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  1. noggin

    Football 2020/21

    I am mate, hope you are too, hope we get racing back next spring.
  2. noggin

    Football 2020/21

    All that dead wood is a fire hazard.
  3. I hope this is done properly, Eurosports live broadcasts can be a bit patchy, what happens if tennis or some other sport over runs, do we arrive at the speedway with half a dozen heats gone.
  4. noggin

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Video nasties are banned....
  5. noggin

    " The detectives" TV

    Shows watched during lockdown. Luther S5, Whitechapel and a couple which aren't detective shows, The Fixer and Quarry.
  6. I have been watching these briefings since day one, and the level of waffle has gone up daily, figures fitted into an argument for keeping us under lock down, any leading or relevant questions to easing of the measures is brushed under the carpet by the incoherent waffling of one of the sheep. Hancock getting more flustered at every briefing, one bright spot, no Patel with her arrogant belittling way she puts anyone down with a serious question.
  7. Probably when he finishes his airfix model.
  8. Does seem like something was about which didn't fit to a normal cold, due to the longevity of it.
  9. I'm still convinced I had this, won't know until testing is more widespread. I had a cough that lasted for weeks recently, but no other symptoms, maybe the odd headache and general lethargy. As a rule I don't get coughs.
  10. noggin

    Sky and Bt sports

    I wasn't able to, no reply to phone call, waiting time queue of over an hour, so cancelled my DD
  11. noggin

    Sky and Bt sports

    Paused Sky, but can't get through to BT so will just cancel the DD.
  12. I think the word you're looking for is Shrink...
  13. I have gone beyond my initial contract.
  14. noggin

    Corona virus

  15. noggin

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    So your Trolling will resume.

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