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  1. Most would agree that losing MPT was bad luck, but to suggest Jakobsen should be banned is just silly, the League is being diluted every year, let's not sanitize it aswell.
  2. noggin

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Almost every year we have this debate, saying we were top so are the rightful champions, we all know the rules at the start, Swindon were helped last year by Wolves Injuries, Poole this Year, next year KL might squeak into the play off and take advantage, at least it wasn't decided by one team being able to use the silly double Joker whilst the other didn't, try explaining that down the pub, Instead of having the silly shield thing at the beginning of the season just award that to the table toppers.
  3. Speedway matches are often filled with what if moments, magnified over a two legged Final, it's harder to take as a Trophy was up for grabs, personally I think KL should have used RR and relied on their riders who were in form.
  4. noggin

    Swindon 2019

    Hopefully we are back for tapes up, the only riders I'd retain are Zach, Adam, Tobi and Nick??, points limit and any silly only one over 7.5 rules need knowing before thinking about a #1 , no way can we keep diluting the product.
  5. Another cryptic pearl of non wisdom.
  6. Didn't see fraud or muddlo thanking Morris.
  7. Omg a correct decision.
  8. They don't have the brain power to do it on purpose. Just totally inept.
  9. Every year there is a badly worded rule that needs amending or scrapping, yet come the Agm no one proof reads the rule book, only noticing at the 11th hour. How many years have we been hearing this is a make or break Agm, well every year it's a break, and the so called clowns who run the sport never learn, 99% of the folk who post here could write a rule book that's simple, rather than a cure for insomnia and baffling to boot.
  10. Last thing we want is the incompetent fools breeding........
  11. Exactly, Swindon easily topped the table before Wolves Injuries, everyone agrees they were very unlucky to lose Jacob and Freddie, they were not the best team in the league though.
  12. Last week he was throwing the towel in after 3 heats, until Kurtz ended Holders night, then last night lo and behold another member of the opposition knocked off, and unfairly excluded, missed important rides and now out, last season he said Swindon only won because of Injuries, 12 months later and the same situation has arisen, plus the illegal guest, blokes a Hypocrite and a complete wum.
  13. Can't see the BT Pirates blowing this huge advantage,

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