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  1. Kennett in particular at 16 was sensational in the Premier league. Remember him in 02/03 he was superb. Stead and Allen at 16/17 were also way ahead of Kemp. That is kind of my point , so many riders at that age classed as the real deal.
  2. The thing is, it all depends on how far riders want to go. I am under no doubt that quite a few young Brits over the years have been happy to settle for the doubling up in the UK and not push too hard abroad. Which is absolutely fine if they are happy racing regular and earning good money. The likes of Allen, Stead, Kennett etc ... IMO they could of gone a lot further than they did but I think they were pretty happy with what they had.
  3. Will see how he goes this year. Calling him a big deal is over the top though looking at his progress so far. Absolutely streets behind the top boys on the continent at the moment. Even that Dane, Birkemose? Same age as Kemp, look at what he has achieved so far yet you hardly hear his name. The problem is, and we are all guilty of it, is Brits love to over hype sportsmen. Same as in football and then when they don't hit the heights many expect, they get criticism. It is absolutely nothing personal against him, but I have seen many, many young Brits come around and get rated as this and that and very rarely at best does it happen. I remember Lee Hodgeson at Sheffield at 15 ripping the Conference league apart and being touted as the next British world champion. I remember Barrie Evans at 15 being raved about at 15. Where are they now? Kemp may well turn out to be a very decent rider and as I have said, this is prime time to do it with the top tiers being so diluted and weak. His national league form looks impressive. However, using the excuse that he got moved into the main body of the side doesn't wash with me. People will remember Andrew Appleton and Chris Neath regularly swapping places at 2 & 7 after starting on a 3.00 for Newport in 1998/9. They both ended on over 5.00 in a stronger league. Lets imagine Kemp was showing exactly the same form but was a foreigner. What would peoples thoughts be then?
  4. Pinny

    Football 2020/21

    In fairness to Moyes , he was solid enough for Everton and is doing a pretty good job for West Ham and a lot better than some so called top managers. He was never good enough for United and should never of been appointed there.
  5. Pinny

    Football 2020/21

    My dislike of the club is nothing to do with the fans btw... its the buffoons in charge.
  6. What about the “wonderboy” Kemp certain people are raving about? Didnt do too well with Sheffield did he?! Palin looks a much better prospect. Sommelier may cry reading that though and accuse a successful buisnessman in Aus of being a fruit picker
  7. I would say riders like Palin are lucky this year , both top top leagues look the weakest they have been for at least 30 years. If a rider can’t attain a 4.00 average at least in the championship this year, that has to be a hugely hugely worrying sign. Palin does look set for the top though and a top prospect. I fancy Tom Brennan to make massive strides this year.
  8. Pinny

    Football 2020/21

    Also great to see the wheels come falling off at Liverpool. Four home defeats in a row. can say what they like regarding injuries - most teams have have a few this season to key players.
  9. Pinny

    Football 2020/21

    Hope Fulham stay up, as said they have played some good football and have something likeable about the side. Hope to see them survive and Newcastle drop , Newcastle really do bore me.
  10. In the pl over the last 20 years, weve seen many dirty riders as well as some hard but fair. In the early 00s, we had a batch of riders who would go to another extreme to pass or defend their lead. Paul pickering, phil morris, andre compton, sean wilson. They strike me as the four stand out dirty riders. Nothing against them, all entertainers, but some of their moves were borderline disgraceful. Sure there are plenty more to add to the list over the past 20 years, el and pl! Also whilst on subject, whats the dirtiest move youve seen in a race. I honestly cant pinpoint one, i remember smart and danny bird being horrendous in 03ish but that was more smart just over riding and being careless - nothing intentional. This has the potential to be a very interesting thread - please no cretins like starman come on here and ruin it.
  11. Pinny

    Sheffield 2020

    An absolute farce of a system in my opinion. Bates has been around far too long to be even considered in a system like this but isn't his Dad or Uncle part of the BSPA? Say no more. What could of been a superb program for British Speedway now has been made to look a laughing stock. And who the hell came up with the name "Rising Star"? Dear god.
  12. Pinny

    Call Centres

    Call centres are an absolute nightmare but some issues cannot be resolved online - I had my new iPhone go missing over christmas at the courier depot and trying to sort it online was impossible.
  13. Pinny

    Notoriously Dirty Riders

    I remember him causing carnage one year at Glasgow and had to be escorted from the stadium by the police
  14. Pinny


    Has anyone actually announced they plan to bring speedway back there yet? Huge gamble in this current climate IMO.
  15. Pinny

    Notoriously Dirty Riders

    Compton at least was extremely dirty, seen him on a few occasions stuff riders up into the fence . I did always enjoy watching him race, mind you. But seen some extremely crazy moves from him. Ask Dave Mullett and Simon Stead. class rider none the less. What amazed me more was how he put it all on the line in each race despite being an extremely wealthy business man off track. Wilson was another who i would consider dirty but box office to watch. Same as Schott.
  16. Pinny


    Wales massively lucky again. Imo, they look way off standard atm despite two wins. Two wins against sides with a player sent off. a big bad bash down to reality next weekend vs England IMO. IF, and a big if, we do beat England then we should go on to win the whole thing but i can see England crushing us.
  17. Pinny

    Football 2020/21

    Also thought De Gea made a few fantastic saves yesterday. Again on the whole he has played well this year . would rather him between the sticks than Allison, dear me. A few horrendous mistakes this last couple of weeks and with Liverpool under huge pressure to make the top 4, it wont get any easier for him. Makes me laugh how people like Merson class him as the worlds top keeper. Not a hope. Oblak for a start walks all over him and has done for years.
  18. Pinny

    Football 2020/21

    Difference is and I had my doubts, Maguire on the whole has been decent this year. Since that Greek ordeal I think he has been fantastic. Worth 80m? No but still. All defenders and for that matter any player have off games. Lindelof for me has far too many off games and makes too many mistakes. Also signing a CB in the quality of Koulibaly or someone would make Maguire second fiddle CB to him so not as much pressure there. Agree with Martial, he should be getting nowhere near the games he is. Its hard to fault Rashford at his age, its crazy to think he is still only 22(?) after debuting as a 16 year old but do agree he has been off form .
  19. Pinny

    Football 2020/21

    Looks like City will run away with it now. Lindelof abysmal again for Utd, the centre back position alongside Maguire needs addressing without question and keep Bailly as back up as he is too injury prone to be given a full time spot.
  20. Full lockdown for 5 days. Pathetic. Whats the point? Theyve shut every construction site in Victoria unless its government funded. Absolutely pathetic.
  21. Talk of a lockdown for two/four weeks in Melbourne due to 13 cases. They reckon it came from a cafe , at the airport.
  22. Pinny

    Notoriously Dirty Riders

    You have the odd fall out now but the rider feuds back in the day were great too. I remember Paul Fry nutting Phil Morris at Swindon back in around 2000 ish after Morris had pulled a naughty move on him. And who can forget Anders Henriksson and Carl Stonehewers fall outs? What made that great was Anders used to beat him at Newport and it really got under Stoneys skin. Hated being beaten by him.
  23. Pinny

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Brilliant. Even get to eat as many as we like.
  24. Pinny

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Get over yourself. I see you still think your mr important because you sponsor a couple of riders. You really are a melt. Seeing as you are so upset, you best ring mr Bridger and tell him to stop telling fibs on the BSPA website .

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