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  1. AFCB Wildcat

    European Union - In Or Out?

    None of that is relevant to the point I was making though. We are talking about the jobs "British people don't want to do anymore" which is because the wages they pay cannot keep pace with the spiralling cost of housing that has been allowed to happen. Leaving the EU won't change that or make these jobs viable if all the migrants went home. Of course some people will form relationships and settle here long term but once they do, they won't be able able to afford to do these jobs either. It wasn't the prospect of living here long term and living as a typical British family would with all the associated housing and living costs that attracted 2 million plus people to come here. Most came to make a fast buck. I've worked with lots of east Europeans, mostly Poles and in my experience the unskilled ones have kept their costs down by sharing living costs in HMO's or even living out of the back of a van in some cases which isn't sustainable in the long term, worked their arses off for 6 months before going home again. The skilled guys bought homes here and stayed for a couple of years until they made a nice wedge out of their property before selling up and going home. A lot found that once you were here for the long haul it wasn't all that after all.
  2. AFCB Wildcat

    European Union - In Or Out?

    But again, Ryanair's boss trots out the tired old phrase "jobs British people don't want to do" but nobody wants to acknowledge why that is. You are right of course that businesses and people are being screwed because of lack of people prepared to carry out these jobs but with a population of 67 million, if we can't find anyone prepared to carry out roles which are vital to the functioning of the country without looking to foreign labour then society has got something badly wrong. The problem is the demise of social housing and that the price of housing & rents has been allowed to outpace earnings. The east European workers are prepared to do these jobs because they aren't in it for the long term so generally live in HMOs keeping their costs low and the wages they can earn here are worth more in their own countries. Our benefits system doesn't help either which allows people to be better off by not working than doing these jobs. If you need to import labour when 1.25 million are unemployed then there's something wrong.
  3. AFCB Wildcat

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Out of interest, why do you think that is? And why do you think that non British people do want to do these things for us?
  4. AFCB Wildcat

    Congratulations to Kate Bush.

    Funny isn't it? On my walk home from footy there's a student bar which I stop off in for a pint or 2. There's always moody looking spotty kids putting Cream, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin tracks on the juke box* (*if they're still called that) It really annoys me & I'm thinking ...I didn't walk in to pubs when I was your age and put Al Jolson and George Formby tracks on. This is my generations music not yours! Put One direction or Stormzy on and own your own cr@p!
  5. AFCB Wildcat

    Brandon Update

    Yes the size of trees growing out of terraces struck me too. I've seen that on those Abandoned Engineering programmes as well. Trees growing though the floors of abandoned buildings where you wouldn't expect them to be able to grow. It's amazing how nature takes hold again when humans aren't there.
  6. AFCB Wildcat

    European Union - In Or Out?

    All the big city bullrubbishters and blaggers that just re distribute wealth can all work from home now though can't they? Or remotely from their second home in some pretty west country fishing village where the locals can no longer afford to live to be able to tend their fishing fleet. I don't know much about the city but I don't suppose the south east has a problem with west country fishermen driving up the price of property and stopping the suits from being close to their offices by buying city homes to relax in after a hard weeks fishing
  7. https://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/20188101.ringwood-raceway-matchams-close-motorsport/
  8. AFCB Wildcat

    What Offends Me And/or Gets On My .....

    The jubilee holidays Who decided to swap a Monday for a Friday??? Most people only work till lunchtime on a Friday anyway and because I work a 4 night shift I don't work Friday night so it's another bank holiday that I just dip out on all together. I've gained nothing from It and just swapped a Monday which I could have done something with for a Thursday where I will be asleep for half the day off the back of a full Wednesday night shift. Monday & Tuesday would have been better and I could even have watched the live Speedway Monday night for a change.
  9. AFCB Wildcat

    Football 2021/22

    I would normally have agreed, but after their childish pathetic whinging where they accused us of cheating when storm Eunice caused the postponement of our home fixture against them I wanted Huddersfield to win. It wasn't even our decision to call the game off but they insinuated it was because we had injured players. Even then, their owner made a complete tool of himself banging on about how in the rearranged fixture an incorrect offside decision lead the referee not to award them a penalty when Surridge was allegedly brought down by the keeper and this one decision cost them automatic promotion. Really? Well even if the linesman hadn't flagged there's no guarantee a penalty would have been awarded or it have been converted even if it was. We finished 8 points clear of them and beat them home & away but apparently one man's mistake with a flag cost them automatic promotion, not the 10 men who decided to leave Kieffer Moore completely unmarked at the free kick we scored the winning goal from. I was hoping that Forest would be undone by the VAR which they campaigned for in the playoffs. Seems though that Huddersfield have fallen victim to some dodgy refereeing & VAR decisions in the final but I don't suppose Forest will be worried about that. Oh well, another 6 points off them next season should do our survival prospects no harm
  10. AFCB Wildcat

    What Offends Me And/or Gets On My .....

    I was doing some work in the garden at my son's place today while he was at work. I needed to plug in the extension lead and when I went in to do it I noticed that the bathroom lights were on and were blinking on and off. Concerned that there was a loose connection somewhere I checked all the wiring at the switch, then removed the lamps which were flush mounted LED lights. I checked their connections and the junction box which again we're all good so I got 2 more replacement lamps which solved the problem so all good. He phoned me later so I told him about the problem. I got no further than telling him that the lights were flashing before he interjected with "yeah they do that because they are trying to connect with my phone, don't worry about it" Apparently they were special lights that you can adjust with your phone for colour & brightness. I had to quickly go back round and reinstall them before he got home
  11. AFCB Wildcat

    Vardy vs. Rooney

    Yes I get that bit but the reason for the Wagatha Christie sting was in her words "after years of having personal Instagram posts leaked to the press" My point was don't put personal stuff on social media then even if it's not a public account. I would think that Wayne has done enough to publicly humiliate her with his various indiscretions over the years anyway without her having to worry about a bit of WAG tittle tattle ending up in the press!
  12. AFCB Wildcat

    Vardy vs. Rooney

    I've not taken much notice of it but was reading a bit about it the other day. It's all a bit daft isn't it? Mrs. Rooney saying stories being leaked from her 'private' Instagram account?? I'm probably out of touch but surely 'private' & Instagram are a bit of a contradiction in terms aren't they? Why in god's name would you put anything that you want to keep private on any form of social media in the first place?
  13. AFCB Wildcat

    Warsaw GP 2022 Saturday May 14th

    I was surprised to read Rory Shlein's comments in this week's Star regarding the Madsen - Michelson incident where he believes the referee got it badly wrong. "Leon complained he was being leaned on. Well if you're going to slam into someone coming of the corner you should expect a bit of leaning back. It's grand Prix racing" He then goes on to say that Madsen made contact & was the aggressor. Seems a bit of a tainted view to me, and certainly not how I saw it. We've seen lots of aggressive moves in GP where riders have barged through and moved their opponent right to the fence but I can't see how Madsen 'slammed' into Michelson here. From half way round the first corner Madsen had clear track in front of him and hugs the kerb as he exits and passes Michelson. From that point he has clear track in front of him and doesn't ride an unnatural line or squeeze Michelson who has plenty of room outside of him. Also Madsen didn't "complain" he was being leaned on, he was merely saying that he wasn't to blame for the contact. A racing incident where it was hard to apportion blame yes, but I think the referee got it right in this instance and even if you disagree he certainly didn't get it 'badly' wrong! I take it Rory doesn't like Leon?
  14. AFCB Wildcat

    Football 2021/22

    Bristol Rovers, wow! I can only imagine the euphoria there. It must have been epic! Congratulations to the Gas
  15. AFCB Wildcat

    Football 2021/22

    I definitely prefer the Championship football too. What's the point in going into a season with your only hope being that there are 3 worse teams than you? Don't even get me started on VAR! Indeed, our ground would be an embarrassment in League 2 let alone the Premiership. Everyone loved the fairytale when we went up but unfortunately we didn't read the script and go straight back down. When they are selling the Premiership as the biggest league in the world, they don't want tinpot stadiums with 11000 crowds being beamed across the globe and it became clear we weren't wanted. Trouble is, we don't own the ground anymore since the sale & lease back to avoid another administration in 2005 so we can't develop it. All the available land around it that was owned by the club and supposedly protected by covenants was sold for housing by the various shysters running the club over the years anyway. It's catch 22 really. Do you invest in a new stadium assuming you can find another location, which your only going to need in the top flight or in the squad in an attempt to stay in the top flight? Great to see that the Bury supporters trust have acquired Gigg Lane again and I wish them all the best for the future.

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