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  1. Rebels own goal, too many passengers.
  2. noggin

    Belle Vue 2018

    What a whine-athon.........
  3. Ref likes to be centre of attention, ruined what could have been a good race, lead could be cut down to barely a few points after the final.........farce
  4. Superb race, cracking meeting.
  5. noggin

    Kings Lynn v Poole Wednesday August 29th

    Will the plucky under dogs Poole, defy all the odd and win the P/offs.
  6. noggin

    Kings Lynn v Poole Wednesday August 29th

    The net is filling up tonight.
  7. noggin

    Swindon 2019

    We had the false dawn of a couple of early away wins, but the reservations about the team have come home to roost, after last years highs everything looked rosy apart from the stadium uncertainty, no WC to cheer and a side built on the cheap has quickly dampened the positivity, think this will be the end of the road and the Robins go the way of so many great clubs.
  8. He really is a dire commentator, nice bloke but should stay quiet, even subtitles can't figure out what he's saying ...
  9. I know we should be grateful it's on at all, but the one thing that I find odd is they actually have enough time to show it all, but you get these extended ad breaks showing the city or a concoction of clips from other sports.
  10. noggin

    Poole v Swindon Prem B. 22/8/18

    Let's look at the facts, we sneaked an away win at Leicester and won at Poole when they were misfiring, both in April, what have we done since, 1 measly point, funnily enough at Leicester again, so you must be deluded if you think we will even get the losers point, Poole might be slightly weakened, but we have a team Batch apart who are all out of form, especially away..........52-38.
  11. To coin a football phrase, think our lot are already on their holidays.
  12. Team relies on all riders chipping in especially the top 5, pundits had us down for 5th at best, sadly we've backed those predictions up, way to weak to be considered play off winners even if we miraculously make them.
  13. noggin

    Wolves V Swindon 20/8/18

    We are rubbish away, 50-40 ish.

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