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  1. No, just pulled his cut out accidentally
  2. So out of interest who would actually be available ?
  3. You were unlucky to a degree. Batch changed bikes after his first 2 rides. If he'd have stayed on his first bike you'd have probably won. Once he swapped he was unbeaten the rest of the night. sometimes it's just little things that can make big differences.
  4. wtf

    Ipswich 2022

    Like most things in speedway, the situation can change very quickly despite what was or has been agreed. That's why clubs don't announce until it's 100%. Rumours and snippets of information are often true at the time, but things can change easily and quickly. What was agreed a couple of days ago, can be delayed or scuppered by needing the approval of every dog and his dick.
  5. wtf

    Ipswich 2022

    Much as I detest the little oik. It make Ipswich stronger at belle vue. Weaker at Sheffield and they don’t need to worry about wolves. Wolves is now pretty slick. So Tungate will appear after heat 8 when all the grip is gone. But I reckon a 4 man Ipswich team would still beat wolves ;-)
  6. Abandon it. Re run it later. Let Adam have his chance at Cardiff
  7. If you’re going to sport that much fringing you need to back it up. Not having a good night so far
  8. wtf

    Ipswich 2022

    I can confirm Lisa that Chris doesn’t regard kings Lynn as one of his favourites in speedway. Track but more so owner
  9. wtf

    Ipswich 2022

    TJ quite likes Lynn
  10. wtf

    Ipswich 2022

    one out of four
  11. wtf

    Ipswich 2022

    One for Lynn, one after because he's not keen on Kings Lynn, but in time for Belle Vue
  12. Just because they are available doesn't mean they want to ride. I'm aware of several riders who Birmingham have approached to ride at Poole, but for whatever reason they do not want to take the booking. Maybe it's money?, Maybe it's going up against Poole at their track and getting a hiding, maybe it's what is offered, maybe they have other things to do. You can't just force riders to ride. Don't forget Birmingham will be receiving no income from this meeting with which they will be paying the riders who do take to the track. In order for people to ride it has to represent value to them and also the club. I know many people on this forum think riders should ride everywhere the fans think they should, at a rate of pay everyone that is less than many on here earn and should be grateful for the opportunity. Poole is a difficult track to get to, fuel costs are huge and clubs are paying travel rates that were agreed in January 2022, so you can imagine the costs to riders, overall it's a very disappointing line up, but I'm not exactly shocked.
  13. Maybe not, but to be fair, every race he was programmed in was against either Worrall, Lawson, or king and he wasn't on his home track. Not sure you would expect him to beat those guys regularly anyway.
  14. wtf

    Premiership Pairs

    I think it's wishful thinking. The sport has never been like that. tracks have never provided perfect racing from heat 1 to heat 20, Not now, Not ever, not in the GPs, Not in Poland. And despite what we of a certain age would like to believe, certainly not ever in the past. The 60's 70's and 80's provided as many garbage tracks back then as we have today. and the racing wasn't over taking every race, despite what we might like to believe. It's a lovely thought and it's something to strive for, but are our expectations for the sport too high? Don't get me wrong. The track materials like the clay based shale is useless, but that is the best surface for the stock cars. Without the stock cars, at Lynn. There is no speedway, simple as that. One pays for the other

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