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  1. Marksman

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Lewis Bridger then? Average will be under 6.5
  2. Marksman

    Somerset 2020

    Sad news if Somerset don't reappear in 2022, I hope they will in some form. Starting the Cardiff weekend off at Somerset on the Friday, was one of the true highlights of the season, seeing those grass banks full of different team colours defined the sport as I new it growing up.
  3. Marksman

    Somerset 2020

    Putting the clubs license on ice still costs £5k from what I remember? Unless it's changed, but that's what the Workington promotion did, with the intention of sitting out a year and never to be seen again...
  4. Marksman

    2021 GP Series Dates

    Warsaw GP moved from the 15th May to 7th August - https://www.speedwaygp.com/news/article/8714/2021-pzm-warsaw-sgp-of
  5. Interesting race format for the Last Chance qualifier and Final. Nice to see it being mixed up a little, NSS is certainly wide enough for a 6 rider race.
  6. Marksman

    SON 2020

    So Australia rode their 4 heats against the teams who finished in the top 4, Russia, Poland, Denmark and Sweden.. If they'd got to ride against GB and the Czechs they would of been making the top 3 easily, just shows how ridiculous calling a meeting part-way through is. Mark Lemon was quite right to be a bit pissed off!
  7. Marksman

    SON 2020

    Re-staging at 11am local (10am UK) tomorrow if it doesn't go ahead tonight!
  8. Marksman

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    I don't get posts like this, "I don't do twitter" you don't have to have an account to view anything they post, it's all available for free without signing into anything - https://twitter.com/TheAces Infact all of their Twitter posts are even embedded onto their Website homepage! Is it working? Absolutely, the website viewing figures alone won't be 1% of what the same post on Twitter reaches in terms of audience. Belle Vue have 15k followers alone, and the Twitter post from 2 hours ago has already been retweeted by Multiple (10+) accounts with over 10k plus followers of their own, mostly 15k+, including the official SpeedwayGB one, around 28k followers. The reach of Twitter will be hundreds of thousands just for that one post, this is before you factor in the same news posted on Facebook and Instagram, the reach of social media is massive, traditional websites are becoming obsolete because of hosting fees etc. No one is sitting around pressing F5 on the Belle Vue website waiting for news to come through...
  9. Can only see a winner out of Kerr, King, Stevie Worrall and Schlein now the meeting has moved to the NSS, they will be the quickest 4 riders on show. Unless of course West Cumbria's finest somehow finds himself lining up on Monday night
  10. Marksman

    Ipswich 2020

    Yeah he pretty much confirmed he will be back in 2021 at Ipswich in the British Final programme. Good news for British Speedway i'd say, hope Nikki P follows suit.
  11. Marksman

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    That's Chris Harris on Flint's bike. Crump was riding for Belle Vue
  12. People will always moan about the cost, as they do with admission prices etc. Because they simply don't understand the behind the scenes costs, especially in this case to stream a one off meeting. You have people on here comparing it to the £11.99 they pay for Premier Sports, that tells us all we need to know! Ice Hockey webcasts are a similar one-off price, at around £12.50 and around £18-22 for admission.
  13. A few Brits have rode over in the Australian state championships recently, also Joe Screen actually finished 3rd in the Aussie Championships in 2008. Don't see the problem including the Australian's with British passports especially given the lack of standard this year with no Woffinden, Lambert? , Cook, Wright, Ellis etc.
  14. Very bizarre! Had it read it a few times to make sure I was reading it correctly Deep down i'm sure they feel fortunate that they took the tickets off sale, but it's pure luck. Would they run the one-off meeting behind closed doors? That's the only way I see it happening at the moment, can't see riders wanting to risk it for what very little financial gain they'd recieve if it's behind closed doors. The rumoured 10pm Curfew may hinder things too!
  15. Very doubtful this will go ahead with fans now, the St Ledger meeting at Doncaster has been told go behind closed doors for the final 3 days from tomorrow.. Expect them to push back on the pilot events for at least another month.
  16. Judging by the 90's looking booking form for Ticket Orders, I think that is out of their reach... The website design company they use looks as professional as ever - http://www.apmedia.info/ and looking at the portfolio page has a monopoly on dully designed Speedway websites and Generic social media posts. A world apart from the Speedway GB Team set up!
  17. Government Department for Digital culture media and sport Link here - https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-pilots-announced-for-return-of-spectators-to-elite-sport
  18. Marksman

    Season Cancelled

    Hardly a surprise, especially given the Rugby League announcement yesterday. I think most clubs will be fine tbh and be at the tapes in 2021 in some format. Might be a shortage of riders however, having just read the news about Nico Covatti, both British and Foreign riders may follow him in pursuit of other long-term careers.
  19. Marksman

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    Yeah it does that with the GFA basic code as it's pretty old language now, most of the old Amiga/Atari games from the mid 80's used it! The general rule is you must replace the exact same number of characters as is listed in the exe. i.e If you want to Replace "Premier League" with "Championship" you'll need to add 2 spaces at the beginning or the end. "Premier League" " Championship"
  20. Marksman

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    Yeah in the .exe there are certain Generic Names and it uses some form of those combinations; There are also certain other bits of text editable in the exe.. You can Edit the Home Screen info and Edit League Names to Premiership and Championship
  21. Marksman

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    Yeah good finds, So the First number is nationality, England = 1 on this occasion. Denmark = 4 etc. Second number I think determines wether the rider is listed for loan or to buy 1 = Loan, 0= Transfer (Also seen 2 appear here a couple of times) Other numbers you'll probably know already like 4th = Age, 5th = Price to buy. Followed by the averages.. I was able to place a 4 in the 4th number from the end and a 1 in the second number on everyone, and they all appeared in the 'Retired' list! All the 40+ random riders appear in order from Row 986 down, you can remove them from the game easily enough too.
  22. Marksman

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    @Welwyn Looking at the numbers including the spares that leaves only 10 to add to the 'Retired' List and 2 to to the 'Unattached' list
  23. Marksman

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    Nice, yeah just realised Todd Kurtz doesn't have a CL team, so can also be given a CL average. Will just have to add some more riders to replace the ones taken out of the Unattached, Retired and Foreign lists. There are already a few spare ones in those tabs, but need a minimum of the below ammount for the game not to crash; Unattached 56 Foreign 30 Retired 79
  24. Marksman

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    Thanks both i'll give it a go, seems like you can just download the full version from their website here - http://www.roogames.co.uk/newdownloads.htm and it launches into a 3 day evaluation mode

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