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  1. AFCB Wildcat

    Jason Garrity

    Exactly. The stroke is determined by the offset of the crankshaft so the only way to increase capacity would be to use the bottom end of a long stroke engine with a barrel & piston of a short stroke. I would have thought that the barrel of the short stroke would be a different length though to that of a long stroke? If so it would have to be a bored out long stroke barrel but that would be easy to spot. Maybe they are the same length but use different length con rods? Long strokes were about in speedway till more recently though. My lads Jawa 884 laydown engine which he bought 10 or so years ago was long stroke and that had been used in what is now the championship league by its previous owner. Nobody uses them now though. I've got an upright Jawa 898 which is long stroke too. Maybe longer stroke versions of the modern speedway engines are produced for different disciplines. Grass track or long track etc. providing swappable parts? I'm a bit out of touch these days.
  2. AFCB Wildcat

    Old points system GP results

    No that's logical. They won the meeting after all
  3. AFCB Wildcat

    Old points system GP results

    Fine by me but with the small tweak of standing the rider who took the most points out of the meeting on the top step of the podium instead of the one that won the last race, then it would make sense.
  4. Swings & roundabouts for me. Championship winning race points could be earned off the back of the misfortunes of others in the ways you described in the old system. Also riders gaining points by having the favoured gates at the right time in the meeting have inflated scores too. If you top the score chart in the heats, everything is stacked in your favour for the semis & finals so if you get beat from there your not the best in my opinion. Of course you could suffer an engine failure etc. but in the old one off finals that people think we're best, one engine failure, tape exclusion or poor refereeing decision could & did cost the best rider the title, that's speedway. At least with this system a rider can bounce back from a misfortune or two outside his control and still prove he's the best. I'm not saying this system is perfect and it's not the one I'd have chosen but I prefer it to the old one as I didn't think the guy that stood on the top step at the end of the night was adequately rewarded and the finals were a bit pointless when it was simply a point totting exercise. As I said, just my opinion.
  5. You're right, but unfortunately there's a few that get aggressive if others don't agree with them! There are merits on both sides but regarding your point as to if BZ had slipped up and missed the semis, could it not be argued that if that had happened it was because the pressure had got to him and he bottled his last ride, in which case would he be a worthy champion? I didn't like seeing riders looking dominant in the heats then go missing in the semis or final but come away with the spoils. As it was BZ showed he was the best rider in the series and won it in the style of a true champion. I like the new system too but as you say we can agree to disagree.
  6. AFCB Wildcat


    The British Final was my first experience of streaming and I was impressed with the professionalism of the whole production. Unfortunately I couldn't watch it live but did it on catch up first thing this morning after work. I used my basic smart phone & Chromecast to my TV and all was good except the occasional pixelation on some shots but fortunately not during the racing. The only thing I struggled with to start with was not being able to accurately move it on to the start of the racing i.e. skip the build up accurately from the window on the sport central site but I later found I could do this better from the Google home app. Personally I have no issue with the price. I've paid more for 2 pints of beer in London! I hope it was a success for the production company and if that's the price it takes to make it happen I'll happily pay it for future events. If it wasn't for the Covid restrictions I'd be paying around £30 admission for football plus another £40 or so in the pub before & after plus travel costs to away games. I rarely get to see live speedway since Weymouth's demise because I work nights Monday to Thursday and can only do weekend tracks so to stream speedway and Football for a little over £20 isn't breaking the bank for me but I understand everyone's circumstances are different so I'm not criticising anyone.
  7. No probs, it's new to me too. I dropped them an email just to be sure & yes you can watch it on demand whenever you like.
  8. Below is copied from their guide and it suggests you can watch it later. I'm unsure too if I can watch it live so I hope so. To watch the live-stream head over to your Account to review your order history. For each order you've placed there will be a link to watch the event live (once the broadcast has commenced, of course) plus also a link to re-watch historical events on-demand.
  9. I'm no expert here but on looking at the website, the information says regarding the British Final says " if you have difficulty viewing the event either live or on demand contact us by email ..... " I assume from that then that once paid for you can watch it on demand as catch up? I doubt you can record it on a sky box though. I maybe wrong. It will be a first for me but I want to support the initiative so I'm going to give it a go.
  10. AFCB Wildcat

    Tape infringement

    Having in the past seen my football team fall foul of so many poor refereeing or linesman decisions after watching the replays on M.O.TD I was always in favour of technology to eliminate injustices. However after witnessing the farce of VAR completely ruining the Premier League in my opinion, I would be against using it in Speedway. It's easy to watch the slow Mo's in retrospect and criticise the referee who has to make a split second call on if it's a perfect start or a jump but I'd rather live with the odd mistake being made than go down the technology route to be honest. We enjoyed Speedway's best years without it.
  11. Cool, thank you. I've found it now. If I type in the browser bar instead of the Google search box it comes up
  12. Okay I'm probably being a numpty here but I'm a bit of a technophobe so how do you get the stream. I've just read about it in the Star and it said it can be ordered from sportcentral.tv? I Googled that on my phone and can't even find it. I don't have a PC, laptop or tablet so only have this phone. Can it be Chromecast from phone or downloaded on a smart TV?
  13. Yes I always saw that inconsistency. The difference between the two though is that Jason has never identified as British. He has Australian parents & even though he was born and spent a significant amount of his childhood in the UK he has always been an Aussie through & through. He's never spoken with an English accent and is 100% commited to Australia. Tai on the other hand, even though he was born in the UK to British parents, speaks with an Aussie accent, identifies as Australian and only chose to represent GB as a career move rather than a genuine affinity. I think that's the difference people see. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a hater, that's just an observation. I'm also excited to see Jason in the British Final but I hope he doesn't win
  14. AFCB Wildcat

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Happy days! I loved Weymouth's old ground and that's where sports venues should be, in the middle of town. Sadly bought out by Asda and moved to an out of town industrial estate. The trouble is towns like Weymouth, Poole & Bournemouth are just commodities now. People move there because they are a nice place to live but they have no affinity to the towns or the sports teams and their venues just become valuable building land.
  15. AFCB Wildcat

    Poole Pirates 2020

    I remember that but I didn't go. I think the only football match I ever saw at Wimborne Road was a game between a speedway riders team against Poole Town which I think was to do with Pete Smith's testimonial in 1976? I could be wrong, it's a long time ago. One thing I know is that since Poole Town left the stadium they have been thwarted at every attempt to relocate to another venue which would allow them to progress so they're stuck on Tatnam field. Residents up in arms at plans to have a football ground near them so I fear for the Pirates if they lose their home. How long have the Wildcats been trying to find somewhere?

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