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  1. Exactly and I am not trying to slate him, always followed his career since Newport 03 and out of all current riders id rather see him do well than anyone!
  2. Poole giving Lynn a pasting, what on earth is up with NKI in the Uk? Seems to of picked up everywhere else but barring one meeting his UK form has been atrocious.
  3. Hancocks always been a nasty piece of work off track and all smiles behind the camera. Sounds like a right barrel of laughs being part of team usa!
  4. So now we know Adonis is Speedibee aka simon geary, father of a british rider who didnt quite make the cut for the British side... so, will this event continue in 2019 or back to SWC??
  5. Pinny

    no team

    But didnt Auty pass him from the back in the semi final? Surely that counts for more?! Another one of deluded Sidneys posts claiming Auty is better! Lol.
  6. Because I can. how was the long weekend holiday in that banger caravan ???
  7. Cant see anyone bar Woffy winning this tbh!
  8. Pinny

    Poole 2018

    Yawn. You wont elaborate anymore because you simply do not know anymore.
  9. I reckon you were stood on your head violently at birth for a few minutes but it certainly hasnt helped.
  10. Yes I would of replAced an out of form GP rider with the EL top dog, makes sense. And start them both in every race with Bewley as reserve if anything went wrong. lambert has been flying all season and should of joined Tai from the start without a doubt
  11. Behave yourself you clown. Lamberts the top EL rider this season so including him as just as a reserve was an insult, he should of been in the main team from the get go with Bewley as reserve. Did you understand that or do you need it spelt out better for you as I have noticed on some of your previous posts you seem a bit thick between the ears?
  12. Pinny

    Niche Sports TV - Promoting Speedway

    Rob Mac making a twit of himself as usual, more to the point in regards to this forum, what does he bring to the table? Absolutely sod all. Sad old anoraks like him are the reason speedway is classed as such an un-cool sport. could do without the likes of him, gustix, white knight etc on this forum.
  13. Woffy and to a lesser extent Lambert superb over the course of the week, but make no mistake, in the final Woffy should of been trying everything to get Lambert into third. Not slagging the guy off, but this is a pairs event. was quite a let down to be honest, considering how well he had team rode up to that point.
  14. Brilliant by GB, why on earth Lambert wasnt named in the main team from the off is odd considering the form he has been in this season.
  15. Pinny

    Redcar 2018

    Barkers form seems to of picked up recently though? do agree tho, he should have at least two decent bikes of his own considering his expierience. Seems to of gone downhill ever since leaving Plymouth , where he was quite simply superb. Assume he had top sponsorship there which has now gone?
  16. Pinny

    Poole 2018

    Or maybe what he meant was three times the profit he makes per home meeting
  17. Pinny

    Poole 2018

    Iversen has, barring 2017, been a loyal servent to UK speedway since 2003 and Doyle has been ever since he came over. I must say Doyle seems to of distanced himself from the other Aussies and it has worked wonders for him. He just seems to love speedway no matter where he is riding and good on him. Always liked him and cant see him ever missing a UK season unless rules dont allow, he gets injured or retires.
  18. Pinny

    Poole v Leicester Prem A. 30/5/18

    i see concretors covering an area of around 1200m2 with plastic on a regular basis in australia to stop any potential rain ruining their surface.... the next day they come in after a huge downpour and their concrete has a perfect finish on it. I am sure someone could come up with a proper system to cover tracks. Maybe covering the actual track in it first then use Najjers idea of clipping another layer from the fence down to the centre green? all it would take someone with a “well sort it attitude” rather than someone who gives up at the first hurdle.
  19. Pinny

    Poole 2018

    It doesnt really matter, Poole were the club that brought him to the UK, set him up and ultimately he became world champ.
  20. Darren Cook still a first class tool.
  21. Pinny

    Poole 2018

    I remember being told the season before that Holder was being brought over by Poole and thats what happened. My argument is not many riders are found as complete novice rookies and go on to be world class all under the guidance of one club/manager. Fords talent spotting has always been good, look at the amount of foreign riders he has brought in to these shores who were relatively unknown at the time... Lindback, Andersen, Cegielski, Madsen... im sure theres plenty more too.
  22. Pinny

    Poole 2018

    What on earth are you talking about? Go and play with traffic would ya?! and yes Hyabb your right, I always thought his prime was around 03ish but stand corrected.
  23. Pinny

    Poole 2018

    Adams spent the best part of a decade riding elsewhere and reaching his peak before returning to Swindon though didnt he?
  24. Pinny

    Poole 2018

    And who was it who brought Holder to the UK ? Poole and let IOW use him until he was EL ready.
  25. Pinny

    Poole 2018

    How do you know? Its like saying Lindgren could of been signed by Belle Vue and developed into the same rider as he is now. The fact is when Poole signed Magic he had been a second string for a few years . When he left Poole he was a 9 point number one. Darcy Ward and Holder were signed as second strings and both eventually became number ones. None of those three were anything like number ones when they joined Poole so how can you say they would of done that wherever they rode? Youll never know.

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