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  1. GWC

    Rye House 2016

    He clearly needs some intensive training to get up to good NL standard. Danny Ayres scores 5 plus 1 at Sheffield of all places and shows that given encouragement there are riders in our leagues that can do a good job.
  2. GWC

    Rye House 2016

    I'm sure if Peterborough can get Cook into their team on the premise of moving their dedicated race day then Rye Must seek to replace Peter with Rob Branford - a National league rider for an overseas import.
  3. 'An average Ipswich ' who were good enough to beat Sheffield and Peterborough... Give them a bit of credit !!
  4. I hope your new number one gets his full quota of rides!
  5. If they ruled that you could only change a team through injury to a rider it would remove all this nonsense.
  6. I'm sure I saw Sargeant last night on TV.....
  7. Rye riders don't seem to be getting much track time apart from Morley so that could have a bearing on the performance.
  8. drop into the Premier league and 'ground share'
  9. ''Win at all cost' Poole Pirates underachieve away from home again. Adam Ellis gets moved into the team proper and now has 3 riders a meeting. Grief!
  10. If you have deep pockets (MF) and a nice place to live (especially for Aussies) then you seem to be able to maintain a good team. People then talk about combining the EL and PL but the losers will be EL supporters who will feel hard done by with their lot!. However it probably will have to happen one day with doubling up and down going the way it is.
  11. Shouldn't the bloke who came second in an FIM meeting on Saturday ride in a slightly more difficult position in the team? Lunatics and asylum come to mind!
  12. GWC

    Dan Bewley

    Definitely a Woffenden or Lambert in the making so quick and control for a lad with little speedway experience. I hope he takes the Woffie approach and rides National and Premier for a couple of years and has fun but no doubt Belle Aces will want to promote him as the 'new' Peter Collins'
  13. GWC

    Rye House 2016

    So you have never heard of riders improving? Quite how you would have put up with the Rye teams of the 70's it took years to produce the great team of 1980.I accept the current side will struggle against the majority of sides who seem to have 4 good riders and its why Rye needed strong reserves. They can't carry Peter in the hope he will improve I'm afraid.
  14. He can get a new bike for that!!
  15. GWC

    Rye House 2016

    Seems strange that when Klindt pulled out they opted for an untried Dane with no track record in Denmark were they expecting another BuskJacobson! With hindsight they could have used anybody and waited for Rob to turn up. Why offer him a team place and then withdraw it.
  16. Is this a National league fixture we are watching!
  17. GWC

    Rye House 2016

    Plymouth now have 2 vacancies following Gjedde withdrawal.
  18. GWC

    Somerset 2016

    Pretty sure Rye House can also claim Tommy Price and Freddie Williams at least their early development
  19. Rob has a lot of potential - Rye need to invest in his talent and bring him up to Standard such as Wright Stark Sargeant and Kerr all Natinal league boys who struggled at first.
  20. I'm not sure how riders will progress in this sport unless they are givien a greater challenge The current format is flawed however
  21. I guess so but he has committed to Eastbourne for some reason.
  22. Well perhaps they should 'appeal ' the stupid rule - I'm sure Mr Ford wouldn't stand for it! Another rider takes a liking to Rye who you don't expect to score big this time Campton after Grondal last meeting.
  23. Truth is that Peterborough riders currently, Ully apart are not performing any where near to beat the stronger riders of teams as Glasgow and probably 5 other teams in a very strong Premier league. Maybe having a top 5 of Danish riders limits the teams ability to deal with different types of track surfaces?
  24. GWC

    Ipswich 2016

    If Danyon Hume continues his progress he should be ready for next season

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