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  1. I went to the Birmingham meeting on Sunday and there were lots of empty seats in the stand. I don't think you need to worry too much about being at the front either because the seats aren't the conventional plastic chairs, they are benches on top of quite steep terracing. We took our 10 year old grandson and there were much smaller children next to us sat at the back and they had a perfect view.
  2. I believe Dean Park is being used by Bournemouth University and a couple of local teams too at the moment but as you say, due to its location it's a developers dream. I'm not a cricket fan but it's quite close to me and back in the day before all day opening, when it hosted county cricket it was the 'go to' place when my local pub called time in the afternoon because the beer tent was open!
  3. Ah right fair enough. Yes I know the starts are ripped up for grip but just looked particularly heavy to me, but as I say it's been a long time away for me and for some reason I've always watched my speedway from the back straight before so not had such a close view of the start line. The atmosphere used to be so much better on the old terracing where that awful glass stand is now. I know it was built for the dogs but who wants to watch speedway from indoors? I agree100% with everything else you say regarding the landlords. I just wonder though how commited BCP council really are to maintaining this prime location as a sporting facility. The Speedway alone isn't enough to justify it and there's no shortage of all weather 5 aside pitches etc in the area, so with Poole Towns complicated position making a return to the stadium unlikely I don't know what else would work? I know there are covenants supposedly in place protecting it's use as sporting facility but the ones protecting the land gifted to Bournemouth football club by the Cooper Dean estate soon disappeared when they wanted to sell it to build houses on it, before then selling the stadium to property investors.
  4. As I've said, this was my first meeting at Wimborne road for a very long time so I didn't know what to expect although I'd read about the ongoing track problems on the forum. When we arrived at about 4:15 the starting gate looked like a potato field and the bends looked a bit patchy to me. I'm no expert on track prep & as I said, a bit out of touch, but after reading on here about problems with lack of shale on the track and the lack of availability of fresh material, I was surprised to see the tractor removing material from the area where the hole appeared and dumping it on the infield before the start of the meeting. To be fair, after the track work following the incident, there didn't seem to be any more issues. The sun was shining & there was a stiff drying breeze so inevitably it was going to get dusty but it wasn't that bad. I've seen much worse. The attendance I thought was a bit disappointing and the racing wasn't that exciting unfortunately but I'll give it another go on Friday weather permitting. I found Matt's interview a little concerning. It kinda reiterated my views on the situation. The Stadium in such a prime town centre location cannot be sustained by Speedway alone and the situation with the landlords mean some worrying times ahead I think. It's such a shame because it's location is its biggest asset in my opinion. We had a nice afternoon in town having a few drinks & a bite to eat before the short walk to the stadium. I really hope for a positive outcome but I view the current situation as being very concerning. Especially with the problems with speedway as a whole at the moment.
  5. Where did that big pile of shale dumped on the grass by the tractor before the start come from. Did that cause the hole? It's right by the area they're working on.
  6. No I didn't know that so 2 in a week after a long absence, thank you
  7. Hopefully the track will be okay. I'm really looking forward to this as it's my first time seeing the Pirates at home for over 15 years. I've only been able to watch league speedway at Lakeside & Eastbourne since the demise of Weymouth as they were weekend tracks but now that unfortunately they are no longer options I hope it's a bumper crowd & that Poole run some more weekend fixtures in future.
  8. Due to working night shifts for the last 16 years and thus only able to do weekend fixtures, this will be my first visit to Wimborne road since the demise of the Buccaneers so advice would be appreciated. I'm obviously a bit out of touch on how things work these days. Can you buy e tickets online and do they take card payments on the gate? I don't do cash! Also with the stadium operation problems, have the catering issues been resolved for food & drinks and is there a bar? How early should I arrive before tapes up to get a decent seat in the stand. I'm assuming it's first come first served rather than allocated seats? TIA
  9. AFCB Wildcat

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Where did I claim that 'you' used the word racist? This is just becoming playground now so I'll leave it there!
  10. AFCB Wildcat

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Where have I denied that such people exist? Of course they do. There are people who genuinely hate others because they support a different football team or a different god! Unfortunately there are idiots in all walks of life. What I am saying is that those people alone wouldn't have won the referendum and I would suggest are a minority of leave voters. It's not about meeting people half way either, how would that even work? What I object to is the suggestion that all leave voters simply don't like foreigners and that their issues are dismissed by people because those issues personally don't affect them so just resort to calling people racist.
  11. AFCB Wildcat

    European Union - In Or Out?

    But what Deano said was that she was complaining about the attitude of the border staff. It would have been the same if Brexit had never happened and if her son's girlfriend had been from a non EU country so your comment of "what on earth did she think she was voting for" is irrelevant to the situation as well you know. Nobody voted for Border staff to be rude to visitors to the country. You don't need to be rude or aggressive to do your job efficiently. I think that Brexit got over the line because of the aloof & indifferent attitudes like yours and politicians to people's issues with mass immigration. Perhaps if they had acknowledged, addressed or discussed specific issues rather than just dismiss people as 'bigots', 'racist' and suggest that their only issue was they don't like people with dark skin or funny accents in the country, Brexit might not have happened?
  12. AFCB Wildcat

    Plymouth shootings

    Yes there are lots of indoor venues I'm sure for rifle & hand gun shooting as they don't require so much space. There was a pistol range set up at a sports centre near to me and at the invitation of an associate I went along once to see what it was all about. It didn't interest me and seemed to be a lot of wannabe Clint Eastwood's with 38 magnums firing full loads at a piece of paper and probably putting more holes in the roof! I must admit, I don't see why people need to own those types of weapon or see any true sport in it, just people that like firing guns! Having said that, at such a venue that has 24 hour security I'm sure a strong room could be set up to store the members weapons. I think setting up permanent sporting clay shoots is a little trickier. They need to be in open countryside or woodland and yes there are quite few clubs on leased land but they normally only consist of a cabin to book people in & sell bacon butties etc. To provide a facility at a remote location that is secure enough to store and maintain a large number of shotguns is a bigger challenge and I doubt that you'd even get planning permission.
  13. AFCB Wildcat

    Plymouth shootings

    No, not rocket science if you're talking about banning the sport apart from at a permanent location with storage facilities which would be the end of it for me. Apart from it becoming prohibitively expensive with having to pay for the storage facilities and infrastructure required, the nearest clay shooting permanent shooting ground with club house and storage facilities is about 45 miles from me. I imagine setting new ones up would be about as easy as setting up a speedway track due to noise. Local shoots are normally restricted to between 10am & noon on a Sunday. Locations licenced to operate all day 7 days a week are few & far between. I do understand your concern though. I've come across a few people that make me uncomfortable with gun ownership.
  14. AFCB Wildcat

    Plymouth shootings

    But as a said before, clay shooting isn't predominantly a 'club house' sport at a fixed location. Most shoots are set up at random locations on hired land. Aside from the fact that after each shoot, a shot gun needs to be stripped cleaned and oiled before being stored, I would imagine it would be a big security risk having loads of guns all stored at one location.
  15. AFCB Wildcat

    Plymouth shootings

    It seems that the firearms departments are under resourced at the moment. My certificate came up for renewal recently and there was a 3 month delay in processing it. I live in Bournemouth and In the past It has always been dealt with by Dorset Police headquarters at Winfrith but this time for some reason I had to apply to Devon & Cornwall Police so I imagine they are a bit stretched & I'm not surprised mistakes get made. I don't know how things get prioritised by the Police. They say that checking this nutters social media would of been an invasion of his privacy but if he had made a racist tweet they'd probably of had a SWAT team kicking down his door in a dawn raid!

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