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  1. djr

    The NEW Wimbledon Stadium

    Me too Its not as if London has no other Football stadiums / Clubs yet this was the last Stock Car / Greyhound / speedway track in London , and AFC Wimbledon didn't care about the 2 sports using the existing stadium that got kicked out
  2. djr

    How Many Of Us Are Losing Interest.?

    Your choice, but if every speedway supporter had your attitude and was boycotting meetings then Clubs would soon fold up and there wouldn't be any Speedway to watch I hope to be able to attend meetings soon, as I think the Clubs need support now more than ever ( and I wont be sulking about wearing a mask )
  3. I remember that happening, it was at the time that Carter was going around telling everyone he was " England Number 1 " would love to have seen it
  4. djr


    I have found the opposite to you , when I used to go to Wimbledon speedway & stock cars I used to see other people who watched both sports. The same happened when I was a regular at Reading speedway on a monday night , I would often see some of the same faces at Aldershot stock cars on a thursday night Have friends interested in speedway who also follow moto cross , moto GP , formula 1 etc.
  5. I often read comments on here with people moaning about speedway sharing stadiums with stock car & greyhound racing . Yet how are these stadiums supposed to make money and stay open ? 1 speedway meeting a week , 6 months a year is not a lot of income with the small crowds that now attend. Stock Car & Greyhound events can run during summer & winter , and the weather is rarely bad enough to cancel a meeting ( unlike speedway ) All that's needed when sharing with Stock Cars is some decent track maintenance and some careful planning of fixtures If you don't like Greyhounds or Stocks at your local speedway , that's fine , but don't moan when it closes down for financial reasons
  6. djr

    Somerset 2020

    But would you want to pay £192 to see Speedway in some of the shabby stadiums that are currently used in the UK ? There is a market for Speedway tickets at those prices, but only for World championship GPs
  7. djr

    Speedway's future IMO

    If you buy a cheap ticket at any big sports stadium , you end up watching a long way from the pitch/circuit , yet people still buy these tickets that are " a bit further away" the first time I went to Cardiff Speedway GP , I was in one of the £20 seats and it did feel like watching speedway from the window of an aeroplane , but I enjoyed it and thought to myself that this is the same view that a lot of people pay MORE to see a sold out big Rugby match. I have been to Football & Ruby matches in big stadiums and you are often so far away from the pitch you cant make out who individual players are , so why do people keep coming back to these events if being " a bit further away " is a problem
  8. djr

    Speedway's future IMO

    In an ideal world , every Sport would like to operate in a single-use stadium and not have to share with other sports. however if 2 or more Sports could use a stadium , it must make the finances better for everyone involved. I also cant see that it makes the viewing terrible , just a bit further away that's all.
  9. djr

    Wimbledon's final meeting

    Yes, probably been discussed here and on every other Speedway / Stock Car / Greyhound racing forum for years, but the football club were never interested in sharing a stadium with - Speedway , Stock Cars or Greyhound Racing , and this suited the developers too as a multi use stadium would have been slightly bigger , meaning less room to build hundreds of Flats , which of course was their priority
  10. djr

    Wimbledon's final meeting

    Sorry for jumping in and posting , I will ask your permission next time looking further at the "evidence" I notice that most of the people who criticize Gustix rarely write anything interesting or intelligent themselves , yet they enjoy calling an old man names
  11. djr

    Wimbledon's final meeting

    I have looked at the evidence, and cant see any cause to call someone a - "very strange individual"
  12. djr

    Wimbledon's final meeting

    if the event was 14 years ago and Gustix is an old man , what is strange about him not remembering all the details of the event ? how does that make him a " very strange individual" ?
  13. djr

    TV new deal?

    I quite like Dave Goddard & Freesport , but find Nigel & Kelv okay but a bit shouty you cant please everyone
  14. I am probably wrong, but seem to remember something about British speedway getting a share of any profit from Wembley world finals ?
  15. Some of what people are saying is just moaning , but a lot is constructive criticism , and if you paid to attend ( I did ) you have every right to comment Cardiff is a good event , but not perfect . Although 40, 000 keeps getting quoted ( is that official ? ) , I could see a lot of empty seats from where I was sitting and with a better track maybe you could fill some more seats, the most positive thing is that, for one day a year - UK Speedway looks like a big-time Sport again

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