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  1. Belle Vue Speedway Supporters Club are auctioning 2 tickets plus pit passes to every GP this year. The Warsaw GP auction ends at 22.00 today over on their Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1939038002835938/?ref=share
  2. Oops!! http://www.speedwaygb.co.uk/19results/belle_vue_01.07.19_res.pdf Issue 12 is good to. Its all above board, honest.
  3. It amazes me that we can be considered rubbish, if we had scored 5 more race points in certain meetings - which has a minuscule effect on the overall team performance, we would have 7 more match points. Everyone would be extolling the virtues of this great team as we sat proud at the top of the league. The lost points against Poole this week has as much to do with off track shenanigans as it does on track performance.
  4. Reason? 37-35 Done now, nothing will happen. Let’s move on and wait for the next one. At least that will bother less people.
  5. I’m afraid to say reading through your thoughts on this it makes no sense to me whatsoever and only raises more questions with regards issue 13. It’s tedious in the extreme how this sport works as some participants look to gain an off track advantage. Maybe I need to speak with Craig Ackroyd to help me get my head round it.
  6. If the rules were followed we could have used Vissing. The powers that be told us that Tero HAD to be the rider we were replacing and a replacement is at the “directors discretion”. They denied an adequate replacement and we were forced to track Kyle.
  7. We signed Tero but due to his injury we had to revert to our previous declaration and include Ricky. This is what also happened at Kings Lynn with Nicol/Lambert. Issue 13 PL averages effective 1/07/19 have Ricky at 4.52. This allows us to use a CL guest up to 6.78. Issue 16 CL averages effective 1/07/19 have Vissing 6.65 Aces rode against Poole 01/07/19
  8. speedwaygb.com currently covering their tracks...... CRITICAL_ERROR: Line : generic, class2.phpError reported as: [6]: Unable to form a valid connection to mySQL. Please check that your e107_config.php contains the correct information
  9. “Facility may be granted at the Directors discretion” Nick Morris - Wolves. Yes Dan Bewley & Tero Arnio - Aces. No
  10. Issue 11 has Ricky’s effective average 1/7 as 4.24. Issue 13 has Ricky’s effective average 1/7 as 4.52. It does mentions 4.24 but has no date, it’s just hovering about. Mistakes where made here due to the focus being on screwing us and like I say it can (to some) get complicated.
  11. “SGB PREMIERSHIP ISSUE 13 - Issued on 01-07-19” “Team Declaration Effective Immediately”
  12. The funny thing is that as the powers that be were so wrapped up in the rouse to stop us tracking a stronger No7 they held back on our redeclaration but have now issued it showing Tero 4.55 replacing Ricky 4.52 even though our team total is 43.09. Can get complicated screwing us over sometimes.
  13. How did Wolverhampton get a facility for the injured Nick Morris given he hadn’t ridden for them?
  14. That guy really knows very little of speedway rules and tactics. Laughable.
  15. Well done to Poole on the win and their part in an entertaining encounter. When luck comes your way you cannot squander those chances and though it was close they managed to cash it in. Having said that the pirates seem to know more than any team the opportunities that the NSS offer. They know there’s no home advantage and that races needn’t be over after the first two bends. This saw them pull off some sweet moves that really added to the night. For the Aces they’ll have to like their wounds and hope that luck really doesn’t even out over the season. Quick word for the management committee, well played guys, you got us.

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