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  1. I notice at Rye on Saturday that the track had been ripped up for the first 5-10 metres off the start , just as it always is at Lakeside, but of course it is an entirely different surface at Rye which messed set ups up a bit. . Also Adam was carrying a shoulder injury so he could barely hang on to his bike as the evening wore and Ben was knocked around in the crash involving Ludwig Lindgren and Jack Thomas in the Newcastle match. I spoke to Ben after his last ride (I think had 10 races altogether including covering the R/R position) and he said he was "Knackered, battered and shattered". Both Adam and Ben were well below par in that match. I don't think you can judge either of them by that performance I just hope they are fit by Sunday. I think also he announcement before the Peterborough match that Lakeside were through to the play offs meant some of the riders relaxed a bit now the pressure was off in that sense.
  2. Daytripper

    Where is SCB

    I presume he will be on the sex offenders register for life, or does that not apply if he was "only" viewing material as opposed to committing an offence against a person ? He'll probably never get a decent job again , certainly not one that involves a CRB check.
  3. There is a Farewell To Arena video on YouTube which shows the crash in normal time and in slow motion at about 10.25.The camera has an unrestricted view. Craig definitely went down on his own, nobody touching him and his bike took Nick out.Bad referring decision, but all’s well that ends well. Nick not seriously hurt, Lakeside won the match by 10, and the ever popular Richard Lawson fittingly won the las ever race.
  4. There are plenty of people, including referees and riders that say otherwise.
  5. Daytripper

    Simmo how is he remembered?

    Super Simmo is one of my all time favourites. I remember him as a stylish exciting rider and a real enthusiast. The former has European. Trials Champion Don Smith used to say you can always tell the ones that are genuine enthusiasts because they carry on riding when they are over the hill . Simmo had a 10year climb to the top of the hill, then around 7 years at the top but still continued for maybe another 15- 20 years when he was increasingly passed his best. He was also a cracking grass tracker. One of the outstanding memories of the many , motorcycle events of various disciplines I have attended over the years is Simmo completely cleaning up at a grass track at Sittingbourne. I can still see him in my minds eye now, at That meetings, with the bike cranked so far over the handlebars were almost touching the ground, right round the outside of everybody else and off into the distance. Great rider, good bloke, despite the adverse and inaccurate publicity
  6. I thought it was awful. Rye House is a nice little stadium for a sitting out on a summer evening, but virtually every race is over by bend two. There wasn’t a lot of prep time but I understand Ken is going to spend a couple of days over there this week to try to do something with it. I hope he can . I don’t think I can take a whole season of racing as it was on Saturday. Ken was talking to the riders on Saturday, to see how they want it it done.
  7. Daytripper

    Play Off Run In

    On points. Jon Cook said on the mic last night that if Berwick won at Ipswich by 4 points they would be level with Lakeside but then Lakeside only had to score 25 points against Peterboro and they would still go through.
  8. Jon Cook said on the mic last night that all the riders were talking to him about next year , which is a positive sign although we will have to shed about 5 points to get within the team building average. I understand as well that Thurrock Council definitely want Speedwáy back as part of a sports complex and there is still a lot going on in the background although the club will probably be at Rye House for two years.
  9. I understand it was a trainee ref. Not sure which ref was supervising him. All the riders were complaining that he was holding them to long at the tapes. It was Tigers that were responsible for breaking the tapes, but be that as it may, almost every race the tapes were being held a long time and when that happens it's almost inevtable someone will twitch. As for heat 15 Cook definitely went down first and collected Nick. Personally I thought Craig should have been excluded, but the refs box gives the best view so it's possible Cook and Lawson touched before Craig went down. Overall a good meeting to finish on, some good racing. Up to heat 8 I thought the Tigers were going it ,
  10. Lakeside massively weakened by R/R for Kyle Newman. I just hope they all come through safely , we've seen in the past the havoc that lunatic Vissing causes at Lakeside riding all over the place . One of the most dangerous riders I can ever remember seeing at Arena. If anyone can steal a win at Lakeside its Glasgow. Much depends on Bomber. He has had some decent ones there and also some howlers.
  11. If I remember rightly that change was around 2009/ 10 when some commercial deals were tied up, and I think that was when we got the Royal Navy sponsorship, some kind of tie with WHU and plenty of TV exposure. The change of colours was linked in with all that. Amazing how relatively strong the sport was even then compared with today. Personally I don't mind the change of colours, but the identity of "Hammers" is emotionally very important to me. Having said that, there are other fans who see Rayliegh and Hackney almost as a religion, so one way or another we have to find a way to adapt, or leave the sport. In one sense I almost wish it was closing down completely, then at least I could say I've had a good time in the sport, draw a line under it and move on but as long as there is something there, albeit at Rye, I' ll somehow be compelled to give this frustrating, exciting sport another try.
  12. I think there are two separate things here. The cogs for the Thames Gateway are beginning to turn very slowly but that's not the immediate problem. If it were only the Thames Gateway there would probably be a few seasons lft at Arena before it happens. The immediate problem is that the family who owned the stadium and ran the stock cars sold up to new owners who, I understand wanted Motorsport to continue at least for the time being because it will be some time before redevelopment starts as they are only just starting environmental impact assessments, site contamination surveys, risk assessments and all that sort of thing. The problem arises because the ex-owners who were still administering the site have had enough and are leaving after whatever pay days they can get with end of season meetings. Apart from a handful of big stocks meetings each year the run of the mill meetings have been struggling for some time . One of the people in the shops told me a few years ago they had just had a stick car meeting that only had 23 cars the the whole meeting. Falling profits from the stock cars mean the shops and food outlets have been charged exhorbiant rents , as has the speedway track. I understand Rye House is a lot cheaper to hire and that may well have impacted on the decision, plus as someone else has said, they may have wanted to get into RH before someone else did. I'll miss Arena though. A lot of outsiders don't understand how anyone can like such a dump of a place but it does hold something special for the regulars. It's always had a friendly crowd, people you see each week and maybe nod to and chat to even if you don't know them. Critics of the place will never understand that aspect . I haven't decided about Rye House next year. The term "Hammers" has a special meaning to me, having grown up close to the old Custom zHouse Stadium, like many other Lakeside fans. If it continues as the Hammers I'll probably go, but if it's under some other name I just can't see myself having the same affection for it.
  13. Ah, yes, Christer Loftqvist. Once seen, never forgotten. Not sure how he’d cope with Lakeside, he could hardly get round the bends at West Ham without scraping the safety fence. Two of the most memorable races I ever saw were heats 11 and 13 West Ham v Wembley, in the last full year there. Heat 11 was Loftqvist inside and Reidar Eide outside, Heat 13 Eide inside and Loftqvist outside. Christer won then both but they were both passing and re-passing heart stopping races. Anyone who ever saw Christer at West Ham will know what I mean by heart stopping Happy days
  14. Such is the state of the sport. Too many early season meetings and it all finishes by mid August. The biggest and most unforgivable problem was Rob Godfrey pulling out fixtures that hag already been agreed, all because he wanted guests for his own club. I can’t conceal my absolute contempt for that man. Personally, I have already reached the stage of having no interest in the sport outside the league Lakeside race in, I will give Rye House a go, but the sheer incompetence of those currently in charge, especially Godfrey and Chapman, coupled with the amount of cheating certain clubs, especially Poole have been allowed to get away with, has just about ruined the sport for me. I enjoy it once I actually get to the track, but motivation gets harder and harder.
  15. Congratulations to Richard Lawson, having a cracking season in this League.

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