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  1. Hopefully tonight the Tigers will be in a better frame of mind and put up a better fight, unfortunately won't make the meeting as have a prearranged dinner, so updates it is, surely we can't be as bad as last night.
  2. Ok, Glasgow had an awful meeting, it happens, Monarchs were up for it and deserved to go through to the final, Edinburgh is not a trick track but is a technical one , and often riders see it for the first time and it gets in their heads, took Josh G a few years to get round it, as for Tom , he has been brought up riding another technical track at Eastbourne, so adapted easily and for some of the comments on here that Tom was cheating in heat 15 by falling off because we were losing on a 5-1, give your heads a wobble as Tom gives 100% and is still young , he made a mistake, no way would he risk an injury by deliberately falling off when he has some big meetings coming up. Edinburgh have 3 solid heat leaders and a very impressive second string in Kye Thomson, Glasgow have 1 heatleader since Ulrich was injured and have done well to finish 2nd in the league, I reckon the Monarchs are peaking at the right time and will go all the way , and good luck to them. Please stop with the money men can't buy a league title crap, us fans have been through extremely difficult times over the years and are happy to be secure that we have a team each year to follow. I Don't mind a bit of banter but some of it is below the belt, football type stuff, such as the unwashed weegies, not funny. Rant over
  3. Cookiefan

    Poole Pirates 2021

    If you beat Leicester I suspect you will be meeting the Monarchs in the play offs too
  4. Congratulations to the Monarchs they were totally up for it, we were a 2 man team, plus connor did okay but the rest looked like novices, positive is Tom Brennan, gives 110%, we will be lucky to better that tomorrow
  5. Poole and Glasgow both a bit race rusty with weeks of no meetings
  6. Will 6 points be enough for the Pirates?
  7. Looks like the Lions are puting up a fight
  8. Craig will give 100% for whatever team he rides for
  9. Cookiefan

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    He said that David Tatum was one of his close friends and he was not in the right frame of mind to race

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