similar to the ones at the other stadiums mentioned.
  2. salty

    Football 2021/22

    Worst thing that happened for the Toon was the good end they had to last season. Enabled them to rest easy, save money, apart from making Willock permanent, and go with the same team.
  3. salty

    9/11 20yrs On

    AQA | GCSE | History | Specification at a glance Don't know about England, but I know the curriculum here (Belfast) covers the civil rights movement and then onto "The Troubles".
  4. salty

    R.I.P BobC

    That's a shock to hear. Never met him but he always came across as a really sound guy. RIP
  5. salty

    Vigil BBC

    Good entertainment, but as piston says there are a few holes in the storyline. Submarines have come on a bit since "Das Boot" (classic film), but you'd think they would be able to notice a tanker bearing down on them.
  6. salty

    Tracks visited but never seen a race

    Brafield, Aldershot and Yarmouth.
  7. salty

    RIP Taffy Owen

    Sad news. RIP Taffy.
  8. salty

    Charlie Watts RIP

    Sad news. By all accounts a top man. RIP. You just know that Keith is going to be the last one standing....
  9. salty

    Riding with a countryman.

    Minor Speedway nations! In that case Collins and Grahame at Cradley! Point taken though - no Danes from late 70's onwards.
  10. Was great for Cradley in '81, Sid. Got better and better as the season went on, providing crucial backing to the big 4 of Penhall, Gundersen, Collins and Grahame. Pretty sure he averaged over 6 in the BL taking plenty of extra rides as McNeil and Rasmussen struggled as the season went on. Was gutted when he never returned and the 1982 team struggled all year long from reserve.
  11. Lars Hultberg rode in 1973 on Bernie's recommendation. As I recall he had a really tough start to the season, not helped by the team being very weak and injury hit. I think he'd just started to show a bit of form, scoring 9 at the Shay, when he got injured and was out for a couple of months. When he returned the struggle continued and I think he got released and replaced, eventually, by Mal Corradine. Maybe with a bit more time and not getting injured at the height of the summer, he would have made it? We'll never know..... Klinge was introduced for a few meetings at the end of 1980 I think. Danish junior champion as I recall. Don't know why he never came over more permanantly, I think he had a decent career in Denmark.
  12. salty

    Riding with a countryman.

    The Tresarrieu brothers at Isle of Wight? I'm sure at some point 2 of the 3 must have ridden in the same line-up.
  13. Went to the last few Speedway meetings at White City in the early 80's. Racing could be processional, but there was usually a good race or three. Also went to the last Greyhound Derby there in 1984? Very good atmosphere. To be honest it was amazing the place stayed open so long, given it's size and location.
  14. salty

    The Crisp Crack Of Leather On Willow

    It's as if the ECB didn't want people to go. Considering Durham only qualified less than 48 hours before and Glamorgan the day before, 7,200 wasn't too bad.
  15. salty

    Great Days Out/Places To Visit In UK

    Strange how a thread about places to visit has turned into a discussion of crap towns and run down shopping centres! As for Dudley - always liked the Zoo and the Black Country Museum.
  16. salty

    The Crisp Crack Of Leather On Willow

    I'm not sure the Hundred is picking up an untapped audience to be honest. Given that it is the first Cricket people have been allowed to attend for the best part of 2 years, the tickets were largely dirt cheap (or free) and that it was held in the middle of the summer holidays its hardly surprising the attendances have been good. A friend of mine who attended one of the Oval evenings said it was fairly unpleasant with lots of boozed up lads getting a bit too lively - more so than a normal Blast evening at the Oval. Obviously Covid restrictions have played a part, but their have been very few "top players" performing who wouldn't have normally been over here playing for counties during the Blast. The ECB have committed so much money to the project that there is no turning back, but the damage it does to the rest of the Cricket calendar is not sustainable. I personally think a honed down version of the blast (maybe 2 divisions) with up to 4 overseas players might have been preferable. The TV companies had signed up to the thing before the change from 120 balls to 100.
  17. salty

    The Crisp Crack Of Leather On Willow

    As Captain Root has to take responsibility for that tactical shambles yesterday morning - and he did to a certain extent - but what about the other senior players who were out there? Not to mention a plethora of coaches watching on. Sibley appears to be number 1 scapegoat amongst the batsmen, but its not as if his technique was a secret when he was picked is it? Pope seems to be the chosen one, but I agree throwing him at number 3 is a strange one. Usually you would look at who is scoring heavily in the Championship, but of course thanks to the mad scheduling of this season to accommodate The H****** there hasn't been any red ball cricket for weeks.
  18. Sounds similar to my decision making process when it came to Uni. The 5 choices owed more to their proximity to Speedway tracks than the quality of the education they would provide. Was close to going to Leicester or Queen Mary's (for Hackney) but ended up plumping for Kingston and weekly visits to Plough Lane. As for the tracks I wish I'd been to.....West Ham, Trelawny, Glasgow White City, New Cross, Norwich.
  19. And we miss out on Pearson telling us every point matters countless times each GP. So not all bad.
  20. salty

    Name your 5 favourite tracks

    Cradley, Wimbledon, Hackney, Belle Vue (Hyde Road), Somerset
  21. salty

    Riding with a countryman.

    Niemi and Koponen for Wimbledon.
  22. salty

    Name your favourite five riders.

    On a Cradley day....Bernie Persson, Arthur Price, John Boulger, Jan O Pedersen, Billy Hamill On another day....Jim McMillan, Mark Fiora, Martin Dixon, Nathan Simpson, Rune Holta
  23. salty

    British Speedway Official Website

    Really poor effort. You' would like to think a more in depth tribute will follow.
  24. salty

    Philip Rising R.I.P

    Really sad news. As others have said, a great advocate for the sport who will be sadly missed. RIP.
  25. Well done ref. Lindgren has been riding on the edge far too much in the past couple of years.

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