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  1. Cant comment on that as i dont know as i say was highlighting the double standards of the post.
  2. I was just pointing out the double standards on that particular post in one hand it was stating something as fact that nobody really knows. Then calling a poster out on providing evidence on another point again that nobody really knows. I personally dont know if he is being paid more or not and to be honest i dont really care thing is do you know.
  3. Can you clarify exactly what you meant about Bomber and his earnings ?. And if possible provide evidence that he earns more at Glasgow. Otherwise your comment should be amended or deleted
  4. Only thing he complained about was the lateness of the call off at Edinburgh last week, getting called earlier would have saved him the drive. Apart from that he has been the model pro that he is with no complaints about anything that i know of.
  5. Berwick v Glasgow 14/4

    Chucky the Bandits mascot was responsible for the first ever cancellation of the kids race at Glasgow on Friday. Poor wee souls were petrified.
  6. Scorpions 2018

    He is a second string riding at no 2 for us albeit a very good second string Thought Richie would have been a better choice to replace his brother.
  7. But he is not ineligible Proctor has his visa and cleared to ride in the other league, going by what is being said here there has been a hold up with other paperwork hardly Workington's fault.
  8. So that makes it right was taking part in the meeting knowing what happened in it maybe make the result irrelevant does that make it right, also as I say if Edinburgh had won how would the appeal go then.
  9. Solution there is don't offer a date you have riders missing simples.
  10. Why ride in the first place if that is the case , if Edinburgh had won last night would they still be whingeing about this and appealing, you can bet your bottom dollar the answer would be no. They rode the match thinking lets see how this goes lost the match then started the appeal talk. Workington should be sitting back laughing at this p*ss poor effort to overturn a result it makes you look very petty.
  11. Didn't it occur to you that the UK border agency might be at fault here. Thing is you don't know why , how can you point the finger at anyone, you lost get over it s* it happens.
  12. Berwick v Glasgow 14/4

    There Is the irony right there, he is on here more than us and calls us forum fannies as I say how ironic.
  13. Berwick v Glasgow 14/4

    You missed a cracker good to see Aaron looking more like himself in his last two rides he will do ok for you this year.
  14. What type of protest were they riding under. Did they have placards attached to there bikes saying we are protesting. Ffs ride or dont ride simple not say we will ride but have a good whinge about it in the process. But thats Edinburgh for you they Whinge more than my b*tch sorry meant to say wife for any female viewers looking in.
  15. Berwick v Glasgow 14/4

    Just back and the enjoyable away day's to Berwick never let you down. On the night we just fell short and the Bandits on the night just shaded it and well done to them, but has already been said it was a fantastic advert for the sport with both teams not giving an inch but also raced in mutual respect to there opponent. Not too dissapointed as we were royally entertained and will take the point and move on to next week, looking forward to my next trip to Bandit territory already.