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  1. Berwickbandits2018

    Hmmm does im sitiing in Tenerife just now qualify as not giving a s*it were he is.
  2. Cancelled my Speedway Star Subscription , all i need to do is log in here read Jengas post's all the hot topics you need save money sorted.
  3. Ah but you didn't say that you said in previous years which we did, but anyway we should be up there but you never know what will unfold.
  4. Edinburgh 2018

    Why do you have to be so condscending towards posters asking people if they are dumb etc.
  5. Edinburgh 2018

  6. Edinburgh 2018

    What does not meet crieria mean reason enough , bottom line everyone can blow out there arse as much or as little as they want it won't change a thing.
  7. Edinburgh 2018

    Nobody has to tell us anything on here it really is as simple as that.
  8. Edinburgh 2018

    And he didn't meet the criteria , i don't see many if any Scunthoroe fans shouting about agendas conspiracies etc.
  9. Edinburgh 2018

    That would go against there own guidelines set out to the BSPA 2 seasons ago then. As i say its not beyond the realms of possibility they have gone against there own guidlines, it is a Government department and they never get it wrong do they.
  10. Edinburgh 2018

    The point being the BSPA are following prcedures imposed by the UKVI wether they give blessing as you say is irrelevant as they clearly state they are following as per the guidelines issued. So they have given there reason they are following the guideline originally set out.
  11. Edinburgh 2018

    It may well be that the UKVI have moved the goal posts , the BSPA have followed the procedure set out by the UKVI originally going by the statement. It is not beyond the realms of possibility that a Government agency have issued the wrong guidance in this case it happens on a daily basis with Government agencies across the board. So instead of blaming the BSPA continually as it appears they have followed the guidelines set out , it may well be the UKVI that aren't following there own guidelines not the first time it will have happened.
  12. Edinburgh 2018

    Not at all . He has been insinuating agendas ever since Glasgow released the statement and now this, just saying how it is.
  13. Edinburgh 2018

    Aye im sure Stewart voted for the whole committee you for real. Don't answer that think we already know your pathetic agenda. Not so charming are we.
  14. Edinburgh 2018

    Only someone looking for something that is not there would find it odd , but the more reasoned speedway fan would find nothing odd about it. I am sure that most Edinburgh supporters will find the Glasgow input welcoming and it may well be that what Cyclone has said about Edinburgh having to tread carefully in what they say publically in order to not upset the apple cart with there landlord may well be nearer the mark. How this pans out who knows but given the timeframe Edinburgh will have options that I have no doubt.