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  1. djr

    Value for money

    Gate money isn't everything though, if 3000 people buy a burger/cup of tea / programme etc. you might well end up with more money to bank than if 1000 people did the same. Also how many of the 1000 people paying £18 would pick and choose meetings due to the price, but would attend more at £5 admission ? At £18 how many people with a family would go on there own, but would take the family with them if it was £5 admission ? its not easy getting the right balance on admission prices
  2. djr

    Dogs Allowed?

    Thanks for the tip , I will avoid Leicester then. as for " losing the argument " and " stupid comments " , your comments seem pretty stupid as well
  3. djr

    Dogs Allowed?

    This is one of those situations where you cannot please all of the people all of the time. There are some dog owners who have to take there dog EVERYWHERE they go , regardless of it maybe annoying other people ( or annoying the dog even ! } Personally , I don't want to go and watch Speedway while stepping in dog poo and listening to dogs barking . As someone said , do you take a dog to the Cinema ? a Football Match ? I would probably avoid any track where a lot of people took dogs ( I believe you could add Cardiff to the NOT allowed list )
  4. djr


    methanol I would have thought
  5. djr

    Tony Briggs How Good Could He Have Been.?

    could you explain that please ?
  6. Oh dear , clicked on this to read about - " Tai Woffinden , best ever " what happened to manners on the internet , and a bit of friendly banter between people with different opinions. lucky for me I have a life and don't spend too much time on forums, take care
  7. Cant get my head around people wanting someone they don't like to be world champion just because they share the same nationality. maybe some people from Britain support riders who they think are likeable people regardless of where they come from, rather than supporting someone they may find annoying , but come from the same country Carter is a good example - I would have loved to see any British rider except him win a world chamionship
  8. should that be 500k and 750k as income ? agree with you about ticket prices , went to Cardiff with a £19 ticket and enjoyed it enough to go back next year, but if the same seat was £50 would not have gone, or maybe would go one time only
  9. djr


    Do any riders use the "O ring" type of chain ? these are supposed to have the grease sealed in
  10. djr

    Cardiff 2017

    Hello, new here and thinking of going to Cardiff this weekend . would anyone know a rough idea of the time of last race ? obviously this is variable depending on stoppages etc, but I may go on the train and it would help to know a rough idea what time racing has finished in the past thank you in advance for any answers dave

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