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  1. Yes, excellent performance on a track I think he had never ridden before. 3,2,3,2,1'. Must do his confidence the world of good. Everyone likes Alfie because he always gives his best wherever he rides. Completely irrepressible. The jury is still out on whether he makes the grade but I think the fans are 100% behind him. Good to see also that another Lakeside/Hagon protege, Jason Edwards top scored for his side with 12 from 7 rides in the same match.
  2. Engine set ups can be changed during the meeting but it's not an exact science, more part luck and part black art, with no time to practice and you have have the bike running perfectly , sometime with only a few minutes to spare before your next race. Andreas Jonsson once said to me you can get your bike running well, then you try to tweak it a little to get a bit more power from it but that makes it worse , so you try putting it back to where it originally was and that seems to be no better either. Of course, as you suggest , confidence comes into it as well. If a rider gets beaten badly it's sometimes difficult to know whether it's him or the bike. Or Worky coukd have just been a better team on the night.
  3. Its no good spending the best part of a million quid to bring new fans through the turnstiles, if the product on offer is do poor it can't even hold on to the existing fanbase. Unless and until the governance and management is put on a sound footing its a waste of time spending money to bring in fans that won't stay.
  4. As Jenga correctly pointed out nearly a week ago it is not Lakeside's job to inform the world about riders private lives. The facility was agreed by Berwick and approved by the meeting referee. Even after the reasons for Richards absence were made clear on this thread you were one of those who posted that there should be no facility or a 7 day suspension, and stailnlesssteeride was questioning whether compassion actually came into it as if there was something more underhand involved. However much information clubs give or don't give, there will always be those that question it. Arguably the piecemeal way information is disseminated by the BSPA doesn't help the situation but that's not the clubs fault.
  5. Witches v Hammers KOCup Round 1 Leg 1 3rd May

    Best wishes to Danny, an all round good bloke. Congratuations to the team that are no good on away tracks with another win on ...er...anyway track.
  6. I didn’t expect Ben to score many tonight. Happy to be proved wrong. Eight points from a No2 on an away track mis the sort of thing that wins matches. Let’s hope he can keep it going.
  7. Lakeside 2018

    Just looking back over the results so far, I think Will Pottinger has been pretty astute in his reserve switches. It seems whenever the score line is tight and Alfie and Ben are together, Will switches Zak for Alfie to strengthen that pairing then switches Alfie and Zak when Zak is out with Richard which theoretically weakens it but Richard invarably wins it to keep a 3-3, b and Alfie gets his minimum 3 rides. Considering the way a lot of other clubs fans moan about the ineptitude of their T.Ms I think Will has been on the ball so far. Certainly doing a better job than Neil Vatcher.
  8. With regard to the speculation about overwatering just before heat 12 , I think, judging by how shiny it was , that there was a slick of fuel spillage when Matej Kuss fell off in heat 12, right on the apex of bends 1&2. Nick Morris on his present form is, I would say pretty much as good as anyone else in the country right now, especially round Lakeside. The way he passed Ben Barker in heat 1 was absolutely out of the top drawer. Adam seems to be remarkably fast on the Godden. Alfie's problem seems to be lack of speed down the straights . Possiblly needs some expert help with set ups. kyle seems much improved now he has AJ's former mechanic working for him.
  9. I hear it is starting to clear.
  10. Apparently there is an ongoing Police investigation. One would think they would want to get the roads open ASAP but as usual the police tell you nothing.
  11. No it’s usually better when the weather is better but with the amount of rain we’ve had, all the track curator can really do is get the track packed down hard so at least it didnt fall foul of the weather like so many others. The trouble is when it is packed down you pay the price with less grip. PersonallyI thought it was a better meeting last week but Awesome Lawson was, well, awesome. His sweep round the outside of bends 1&2 off gate 4 in heat 13 was quite exceptional, especially against a rider of Danny Kings quality. Gate 4 has a slight adverse camber and hardly anyone wins off of it in the big heats. Ippo’s problem was they had two riders who had never ridden the track before and just couldn’t get on with it. Good call by the ref in heat 8. There is no automatic right to all four back. One rider fell off on his own. The other hit the air fence and was not under power when the race was stopped.
  12. Kyle is a difficult one to predict. At times he looks rather ordinary, but one the other hand he popped out of the gate in heat 9 on Friday and beat the previously unbeaten Ulrich Ostergaard, and if he can pull that sort of thing off against an opposing heat leader once a meeting its the sort of thing that wins matches, and he didn't have any last places which is exactly what you want from a No 4. There is a long way to go yet but my guess is he'll stay at No4 all season , maybe with a small increase on his average . I like him though, glad we have him in the team and hope he does well. He is certainly not short of enthusiasm .
  13. What a daft comment. What is a club supposed to do, hire riders who are no good on their home track ? Lol. More like you are just a poor loser. Get over it.
  14. I seem to remember Palm Tree doing pretty well at Lakeside a few years ago. Scotts had a mixture of good and bad scores at Lakeside over the years, although the bad ones seem to have been when guesting for the Hammers. We' ll find out whether Lakeside were lucky or unlucky not to get him. Panthers to hold their own in the early heats but the Hammers have too much firepower in the middle order. Ellis, Lawson and Zak too consistent in the engine room. Should be a comfortable win for the home team
  15. Rye House 2018

    The Viewing and facilities at Lakeside are what they have always been but it has been the quality of the team and level of competition that have been the determining factor in respect of crowds. Actually I personally don't think the viewing at Lakeside is any worse than anywhere else, including Rye House. It depends largely where you choose to stand. As for admission costs every member of the Rye House team except Kasprzak is likely to be on show at Lakeside at various points in the season. Kennet has already been and had an absolute howler.. Five of Lakesides riders are also riding with Premiership clubs anyway and I don't think you can seriously claim that Rye House have more than five genuine top league riders, probably no more than four now Barker has gone. So I think the argument on admission charges is a non starter.