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  1. ouch

    Belle Vue 2018

    There’s still I chance for The Aces I think.
  2. I can forecast this already. DULL.
  3. ouch

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    MPT never included last years. Don’t ask me why.
  4. I’ll take heart from that as if it’s true The Aces won’t lose another match this season.
  5. That all ended on the rainy night in Manchester with his role in ensuring Poole got the result they needed to make the play offs. It played out in full view of the Sky cameras with Steele looking like a rabbit in the headlights. Thing is he had a job to do and followed it through even knowing the danger he placed the riders in. He liked the idea of being a speedway supremeo but after that it would never happen. The fact it happened at Belle Vue seems to have turned him against us as he has acted in this way on previous occasions. Nothing will ever come of it as this is just speedway. The only silver lining is that very few of us actually see this and give a monkeys.
  6. This wasn’t an error on Steeles part. He knew exactly what he was doing and he’s done it before. Saying this, that or the other MIGHT have happened is pointless, we can only go with what did happen and it wasn’t right.
  7. Seems Max had bike problems in heat 13 and these forced him out of heat 15 also Mark had a puncture in heat 14 so couldn’t hold on to third.
  8. I’ll be honest and say the damage has already been done. I banged the drum many many years ago to no avail. The play off debate in terms of speedway can be quite complex and many of the intricacies are lost on some. We are now at the point where we need to attract new fans as the anorak wearing, board waving fans have been pretty much forced out. The sad thing is their money is just as good as anyone’s yet it’s been almost literally thrown away.
  9. When your clientele is old farts, of course you’re going to attempt to bring in a younger crowd. What you don’t do is implement a system (or systems) that helps drive these old farts away whilst simultaneously failing to attract newbies.
  10. With regards to the play offs you cannot compare speedway to any other team sport. Common practise now is for teams to (purposely?) start slow, thus reducing their team average which then offers them the opportunity to build back up. In other sports this wouldn’t happen as they aren’t ruled by points and anyway if say Stockport County signed Ronaldo then they wouldn’t suddenly become favourites as in that sport it’s very much a collective effort - simultaneously. In speedway you can replace a low scorer with a high scorer and the difference is instant with a massive impact. Speedway is a different beast and this is unfortunately lost on those who wield the power who come up with ideas without fully investigating there impact.
  11. ouch

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Neil at Belle Vue is excellent with his pre race tunes and depending on what happened in the heat he often picks a tune to reflect it.
  12. Yes, it’s been particularly poor this year. I’ve emailed them about averages but had no response.
  13. It would have been 7.26 if he had signed at the start of the year for a PL club. He signed part way through the season so he then used his converted CL average.
  14. Comments about the Poole track were that is was better. It’s essentially like putting more glitter on a plop.

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