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  1. Story of our season, we have been second best too often.
  2. Depends if he has a guarantee or not, one thing for certain he is a pale shadow of the rider we had from last year. Seems to be doing ok for Poole though.
  3. My own thoughts are that some have downed tools or at best just doing enough so as it appears they haven't downed tools , Stewart leaving is probably the biggest factor towards this. Richie especially who had a very close relationship with Stewart is a pale shadow to the Richie of last year, others apart from Vissing and Kerr have been poor mix all this together and you have a toxic brand. But they will soon be on to tell us all that team spirit is great and they will soon all click and everything will be ok once this team get going, do us a favour and don't bother this time we are all fed up hearing it.
  4. Whilst James had a good meeting last night it was the first in a while, so going by that line of thought he will probably have a mare at Workington on Saturday. It is the Glasgow team that should be apologising to the fans not you to another poster we really are not very good.
  5. I came back from Tenerife too early another ameturish team performance it appears on the track and in the pits.
  6. We will get the usual spiel on engine problems blah blah blah, we need to improve P*sh but everything will be ok. Think we are all fed up with that party line now. We have heard it that often the record is stuck.
  7. Same as our team they choke on a regular basis but well done to the other Tigers they can only beat whats in front off them, even if its dross.
  8. Past caring to be honest, the season was destined to failure the day Stewart left in my opinion. As you say 8 from 3 for your reserve and you don't take advantage of it, mind boggling and poor management.
  9. Can't be using his Poole bike tonight. Or his Polish one.
  10. Good to see our number 1 return to form. Another abysmal away display so far.
  11. Gazc

    Glasgow 2018

    Wouldn't strengthen us any so no point , it is a 4-5 point reserve we need but would need to make two changes for it to happen. Think what we have is what we will stick with.
  12. No problem i will let my Bulgarian mate know your coming he will look after you .
  13. Back from sunny Tenerife to the usual p*sh from you I see. Thing is I am not holding you, so I currently don't have a tool in my hand.
  14. Cheers, certainly weakens the Panthers.
  15. Because the fixtures were drafted months ago perhaps. Out of curiosity were is Ulrich.

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