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  1. Cookiefan

    Kent Kings 2020?

    He stated that he won't be back in 2021 he has a good job and that allows him to race Saturday's and Sunday's
  2. Cookiefan

    Glasgow 2020

    Most of us season ticket holders at Glasgow have not asked for a refund, but using it for next season
  3. Shame the 2 streamings are on at the same time
  4. Cookiefan

    Stuart Robson

    I sincerely hope it is not cancelled as I am looking forward to this , also my friend and I have spent quite a bit on sponsorship for this meeting. Is the Ben fund going to be the only meeting for the forseeable future? Hope not, I need my speedway fix.
  5. Cookiefan

    Glasgow 2020

    The boys after completing their climb of Ben Lomond this morning
  6. Cookiefan

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    I am really surprised that Josh Pickering has not got a premiership place, he is a very exciting rider to watch and gives it everything
  7. Cookiefan

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Looking forward to my first visit to Kent this season, when Glasgow are in town.
  8. Cookiefan

    Predictions thread

    Jensen started the season on a 6 + average and he kicked on big time, Ricky Wells had a bad season last year and I am sure he will do well this season, he is under less pressure not being no 1
  9. Cookiefan

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    Gino Manzares
  10. Cookiefan

    Predictions thread

    1 Glasgow 2 Redcar 3 Leicester 4 Poole 5 Somerset 6 Eastbourne 7 Edinburgh 8 Scunthorpe 9 Berwick 10 Birmingham 11 Kent 12 Newcastle
  11. Cookiefan

    Unattached British Talent ?

    Glasgow have 2 riding under UK passport, Craig Cook and Connor Bailey
  12. Cookiefan

    Edinburgh 2020

    I would buy a stream to watch Edinburgh when Glasgow are not racing but obviously I wouldnt qualify as I live within the 50 mile radius, I dont drive, so wouldnt be able to attend in person as I rely on friends to take me when Glasgow are there.
  13. Cookiefan

    Championship Fours 2020

    We Glasgow fans were hoping that we could have a meeting at Scunthorpe follwing Cardiff, would rather that than the 4's at Leicester, means we wont get home until Monday, that is if the supporters bus to Cardiff will even do the 4's
  14. Cookiefan

    Leicester Lions 2020

    If they are getting a lot of the coaches of fans returning from Cardiff, where on earth are they going to park?
  15. Cookiefan

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Definitely Cookie, I can tell by the way he walks and his shoulders

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