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  1. djr

    California Reunion 2020

    Its not actually a Museum, it is a country park where there used to be a Speedway track , that closed about 50 years ago. ( California poppies ? , I think was the team name) the track is now overgrown , but the outline of the track, parts of the safety fence and the original concrete starting grid can still be seen depending on the weather, there is usually a good selection of old speedway bikes ( and often old riders ) there is a good café on site, parking has to be paid for, but no charge to look round the bikes or the old track. not a massive event , but organised by nice friendly people
  2. I often read comments on here with people moaning about speedway sharing stadiums with stock car & greyhound racing . Yet how are these stadiums supposed to make money and stay open ? 1 speedway meeting a week , 6 months a year is not a lot of income with the small crowds that now attend. Stock Car & Greyhound events can run during summer & winter , and the weather is rarely bad enough to cancel a meeting ( unlike speedway ) All that's needed when sharing with Stock Cars is some decent track maintenance and some careful planning of fixtures If you don't like Greyhounds or Stocks at your local speedway , that's fine , but don't moan when it closes down for financial reasons
  3. djr

    Somerset 2020

    But would you want to pay £192 to see Speedway in some of the shabby stadiums that are currently used in the UK ? There is a market for Speedway tickets at those prices, but only for World championship GPs
  4. djr

    Speedway's future IMO

    If you buy a cheap ticket at any big sports stadium , you end up watching a long way from the pitch/circuit , yet people still buy these tickets that are " a bit further away" the first time I went to Cardiff Speedway GP , I was in one of the £20 seats and it did feel like watching speedway from the window of an aeroplane , but I enjoyed it and thought to myself that this is the same view that a lot of people pay MORE to see a sold out big Rugby match. I have been to Football & Ruby matches in big stadiums and you are often so far away from the pitch you cant make out who individual players are , so why do people keep coming back to these events if being " a bit further away " is a problem
  5. djr

    Speedway's future IMO

    In an ideal world , every Sport would like to operate in a single-use stadium and not have to share with other sports. however if 2 or more Sports could use a stadium , it must make the finances better for everyone involved. I also cant see that it makes the viewing terrible , just a bit further away that's all.
  6. djr

    Wimbledon's final meeting

    Yes, probably been discussed here and on every other Speedway / Stock Car / Greyhound racing forum for years, but the football club were never interested in sharing a stadium with - Speedway , Stock Cars or Greyhound Racing , and this suited the developers too as a multi use stadium would have been slightly bigger , meaning less room to build hundreds of Flats , which of course was their priority
  7. djr

    Wimbledon's final meeting

    Sorry for jumping in and posting , I will ask your permission next time looking further at the "evidence" I notice that most of the people who criticize Gustix rarely write anything interesting or intelligent themselves , yet they enjoy calling an old man names
  8. djr

    Wimbledon's final meeting

    I have looked at the evidence, and cant see any cause to call someone a - "very strange individual"
  9. djr

    Wimbledon's final meeting

    if the event was 14 years ago and Gustix is an old man , what is strange about him not remembering all the details of the event ? how does that make him a " very strange individual" ?
  10. djr

    TV new deal?

    I quite like Dave Goddard & Freesport , but find Nigel & Kelv okay but a bit shouty you cant please everyone
  11. djr

    California Reunion 2019

    I went today, nice event & nice people . sadly the poor weather the last couple of years seems to have understandably reduced the attendance
  12. I am probably wrong, but seem to remember something about British speedway getting a share of any profit from Wembley world finals ?
  13. Some of what people are saying is just moaning , but a lot is constructive criticism , and if you paid to attend ( I did ) you have every right to comment Cardiff is a good event , but not perfect . Although 40, 000 keeps getting quoted ( is that official ? ) , I could see a lot of empty seats from where I was sitting and with a better track maybe you could fill some more seats, the most positive thing is that, for one day a year - UK Speedway looks like a big-time Sport again
  14. Yes , it was { the racing } I know its a temporary track , but its indoors so the weather cant affect the preparation before or during the meeting . its not like they have to hold back on watering the track in case it rains , and maybe they could try a different shape or some banking , or even a different surface surely they have a blank canvass every year , so it cant be that hard to try some small changes Its a shame, as the Track / Racing is the only thing that lets the event down
  15. The closer it gets to start time then touts may sell at a loss to get some money back , as the tickets are obviously worthless when the meeting starts As for the racing , I went and thought it was poor . Kept thinking - its a temporary track and if they have no restrictions then why not try a different shape to the track next year ?

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