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  1. I tried booking the Pyramida both through booking.com and direct on their website last month but it said no availability for my dates :-(
  2. AFCB Wildcat

    Boring formula 1 racing

    But giving everyone a chance isn't what formula 1 is about is it? It's about building the best car. Major manufacturers aren't going to invest millions to gain an advantage only to have it negated by a ballot. There is Formula Ford & Renault where everyone has equal cars but the masses aren't interested in that as it hasn't got the kudos of F1. Quality of racing isn't important these days, it's all about branding & image like everything else these days. People who don't understand football follow teams just because they're Premier league but wouldn't watch lower league even if it was more entertaining football. Gifted musicians play in pubs and clubs while pretty boy karaoke singing dancers fill stadiums. Take the crocodile logo off a shirt and it's worthless. Unfortunately that's the world we live in these days. Speedway isn't fashionable in the UK and all the talk of getting an independent governing body running it, close racing and consistently applied rules which may please the few purists would do nothing to attract the masses needed to make it a commercial success. People like to attach themselves to success.
  3. So if Poole start both meetings on minus 0.16 all is good and the credibility of the sport is restored! :-)
  4. Lol, yes we know that rule just as well as we know Gavan's rule ….......... If Poole are missing riders they are stronger ............ If the opposition are missing riders they are weaker. Sounds a bit pot & kettle to me. Averages and past form mean nothing in the final, it a case of who turns up on the night.
  5. I can't say I disagree with any of that but none the less it's devalued the final for me from something I was looking forward too to not being interested now. A chance for Poole to claim the moral high ground now and cancel Ellis's booking and ride with 6. Everyone would be supporting Poole then! ......... Wouldn't they? :-/
  6. Thanks for your helpful advice, much appreciated. Flights and hotel booked now. Ryanair flying from Bournemouth from next year and £75 each return including priority boarding, cabin bag and chosen seats. Bargain! Cheaper than Cardiff by train :-)
  7. I've not been to a GP other than Cardiff but I'm thinking of going to this one. Any advice would be appreciated on travel to and from airport and city to stadium, accommodation etc. Are tickets readily available as I see it's not a big stadium and I wouldn't like to pay for flights and find I can't get tickets?
  8. I think this is going to be a cracking meeting but a shame it's going to be going head to head with Bournemouth v Crystal palace in the premiership which is a TV game too. Hope this doesn't affect the attendance as I know there will be a few divided loyalties
  9. Thoroughly enjoyed the meeting. All riders played their part and it was hard to call how any heat would go. There isn't much home advantage at any track these days and I think this could go either way in the 2nd leg. People seem to be very harsh on Middleditch. I don't think for a second that he punched the air thinking it's all over, only that Klindt kept Holder behind him knowing that the difference between 4-2 and 5-1 in that heat will be huge going into the second leg.
  10. AFCB Wildcat

    Poole 2019

    Genuine question not a criticism, why is Poole the best destination for Speedway? Competition from 2 Premiership football clubs and lots of other competition in the area for people's disposable income as befitting a holiday area but still you see comments on here like "we've got football and bangers but there's nothing else to do in Poole but go to speedway". I'm also lost by Bridport? That's 40 miles away! If it's so easy to promote in a perceived affluent seaside area then what happened to Weymouth & Eastbourne who don't have any competition from football. I haven't got my head up Matt Ford's arse and the last time I went to Wimborne Road for speedway was to watch the Buccaneers but he promotes Poole speedway tirelessly and keeps the profile of the club high and in the public eye. All over Poole and Bournemouth there are adverts for the speedway, sponsored roundabouts, sign's along the seafront etc. which can't come cheap and his professional approach has been more key to Poole's success than the location in my opinion. I'm genuinely interested to know why people think Poole is an easy place to promote Speedway.
  11. Technically you are probably correct but the fact is the start marshall called him to the tapes twice while he was cooling his clutch and twice Tai ignored him and became the only rider not at tapes when the clock hit zero. If he had moved to the line when called he would not have been excluded even if none of them were to the letter of the law ready to race so I would hardly say it's irrelevant.
  12. Exactly that. The start marshall was being blatantly ignored all night and the referee eventually called time on it. Let's hope it's lesson learned and rules are applied consistently.
  13. Having watched the incident several times now I think that what went against Tai was the fact the start marshall called him forward twice and he completely ignored him both times. The other 3 at least moved forward when beckoned although admittedly were still messing around when he walked away. Zmarzlik was still rolling towards the line as the clock hit zero so clearly not ready to race but I think Tai was the worst offender for ignoring the start Marshall's instructions however bad he was which is why he was made an example of. At the end of the day it was in his own hands and with a Polish ref he shouldn't have given him the opportunity to exclude him with so much at stake.
  14. AFCB Wildcat

    Somerset Speedway.....

    I think with Kent it's because Iwade still own the name Sittingbourne Speedway?
  15. AFCB Wildcat

    Jumping the start

    Okay, but how so? Movement is spotted and the tape release disabled. Surely that would prevent the delays associated with letting them go and then calling it back?

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