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  1. Gazc

    Kent Kings 2020?

    The Glasgow supporters bus usually arrives smelling like the wellpark brewery, throw in the portable toilet then you have just got to hope it's not a hot day.
  2. Gazc

    Predictions thread

    People having opinions is what it is all about , some may not agree with them but they may not agree with your opinion. It is a bit of fun and should just treat as such.
  3. Maths he might be , now Arithmetic is another matter. Me personally i think it's a simple oversight. But we all understand what he means and is a valid point.
  4. Gazc

    Newcastle 2020

    I'm sure Ruff will be along shortly to clarify that a GP rider is a rider that has ridden in a GP singular or more than one.
  5. Gazc

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Agree on Bailey at 16 the Kid is a real talent and barring injury he is definitely going far in the sport.
  6. Gazc

    Glasgow 2020

    No that's why i liked it
  7. Gazc

    Glasgow 2020

    Jan is a wind up merchant , granted a poor wind up merchant but he does his best. But deep down he is a nice lad no malice in his posts.
  8. Gazc

    Edinburgh 2020

    Credit to the Edinburgh promotion a long awaited return for NL speedway north of the border. Here's hoping both sets of supporters give this there full support.
  9. Gazc

    workington ..

    Must be thinking of someone else I couldn't give a toss about the Workington accounts back then and care not a jot now.
  10. Gazc

    workington ..

    Why are you concerned about our P&L accounts nothing to do with you.
  11. Gazc

    workington ..

    4th bend is one of the hospitality cabins so i doubt it , as for the rest of your post i am slightly confused, in all the years i have attended i have NEVER heard anyone shout anything that resembles what you say. I am sure he will be distraught at your profiling. Or perhaps not.
  12. Gazc

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Will never happen for a few reasons but the first reason is sufficient.
  13. Gazc

    Glasgow 2020

    And Edinburgh is a bowling alley of a track i think not.
  14. Gazc

    Glasgow 2020

    It's understandable though, eventually getting to ride for the premier Scottish club .
  15. Gazc

    Newcastle 2020

    Wright rode with Plymouth after leaving Glasgow until 2015.

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