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  1. Given his early season form, would not Anders Rowe, with his familiarity with the track, been a sensible choice of guest for the injured Cam rather than R/R?
  2. hawks 1975

    NL fantasy team... for fun

    Oops. The A appears to have disappeared off Nathan in my team!
  3. hawks 1975


    And also another stunning cover - superb design by Jeff Davies once again. Art work that deserves to be framed!
  4. hawks 1975

    NL fantasy team... for fun

    Dan Gilkes Kent 8.00 Joe Thompson Leicester 6.48 Henry Atkins Eastbourne 5.86 Dan Thompson Leicester 5.50 George Rothery Armadale 3.00 Jake Mulford Kent 3.00 Nathan Blitt Eastbourne 3.00 34.84
  5. hawks 1975

    KENT ROYALS 2020

    Wasn't Spooner announced as being in the Eastbourne 'squad'?!
  6. hawks 1975


    Hi Phil, No answer from Dave on that number. Is that a Monday - Friday only business number? I have definitely had it delivered by NewsTeam since you changed - ie no wrapper/address.
  7. hawks 1975


    Hi Phil. Nothing this morning either. I assume it is a problem with NewsTeam, although I paid my sub renewal on 18th April, so not sure exactly when the renewal date was - hopefully it's not a renewal cock-up! Regards, Geoff BR1 3ER.
  8. hawks 1975


    Hi Phil. Sorry to bother you again, but I have not received this weeks issue - up until now the new system has always seen it here by 9am. How does the new system work? Might it still arrive later today? Should I expect it the following day or should I already be worried that it has not been delivered by 2pm? ! Regards Geoff BR1 3ER
  9. hawks 1975


    Thanks for sending out another copy, much appreciated Phil.
  10. hawks 1975


    Hi Phil. Ever since you've moved to NewsTeam my mag has been waiting for me, pristine on the mat inside my porch. Just to say this morning's issue was crammed into the letterbox, resulting in all the pages being torn! I believe you are gathering info like this - my postcode is BR13ER. Guess I could leave the porch door open on Wednesday nights, but then there's the issue of when it pours with rain..... Have only browsed through this copy so far, but once again, congratulations to all those concerned - some tremendous content. I've already read the fascinating Starting Technique article, full of insight from Scott, Olly and Bomber. It reminded me of the excellent series you did with Scott on the different tracks a while back. Great stuff. Anyone reading this post who doesn't get the Star anymore, you are missing a superb read, and a really classy production.
  11. hawks 1975

    KENT ROYALS 2020

    It was Mr Drury and Birmingham I think who denied Kent a last heat and ensured they took home point! Popular he was not....
  12. hawks 1975

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    I really think your promotion has got a winner in Dillon Ruml. I saw him back in 2017 as an 18 year old riding for the American dream team at Kent, and a couple of his races were worth the price of admission alone. He looked a really exciting racer, on a track he had obviously never seen before. Four year on, he's done well Stateside and clearly has ambitions to follow in the footsteps of Becker and Nicol. I would have loved to have seen him at Central Park in 2021 and watched his development, rather than see the comeback of a 45 year old.........
  13. hawks 1975


    I seem to remember in the early days of the Mail there being two separate sellers at Hackney, and both would be extolling you to buy either the Star or the Mail as you queued to get out at the end of the meeting. "Get your this week's Star" would be followed by "Get your Mail here". Then a wag in the crowd would shout out "Get (or was it Got?!) your Female Here!" Happy days.
  14. In amidst all that is going on, I wondered what the chances were of the new issue having been sent to the printers prior to everything snarling up? Might we be lucky enough to have it pop through our letterboxes whilst the postmen are still delivering? Any chance you can give us some good news Tony?!
  15. hawks 1975


    Just received this week's edition Philip and full marks to the editorial staff already for producing such a great read. I can only say to anyone not already subscribing, the mag is superbly put together and great value. As to content, perhaps ask the readers for ideas? I actually emailed Andrew earlier this year a suggestion around getting a rider like Scott Nicholls to give us his views on each of the tracks in the top two divisions. My thought was that many fans never get to see a track at the other end of the country and would be interested in hearing a rider comparing tracks. How about transcribing a conference call between 3 or 4 riders getting their opinions on a different subject every few weeks? One thing I think the Star did miss out on was a suitable tribute to Andreas Jonsson when he announced his retirement. Bjarne Pedersen even got a front cover - I am sure a lot of Coventry and Lakeside fans in particular would love to see AJ treated similarly. A true racer and great guy for both tracks. Finally, a shout out to Jeff Davies again for his covers - they are works of art! Crumpie in all his glory this week.

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