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  1. ouch

    Best Race Suit Ever?

    I bought Bobby his first set when he came over from the states. These are my favourites.....
  2. ouch

    Finishing Averages Table 2018 Updated MA’s will be calculated monthly on a rolling basis on all eligible meetings, up to and including 23rd of the month to become effective from the 1st of the following month. 27-09-18 Swindon v Belle Vue Premiership 34-56
  3. Not ironic at all unfortunately. If refs were suspended for wrongly calling against Belle Vue, we’d run out of refs pretty quick.
  4. Your inability to debate a point speaks volumes and vindicates the low opinion I have of you. Enjoy your wallowing in the demise of this once great sport of mine. In the ignore bin you go with the rest of them. Good ridence!
  5. Not a chance. The fact you sidestepped the post I was referring to shows you are fine with it. For that I have zero respect for you and all the rest who happily dance around the grave of British speedway, a grave dug by Ford and his Poole faithful. Ward could have just posted his congratulations but instead decided on an unnecessary attack on the imagined Poole haters. We hate cheats not Poole get it into your heads! Wards post was typical of many we see on here from down south that are there purely to stir up trouble. They serve no other purpose and it’s not only confined to Poole related threads, they contaminate the whole forum. I hope Ward and others read my response and when they feel hurt by it think, you know what I’m not going to post just to upset people as having read this response it’s not a good feeling. I’m probably clutching at straws but you have to hope. In speedway terms I do genuinely find you lot a hateful bunch and such is my love of this wonderful sport, I’m always going to be inclined to kick back. Just on that you will only ever find me responding to an initial hate post. I never, like you guys, feel the urge to start a fight but even though I bite my lip more often than not I cannot stand idle by whist you poke fun at and wreck this sport I love.
  6. Knee jerk reaction probably.
  7. These advertisements seem to know how he does it. Lol
  8. The outcry over the refs performance is ringing out loud and clear on all social media platforms with some asking how he could be so wrong. As unpalatable as it is, it’s obvious why the decisions went the way they did and it’s not the first time this has happened with Ford involved. After years and years of cheating he feels bulletproof and now hardly attempts to hide his actions - unbelievable and sad in equal measures. I reckon another 10% will be knocked off the fan base with this latest fiasco and after years of this you have to ask when will it end? 10% equals around £500k a year less coming into the sport but that’s like water off a ducks back for the cheating scumbags down there who have no real love for this fabulous sport of ours. Dark days for the sport once again.
  9. With the lead up to this meeting and the way it’s panned out, is Ford doing a farewell greatest hits of some of his favourite cheats?
  10. Poole can’t use Morris in the away leg as his average is too high. They know the rules at the start of the season so if they don’t like it don’t take part, as is often trotted out. It’s Poole though so......... just clearing my throat............. Cheating scumbags!!
  11. If the penny hasn’t yet dropped for you about having play offs in speedway, then it never will.
  12. October. Are you coming to Kings Lynn? Yeh, wouldn’t miss is as we are likely to get a trophy. April. Are you coming to Kings Lynn? No it’s boring. May. Chapman issues a use it of lose it warning to the Stars “faithfully” Speedway promoting out of the top drawer.
  13. So we doctored the track to gain an advantage but lost by eight.

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