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  1. So a wealthy club pays a rider to lay down and rest for 2 weeks then brings him back at reserve? That's already been tried 1 club even brought a rider from Europe to pull up after half a lap so that he could achieve the number of qualifying meetings and secure his new average. No thanks team managers should stick to what they're good at, Hollywooding!
  2. Whisperer


    It's sad i know but please don't rely on that buffoon Brundle to sort it, he's effed up everything he's come in to contact with!
  3. Whisperer

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    How can the people at the top deal with this, they are the ones refusing fixtures!
  4. Whisperer


    Throttle works both ways but on a slick track the slightest grip or driving out of a hole is enough to chuck em up. With lower revving engines they would alter the gearing to stay in control and feather the throttle to find grip but sitting on the lifting handle on the stop balls out really leaves the riders at the whims of the track surface and curator.
  5. Whisperer

    The next wunderkid?

    GARY Flint
  6. Whisperer


    They've just blown hundreds of thousands on the Gerhardt project
  7. Whisperer


    They do actually, every till receipt has an invitation to complete the survey with monthly draws as the hook. They also do anonymous surveys using an agency then at the end of the call you are told the survey is being conducted on behalf of M &S Just caught up HT got there first
  8. Whisperer

    Thank you Sky for nothing

    To be fair the ambition was to make Speedway great again and increase crowds so much so that the BSPA wholly funded the first year on Sky. The second year was a shared contribution and year three was the first deal but please don't run away with the idea that it was all bunce. The historical costs of getting it on air had to be restored, TR had knocked on every TV companies door and Ole Olsen had followed him by coincidence (or not) with his GP proposition, no broadcast or production partner were prepared to take a risk on British Speedway! Through Terry the BSPA took the risk and funded it in the belief that it would establish a TV audience that would repay their investment and it did. Sky are not and never have been the problem, this sport parceled itself up for television not the other way round.
  9. Whisperer

    2010/11 the beginning of the end

    Looking at the decline from a technical perspective it was the introduction of laydowns for me, not because we saw poor racing but costs increased significantly overnight and it put the riders under immense pressure to invest more in equipment/facilities than was ever needed before.
  10. Whisperer

    Rye House 2018

    It's more likely their neighbours will look to expand the kart facility
  11. Whisperer

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    I agree but if you were called to Pall Mall it wasn't a question of whether you would get off it was how hard they clobbered you.
  12. Whisperer

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    And if you were up in front of any of those names you shat yourself!
  13. Whisperer

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    You're right, he's full of rubbish
  14. Whisperer

    Rye House 2018

    Mike, A new Promotion at any club does not have a say until they have attended 3 AGM's

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