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  1. Whisperer

    Is Speedway still viable in the UK?

    To be honest 1 vote isn't going to change a lot in General or League Council and you are entitled to join the debates anyway, a former Promoter who has attended 3 AGM's could bring a vote if they became a licensed Co-Promoter. In most cases it's the interpretation of the decisions after the event that causes a lot of the problems and disputes. The only way other members can "take" your assetts is if the club has been annulled and they are liquidated to pay in house debts. If your talking about riders finding other jobs whilst acquisition of their parent is in progress that's different but you can apply to have your assetts protected during this process providing the acquistion is completed by the AGM. Where this has gone wrong before is when a club sale has fallen through in January or February or a new owner changes their mind about the riders they use and leave somebody out of work. Simple solution, get the debts paid and the purchase monies deposited with the BSPA well before the AGM but you can't blame anyone for employing riders who have an uncertain future. Similarly putting out a weak team can be avoided with everyone moving at a sensible pace. The race day farce this year is well documented but there are historical precedents set for priority race day and alternate days as well as the protocol of consultation with those clubs who have priority on your off race night (if you are going to choose any old race day apart from those agreed). If you acquire a club then you acquire that race day unless the club has no continuity or it has moved up/down leagues (then you lose it).
  2. Not a pop at your post at all, the best compromise would have been for clubs to try and accept rearranged dates and not decline because their injured number 1 wouldn't be back or can't visit you then because we are due at xxx the next day and the latter was from a club that had less than 100 miles to travel from one club to the next. How many times have Glasgow, Edinburgh, Berwick, Somerset and Plymouth travelled the length of the country on back to back fixtures. The spirit of I'm all right jack is alive and well in the BSPA!
  3. Whisperer

    Workington 2018 .

    I take it that's the Rabbi in you? Oooooooo!
  4. Whisperer

    Workington 2018 .

    Because their outstanding Friday Home fixtures were pulled by the BSPA which created a nightmare getting clubs to agree new fixtures on a Saturday
  5. Whisperer

    Ronnie Moore

    And Plough Lane was rammed, even Dickie Davis rocked up that night to stop the bar falling over.
  6. Whisperer

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    The modern system was initiated to replicate the era you refer to and encourage up and coming riders to chance their arm and development in the top league. There was a huge gulf in skill between the middle and top tiers where 10 point riders from the middle tier were struggling to get ones and twos in the top league. Initially those riders had to choose between one league or the other and were given a two season comfort by allowing them to return to the middle tier on their last middle tier average if the top tier didn't work out. The middle tier became more attractive with more meetings and by comparison easier races not withstanding that a few daft rsed Promoters started paying silly money to tempt them back. With insufficient riders doubling up with converted averages came in and eventually doubling down followed. What was a development initiative became a bidding scramble so like many other best intended initiatives it was abused by; average manipulation, cheque book speedway, self interest and sheer avarice.
  7. Whisperer

    Lakeside v Newcastle 24/8/18

    Whilst I agree with most of your post the effing about with fixtures and the cut off approaching causes all reasonable judgement to be chucked out of the window. At this stage of the season only the clubs with no mathematical chance of the play offs can accommodate a rain off and some may welcome it, Sheffield are in an unprecedented position of an early bath in August which just highlights the fundamental mismanagement of the sport. It's both humiliating and shameful regardless, of whether Promoters are in the inner sanctum or mere members of the BSPA. The current and previous seasons are the most organised fukc ups I've seen in sixty years of supporting the sport.
  8. Whisperer

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    Is it time to wake up? Are the rest of the world v Warburton's still arguing?
  9. Oh the same no doubles, thank you. Please can you pass that on to the Sheffield management as they made a right balls of the scoring when they were there last time (so I'm told) losing by 6 points and convinced it was only 3 and thought they were in with a chance of winning so put everybody at risk in the blind slop and persisting rain just 'cos they don't know the rules and couldn't add up!
  10. Whisperer

    Workington 2018 .

    I think it's this meeting and I would put Charlie Benham on the inside which would make that Stan on the outside; Rayleigh v West Ham Monday 3rd April 1972 (Easter Cup) 11.am Rayleigh 1. Geoff Maloney 3 3 EF 1 2. Terry Stone 2* 2* 3 2 3. Dingle Brown F Exc N N N 4. Allen Emmett EF 0 0 Ret 5. Bob Young 2 3 3 3 1 6. Tiger Beech 2 2 2 3 2* 7. Peter Claridge Fell 0 1 Fell West Ham 1. Kevin Holden 0 2 Fell Fell 2. Ted Howgego 1 1* 2 2 3. Brian Foote 3 Ret 2 2* 4. Mike Sampson 1 1 1 1 5. Bob Coles 3 3 3 3 6. Charlie Benham 3 1 1* 7. Stan Stevens 1 1 0
  11. How many points does a rider score on a TS ride?
  12. The fixtures were adopted by the BSPA at the start of the season end of
  13. Whisperer

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    A brilliant ethos and I sincerely hope it continues forever. If I look back there are many Promotors who started their careers with such admirable qualities but allowed the red mist of win at all costs to cloud their judgement over the years. Poole were great at it, so were Peterborough under Rick and Julie, Len Silver always valued his customers until they consistently battered him on social media, Scunthorpe was a fabulous day out when it was in the lower tier (racing is still good) but aspirations of success and elevation bring cost challenges just to keep up with the Jones's and soon enough the viability is threatened and the focus moves from your type of ethos to win, win, win or I've got to stop bleeding out of the rse and cut costs. Please don't get drawn into that swamp, the newts will all turn into alligators come the AGM and you'll need more than your old survival suit!
  14. Whisperer

    Ronnie Moore

    I'm picking up the really sad news that Ronnie has passed away, so sad.
  15. Are you referring to the bloke who only rocks up to BSPA meetings half of the time and the vice chairman sits in for? That's why Godfrey has gone un(sense)checked

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