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  1. It’s discretionary, basically Peter Adams asked CVS and he said it was ok. It’s not always given as I know of one rider who - should he have not ridden straight away - R/R was denied.
  2. ouch

    Rider replacement

    I can only speak about the Colts fixture that was referred to in the original post, that only had one R/R for the injured Paul Bowen. He was there with his kevlars on, so maybe he was hoping to give it a go despite false optimism. Anyway due to there being lads left without a team place this year we are bringing in Kean Dicken for our next match.
  3. True. I reckon over the two meetings tomorrow they’ll be 4 or 5 fallers.
  4. There will be crashes and I’m not afraid to say that I hope they are not serious, whether you think it’s boring or not.
  5. Not sure I agree. Line ups in meetings like this have been a bit off the last few years. Going off your comment then what does it say about the lads in wheelchairs who are supported by the Ben fund? Like I say, I don’t agree with this thinking but you’re entitled to your opinion on a public forum.
  6. Agreed. He’s hardy done any testimonials in the last ten years, if any. I wouldn’t expect any of the riders who have turned their backs on the UK to come over.
  7. Craig was advised that all his personal sponsors had to be in black and white. The only coloured one on Ipswich is Tru Plant and I can’t see any on the Lynn kevlars. Troy can do what he wants as he isn’t a Chapman rider.
  8. Luke C had a stinker of a meeting. He’s found it tough this year but I hope he manages to turn it round.
  9. ouch

    Rider replacement

    If you do that you’re denying a seventh rider a regular place in the team. It’s not as though RR is a regular thing so changing the format to make it look better on the few occasions when we are down to six lads doesn’t make sense.
  10. If we win the afternoon meeting then we’re through to the final. Though this will make the evening meeting a dead rubber it will give the lads more track time especially on a tight circuit. I’d run as per programme with no changes and give the lesser lights a run out in heat 15 if possible. Depends on the heat 14 vote I suppose. Just hope the crashes at Monmore aren’t too serious on Monday night.
  11. Buster would not accept logos as Troy has them. What could Craig have done by way of compromise?
  12. When your second heat leader and four point reserve score zero between then, you are always going to be up against it. Given that one had his collarbone screwed together just a few weeks ago and the other is coming back from well documented major injuries it comes as no surprise. Any opinion to the contrary if frankly baffling. Luckily titles are not won in April and I’m sure later in the season we could expect a modest 12 points from these two to make things a little tighter come heat 15.

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