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  1. Hopefully Paco’s visa will be through in time for this weekends matches.
  2. Edin03

    Poole 2022

    The Poole side seems a similar build to our team last season. The 3 heat leaders and the Cook brothers chipping in with 4/5 each should win you most matches. I can understand the doubts with Drew as sometimes he can struggle but trust me, you will not be disappointed. He’s a great young lad with a lot of talent, hopefully he can find some consistency this season and push on.
  3. Edin03

    Edinburgh 2022

    Yeah don’t think that would happen. I’m surprised Glasgow haven’t put together a development side, would only be good for speedway. He did indeed, was very impressed that day he has come on massively this season.
  4. Edin03

    Edinburgh 2022

    I agree with you there with regards to Woolley / Phillips & Lawson. These guys will probably never ride above NDL again but each team need requires a couple of experienced guys to bring on the younger riders. I don’t believe anyone expected Edwards to be as good as he was when he was brought in. Woolley and Phillips were both given chances if I remember. I get what you’re saying but I’d say the same about any of our championship rivals riders, not just a Glasgow one. There is very little benefit to the Monarchs by developing the likes of Bailey etc.
  5. Edin03

    Edinburgh 2022

    Have to disagree with that, there is no benefit for Edinburgh developing Glasgow’s riders. The Devils have been brought back to help develop and improve riders with the view to them progressing into the monarchs side. Connor has impressed me a lot and do believe a season at NL will bring him on massively, hopefully he can get fixed up somewhere else. I reckon we’ll see a few returning faces from this season, gutted to see Archie move to Belle Vue but Woolley, Phillips and Rothery could all be back along with Willie Lawson and the Millar brothers.
  6. Edin03

    Edinburgh 2022

    What do you get if you put 9.41, 5.00, 5.46, 5.52, 8.34, 4.08 and 4.00 together?
  7. Edin03

    Glasgow 2022

    Believe if the Eastbourne matches are removed then Cooks rises though. Would be good for the BSPA to release the official averages for next season.
  8. Edin03

    Edinburgh 2022

    We will be riding next season, team building is well under way, management will be assessing all available options for our 1-7.
  9. Edin03

    Edinburgh 2022

    Be happy to see Anders back but believe he’s already signed up elsewhere…
  10. Edin03

    Edinburgh 2022

    From what I’ve been told, yes. Also heard from a few Glasgow fans towards the end of the season that Cook wasn’t in their plans this season but things have changed. Would like to see Max Ruml back as he’s going really well in America and believe he deserves the chance.
  11. Edin03

    Edinburgh 2022

    After missing out on Worrall & Kemp, we then failed to get Cook to return as plan B. I can only see us going strength in depth now as there’s a lack of top riders available.
  12. Edin03

    Edinburgh 2022

    Sarj a major possibility imo
  13. Edin03

    Glasgow 2022

    Looks like we will at this rate
  14. Edin03

    Redcar 2022

    Edwards is a top talent. Was unlucky to get released from both Eastbourne and Plymout last season. Another rider we were hoping to have back at Armadale.

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