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  1. He was helped too by his reserve partner on the back straight who held up Wozniak while madsen had a free run round the outside, then madsen just pressed on
  2. Awful crash but where were the medical staff ?? Not a yellow card incident but holta rightly excluded
  3. Pawliczak excluded? the race was stopped because of moving at start, what happens after the start is irrelevant, he didn’t touch the tapes ?? He got a warning for moving too so what rule was he excluded under
  4. Yes that’s what the fuel tank thing was about, no it wasn’t directed at madsen and it’s a coincidence that it’s being talked about and madsen doesn’t look as quick
  5. falubaz are reaping the rewards of Adam skornicki’s training work he did with the u21 reserves in the last couple of seasons at zielona gora,he doesn’t get the credit he deserves
  6. Madsen seem to be lacking a bit of speed this season, he is still quick but not as quick, my polish friends told me this week that because of some odd fuel tanks that maybe standard fuel tanks will be fitted at the meeting like the tyres in the future
  7. Poor meeting racing wise, think bit of a filler meeting as shown by some of the rider choices for their teams
  8. 35 points doesn’t do gorzow justice, they worked leszno hard tonight
  9. I’m sure you could watch sky news and Boris and Matt talking absolute crap about some cold going round if this isn’t floating your boat
  10. The 2 gorzow reserves are both good first corner spoilers for gorzow but the other 5 don’t seem to be able to take advantage of it, both can gate and are moving leszno riders off line and what is going on with Wozniak this season, jack holder is a big loss for gorzow tonight, good meeting though
  11. Amazing racing with zmarzlik and pawlicki
  12. Excellent first corner from NKI moving both leszno riders over allowing KK to sneak through
  13. Zmarzlik worked hard for a point there
  14. But it’s not they are weak it more riders like woryna scoring 1 point from 3 rides is a common occurrence, he is a better rider than that as just proved in his 4 th ride

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