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  1. Glad for Craig. Can earn some good money now. He’ll have a great year.
  2. ouch

    Belle Vue 2019

    Max & Ken announced.
  3. Yeh, what is this obsession with speedway fans about fair play? Stop coming on hear spouting drivel, if you don’t like it, stop going. Oh, hang on a minute.
  4. ouch

    Belle Vue 2019

    That appraisal is very very wrong.
  5. If rules were correctly applied then yes but the rules are very fluid and apply differently to different clubs. Decisions makers can also easily be influenced in a sport as small as it is now. It’s small because of things like this but the bottom line is, nobody care. It’s were we are I’m afraid.
  6. ouch

    Belle Vue 2019

    Max Dan Ken Steve Charles/Jason/MPT Josh Auty Josh Pickering or Jamon
  7. ouch

    Belle Vue 2019

    Dan has got ten months to be fully back to his best. If we finish third from bottom we can still win the “league” in October.
  8. You could pay a student for a week to trawl through the various social media sites such as this, where they could not only document the various ideas but also rate their popularity. This is just PR. They have no interest in what we, collectively the largest investors in the sport, have to say.
  9. ouch

    AGM November 2018

    We know they are working to lessen the double up/down. When their plan works you have, say the Worrall twins, should they choose the top division averaging four rides a week over the season. When you take into account riding on bank holidays, even I’d be happy enough to let my lads off to participate in the highest level the UK can provide. I agree with your last sentence but unfortunately the powers that be didn’t.
  10. ouch

    Is Nobody bothered ?

    It’s not about what people want it’s about what’s best. Any successful person/business/organisation follows this rule. The implication is that they wanted what they’ve got, a seven team league where you finish mid table and still have a chance at being “champions” and where nearly half the teams are owned by one man.
  11. ouch

    AGM November 2018

    It’ll give the double up/down riders a chance to get use to riding once a week and therefore having to take a job outside speedway as we move towards the amateur league set up by 2022/23.
  12. ouch

    Is Nobody bothered ?

  13. ouch

    Is Nobody bothered ?

    It’s not just the fact it’s three clubs. With such a small league that’s 43%. Wheather true or not fans will cry foul if they think any manipulation is taking place between these teams and it will be yet another reason to walk away.

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