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  1. It the (racing?) surface, not the size or shape.
  2. ouch

    Brummies v Belle Vue Wed 20th June NL

    My original comment about Flint wasn’t about where he rides but the fact he is in the Birmingham lineup. I’ll say the same once he moves up. Far better rider than Dicken as was shown last night and no doubt tomorrow.
  3. ouch

    2018 Regulations

    Declared in the Leicester team 02/04/18 on last years 5.57 average. He kept this average when joining Lynn 30/04/18 but then it dropped to 5.23 13/06/18 as it only used his 3 (yes 3) meetings from this year.
  4. ouch

    2018 Regulations

    Does anyone know why MPT’s rolling average doesn’t include his meetings from last year? If it had his average would be 5.51 thus altering his place in the line up. Also this makes his guest replacement of Summers (5.44) at Poole illegal. It really screws up other meetings as well so I’m not sure if they will alter the score, run them again or just brush it under the carpet as seems likely. I’ve emailed the BSPA about rider averages (there are a lot of anomalies) but they just ignore me. Any explanation would be appreciated.
  5. ouch

    Brummies v Belle Vue Wed 20th June NL

    Flint will decide this.
  6. Though it didn’t fully cover for Steve, Jason’s paid 8 last nigh was an improvement on the 3 & 4 we have been getting away from home in that position. Another score closer to Steve’s ability and we will always be fairy confident of a win.
  7. Great result, awful speedway. Felt so sorry for our little entertainer.
  8. ouch


    If your paying riders more in line with Championship rates, you should be in the Championship and not polluting our waters?
  9. I don’t know why there isn’t a track curators meeting where tips and tricks could be shared with a view to getting all tracks set up with maximum racing lines. Some tracks favour gate n go but I think it’s a false economy in the long run as excitement is the key. I can’t talk about tracks outside the top league as I don’t visit enough but for me top league tracks could be improved as follows. Kings Lynn - material. Leicester - shape. Poole - maintenance & material. Rye - not sure. Let you know next week. Somerset - generally ok. Swindon - being redone? Wolves - improved outside line. All tracks should have a decent slope.
  10. Yep. Auty currently 5.80. 7.55/1.3
  11. Over the limit anyway. What would people think if the stars tracked an illegal team, wouldn’t look good on the BSPA boss? Lol.
  12. ouch

    Belle Vue 2018

    Ex Rye House rider and rides Wolves well. Really pleased to see him in an Aces race jacket again. A great but so far wasted talent. I’d like to see the new GB set up get their claws into him and for him to listen.
  13. About the same as Prague, so yes. We could use Showcase car park which is huge. I think DG didn’t see eye to eye with them for the SWC so moved the bulk of the parking to City’s ground. When you think of England’s contribution to speedway it’s odd we don’t have a GP.
  14. It’s a strange anonmoly that the ones who want to see Tai ride and complain about his absence are Tai haters and the ones happy for him to stay away, love him? Anyway I’m looking forward to the mother in law coming over later.

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