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  1. Gazc

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    No he won't because he did , not rocket science is it. Anyway haven't saw any users with those names on here, you must be thinking of the Workington forum.
  2. Gazc

    Edinburgh 2019

    Won't make this but will gladly donate twenty quid to a worthy cause pm me your details and I will transfer via Paypal.,
  3. So many reasons I wonder which one is true ?.
  4. Gazc

    Newcastle 2019

    Agree perhaps you can copy and paste this on the Glasgow thread as they all have ESP on there and know it was the Promotions fault .
  5. Gazc

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Me I grassed everyone I even grassed Craig Cook for potentially thinking about shouting Good Morning Vietnam at 3am out his room window, I could tell he was thinking about doing it earlier in the evening. I even grassed Claus to the haircut Police for having such a stupid haircut. That should just about cover the snitching for one day.
  6. Gazc

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Clears that paticular conspiracy theory up , now on to the next one .
  7. Gazc

    Newcastle 2019

    Unfortunate for Victor But Aarnio or BWD makes Newcastle stronger imho, doing what they think is best for the team is the way I see it.
  8. Gazc

    berwick bandits 2019

    Must be a documentary they are doing on the town as it is BT that do speedway coverage.
  9. Gazc

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Kyle Bickley , just after he said there is only one club I want to ride for , and I would love to ride for Glasgow but there team is full but you never know .
  10. Gazc

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Statistically the Championship section of the BSF must have the most per head of people with ESP , after all they can all predict what would have happened had it been Cook and not Lawlor. Thing is they know the same as everyone else on here jacksh*t.
  11. Gazc

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    You certainly aren't.
  12. Gazc

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Why are you , and were did I say I was , read some of the other posts about the absolute crap on the Glasgow thread. What a stupid assumption to make when it is plain for all to see , can you read?
  13. Gazc

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Can you really blame anyone with the constant bitching on here we wont forget but in the same breath we won't blame everyone else either. Ring any bells.
  14. Gazc

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    To be fair they have made these dark winter evenings very amusing with there pathetic rambling's , who knows what goes through there heads. It is sad what has happened to Workington Speedway but the crap posted on here I couldn't care less about there fan's, not all as there are a few who are reasoned but some on here are a bit like the Scottish press , hate filled, obsessive agenda driven mentalists. They lay the blame at all and sundry look at the crap Scunthorpe fan's took of them last season and we still don't know the full story but they made there own assumptions.
  15. Gazc

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Yep Coventry always travelled in big numbers.

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