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  1. Edin03

    Glasgow 2022

    Brilliant effort from Glasgow with the announcement, additional exposure and donations for the charities is great. Good signing also.
  2. Edin03

    Glasgow 2022

    Ideally both teams could run an NDL side but think we will both benefit long term from the Devils and the academy at Armadale. Maybe you could loan Bailey to the Monarchs for next season, he suited the blue and gold away at Newcastle Would love to have Edwards back but fear the travel may be too much for him.
  3. Edin03

    Glasgow 2022

    Agree with you there, will be a couple of years before we see the rewards from it but can already see the progress the young lads made this year. Although I think the club will want the Devils number 1 at reserve for the Monarchs, that was the reason Sarjaent was dropped for Nathan this season as James didn’t want to do NDL.
  4. Edin03

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2022

    Grobauer or Kennedy
  5. Edin03

    Edinburgh 2022

    Original post stated ‘end of season’… In the 4 matches that qualify he scored a 7 and a 10, struggled at Leicester and Newcastle but there was no lack of effort.
  6. Edin03

    Edinburgh 2022

    Correct… which makes your original point even more baffling.
  7. Edin03

    Edinburgh 2022

    He struggled at a couple of tracks but averaged over 6.5 in the playoff meetings so think you are being a bit unfair.
  8. Edin03

    Edinburgh 2022

    All 3 have riders signed up. One of the ones we hoped to bring back is Dorset bound next season.
  9. Edin03

    Edinburgh 2022

    I watched him at Ashfield in the GP qualifier, he rode well, was just lacking a bit of pace. Think he would be a gamble on a 5.00 though. Maybe tap into the Aussies again for a 4 pointer.
  10. Edin03

    Edinburgh 2022

    I used the 20 league matches, did wonder about Kye’s dropping off so much though
  11. Edin03

    Edinburgh 2022

    With the Eastbourne match expunged from averages I’ve calculated our 3 current Aussies as follows: Sam 9.36 (-0.05) Josh 8.34 (-0.00) Kye 5.13 (-0.38)
  12. Edin03

    Edinburgh 2022

    Change of plans for the promotion with Richie signing else where, hearing Drew has been offered a contract but no word if he’s accepted. If we have Sam, Josh, Kye and Drew back that would leave us 15.02 for the remaining 3 riders.
  13. Think Leicester will have more than enough at home if the Thompson twins are both at reserve. Jye could be a steal on a 5.35 home and away.
  14. Would be over 42.00 although I reckon you’ve got 6 out of the 7 correct.
  15. Edin03

    Glasgow 2022

    Wouldn’t be so sure, Cook started on 9.93 this season. as I said I may be wrong, hopefully find out soon enough. Musielak would be a steal on a 9.31 if the rate stays at 1.5.

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