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  1. So where did it all go wrong?

    Reading Robert lamberts interview in the star , he basically says he has signed again for Kings Lynn but doesn’t really want to ride there and wanted to go somewhere else but rules wouldn’t let him even though he had illeagle talks with another club, so why should any Kings Lynn fan spend their hard earn money to support Robert ? Seems to me the mutual rider/fan appreciation is a one way street these days
  2. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    in no way is this against the Coventry bees fans or the club in general but this decision really does say why speedway is where it is , it never learns lessons ,how many more people need to be owed money ? speedway needs to get its act together , anybody who owes money doesn't get a licence no mater if it rider or promoter , until that is enforced the sport is doomed
  3. How Popular is Speedway in Poland

    If they did the same survey in Britain 80% would say they use to go but only 10% still do and their favourite current rider is Barry Briggs
  4. Instead of getting the fighty bird to kick the tuna buttys off tai’s head why not get the soccer player to do a full throttle practice start on a speedway bike in the studio , that would of been pure entertainment
  5. This weeks Speedway Star dec 23rd

    I don’t have a problem with it being used although I not sure it’s worthy of a mention in the star piece , my point was the odd way it was worded like I had no background in speedway at all just some angry bloke on twitter , of which i don’t really use twitter that much , it felt a bit like someone trying to make a point , while we are on the subject of twitter Phillip do you know who runs the speedway GB twitter account ?
  6. If you define riding in the national league as proffessional then you don’t have to be very good at all but they are not supposed to be professionals in the NL but they are asking for deals like they are
  7. I’m not a fan of tai but I thought he cane across really well , however the show itself was dire with the last 10 mins turning into some poor mans kids show
  8. This weeks Speedway Star dec 23rd

    In this weeks yearly winners and losers bit I’m a loser , been called worse seems I’m more known for my twitter than anything I did on a bike
  9. Really , then why won’t they ride for £10 pp in national league ? It is true , some people might not like it cause it’s a little to close for comfort but doesn’t make it not true ,.it has never been easier to get a national league place and once they are in they start demanding alsorts
  10. They only get prize money ,but stock drivers don’t believe the sport owes them a living , speedway riders do , it’s ok for the top guys but these days get a licence and string 4 laps together and suddenly you think your a proffessional , that may sound harsh but as far as finances go that is why soeedway is all but bankrupt
  11. This is an example of a post on another topic , stockcars know what they are and are not trying to be something else , they know their fan base and know what they want , speedway doesn’t know what it is or even remember what it was but it’s trying to be a poor mans F1 and it will never be that and it’s stuck in the middle with no idea who it’s fan base is
  12. A Very Happy Christmas to My Remaining Readers...

    I don’t always agree with your views but I do read them as you speak from the heart and experience about the sport
  13. Is there a new NL Coordinator

    They have been called that lol
  14. Is there a new NL Coordinator

    think inside the box as they always do and you will have your answer