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  1. Who cares… Many of the spectators will be young females.It is a positive and refreshing move by the promotion obviously echoed by Workington.
  2. Dinosaur, maybe u think she should be at the sink instead.
  3. I refer to an answer I gave on another thread to someone (who failed to respond)a little while back.
  4. Yeh not so long ago, even so called supporter’s of his own club predicted his demise.
  5. JD for me any day of the week
  6. Toady

    Workington 2024

    I suppose every match would be a landslide for that team
  7. Toady

    Swindon Stadium

    I did wonder as I have looked and couldn’t find them as the 106 is blank now and I do seem to remember looking last year and there was more information along the lines of what the planning dept had recommended (as I copied in my post above) but I never copied it and now it appears to be missing.
  8. Toady

    Swindon Stadium

    I would like to read the latest 106 agreement to see exactly what was agreed but as I said I cannot find it only 90 odd blank pages where it should be ! The document above @frigbo submitted doesn’t seem to show that detail maybe it’s an earlier version?
  9. Toady

    Swindon Stadium

    Thanks for that(didn’t like for obvious reasons)where did you find them ?.I looked at the 106 but it was 96 blank pages.all I could find was this that was suggested before the decision. Summary of Recommendation: That the Head of Planning, Regulatory Services and Heritage be authorised to APPROVE the reserved matters, subject to the conditions set out in the report (together with any amended, omitted or additional conditions) upon the completion of a Section 106 obligation to mitigate the impact of the development and to ensure the satisfactory completion of the stadium development and the other strategic infrastructure, including the open space and play areas and the construction of the necessary drainage infrastructure. In the event that the applicant fails to enter into an agreement or fails to agree to an extension of time for the determination of the application to enable the Council as Local Planning Authority to deal with these matters, then the Head of Planning, Regulatory Services and Heritage be authorised to refuse the approval of reserved matters and; The Head of Planning, Regulatory Services and Heritage, in consultation with the Head of Legal Services, be authorised to take planning enforcement action and other legal action regarding the breaches of the s106 planning obligation. 3 It is recommended that the section 106 agreement should include the following matters; No additional housing is to be developed until the new stadium is operational and substantially complete. (The definition of operational and substantial completion to be agreed in the s106 agreement.)
  10. Toady

    Swindon Stadium

    Interesting to note that the section 106 agreement documents are showing as blank on planning portal. These contain the important milestones regarding stadium and housing build so cannot see who’s telling the truth.
  11. Toady


    Keeps Speedway and stadia in the news, can’t do any harm as you say especially with the other publicity this week
  12. Toady

    Brandon Update

    I think if there had been a campaign like at Oxford and Coventry then the Swindon story may have been told but sadly no such campaign ever surfaced.
  13. Toady

    Swindon Stadium

    And on it goes even Justin is being quoted https://www.swindonadvertiser.co.uk/news/24081829.abbey-stadium-concerns-lack-progress-amid-council-probe/
  14. Toady

    Poole 2024

    Lindsey who ?

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