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  1. Aces have been gating well lately and this has effected the racing at NSS. If we continue in this vein then we’ll win, if not we won’t.
  2. Exactly. A more seasoned campaigner would have put it down to get the points in a rerun. Just inexperience on his part.
  3. Just hoping the track is good enough for the lads to perform flat out as previously, this season even when taking it easy it’s claimed a few victims.
  4. Makes you wonder why BSI don’t put the east stand back up at the NSS and run a GP there every week. Licence to print money.
  5. Nothing ‘till September (week 36). Still not with you, sorry.
  6. I get the point when using your made up scenario but the reality of the situation using calendar week numbers is..... Week 25 =2 Week 26 = 0 Week 27 = 1 Week 28 = 1 Week 29 = 1 You are correct about me missing your point as I haven’t a clue where you’re going with this or what you’re on about and for that I apologise.
  7. With the fours it averages one a week over the next five weeks. Aside from the fours the September one will provide the best crowd, in accordance with my original point.
  8. They have a couple of jobs to finish before sorting out UK speedway. Once they finished delivering that piano up an unfeasibly large amount of stairs they’re off to rob an empty house. Unbeknown to them though there’s a 10 year old kid been left behind.
  9. Just had a look, one a week for the next five weeks.
  10. Kings Lynn would have worked better. Only The Aces have ridden more home meetings than Peterborough.
  11. It’s the quantity that’s the issue currently. You could leave everything as it is in terms of publicity, marketing, standard of rider, presentation and quality of racing but if you only ran once a month the crowds would be great - everywhere. Similarly if you ran Cardiff 2 or 3 times a month the crowds would plummet, even if everything else remained the same. BSI don’t even want ONE other GP in the whole UK because of the adverse effect on the crowd. The sport will and needs to die off first before it rebuilds as everybody from current fans to promoters wants what they have always had but that sadly is no longer viable.
  12. ouch

    Belle Vue Colts 2019

    “My family has made a big commitment to my career by moving to the UK on a permanent basis.”
  13. That means it will be on? if it said heavy rain from 7.30pm to 9.30pm them you might have something.
  14. ouch

    Poole 2019

    6 home meetings a year.
  15. I’m in Manchester City Centre and it’s overcast but dry.

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