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  1. It does seem a bit bizarre that you can have someone like fricke at no 8 who can take any ride at any time but I suppose in one sense it does level out the reserves as leszno have a far stronger reserve pair than the rest of the league
  2. Think it’s more to do with getting rid of the dead wood that’s been distracting him for a couple of years
  3. Nicki p looking a class above tonight
  4. GB speedway team

    Looking the best team of ultimate athletes with the best equipment isn’t going to mean jack unless you get results
  5. GB speedway team

    I think I’ve got to the point where I’m not really bothered about if this Great Britain venture works or not but one thing I am curious about is how is it going to be funded ? All the ideas talked about cost money and mr painter says it will be self funded ,so where is the income coming from ?
  6. People want to see it, nobody want to see any rider hurt but crashes are part of the appeal of motorsport always have been and always will and personally I think polish tv do speedway right warts and all, if it’s not for you then turn over or go and make a brew
  7. Naughty Torun fans throwing a seat at kasprazak
  8. Looks like nicki pedersen still has the hunger , two wins and a 2nd for tarnow against zielona gora
  9. I think there is to much shale on gorzow these days, even when someone is quicker behind it’s so hard to pass and it’s not the shape of the track , as soon as someone gets close they get blasted in shale and loose speed, Wroclaw have a similar problem except yesterday when the track had less grip and the racing was better for it
  10. I don’t think Nigel Pearson is a natural with speedway , he is better suited to other sports but you sound like a natural for speedway , this guy as inexperienced in speedway as he is sounds more suited to golf or cricket
  11. It’s not just about learning and making mistakes, it’s the voice the tone and the general fitting of the sport , you have it this guy doesn’t
  12. I love the racing at this track , it’s not a favourite with some riders but you get some cracking racing there
  13. Air fence working properly, lindbaek was hard but miedzinski was cause
  14. Talking to my mom a few weeks ago, she said a Russian spy been poisoned in Sainsbury’s , this comentator reminds me of that conversation
  15. He is working off the polish feed and some of the riders are english speaking so we get lukaz Benz talking English in interviews to them , they should of got dave Goddard to do the free sport one, to be fair I watch the polish coverage on the GPs too even though we have BT as I’m no fan of Kelvin and Nigel either , getting NC+ 2 years ago was one of the best things I have ever brought , the speedway alone makes it worth every penny