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  1. Was there much passing after the first lap?
  2. Whilst I know I’ll be accused of posting a wind up again, I’d just like to say I’m sorry to here that the track was gate & go again, I’m glad to see PK bolster the side in place of Holder as the score would have been worse and I still think a full strength Aces team would have won last week in much the same way as the Swindon full strength team did.
  3. Like Wednesday another fabulous show by The Aces but this time the stand ins did just enough to get the win. Very optimistic about this side should we ever get back to full strength. Poole were as expected apart from the poles, if they don’t do it at the NSS then they’re not going to do it elsewhere which is a concern for Middlo. No surprise to see PK top scoring with three wins. It’s typical of Belle Vues luck to meet Poole when they are bolstered by his inclusion. They will miss his once Holder comes back. Racing wise was not up to the usual standard with only eight or nine races of note the pick being Bjerre & Woryna passing and re passing, the blanket race of Ht9 or the awesome Ht12. Cook repass of Kurtz for the 5-1 was good to watch too. I’d happily watch it again when the dvd comes out as it would be worth it just to see how Max avoided carnage following Josh’s Poole type move. Cracking meeting and a real tonic in every sense after last weeks fair.
  4. Belle Vue 2018

    Last person going on about Craig Cooks lack of natural ability was Craig Cook but what does he know.
  5. Difficult to judge about PK but I’d be surprised if he outscored what Holder would have done. Chris loves the NSS and it’s common knowledge he wanted to come here (get in line), well after joining up with his brother at Somerset. It was put to Mark at the dinner dance to give him a wide berth as to us he just wasn’t a “Belle Vue” type. Probably come back to bite us on the arse come play off time. Still win or lose we can have a laugh in the pits.
  6. Poole speedway: Winda lickin good! Lol
  7. Poole 2018

    Agreed. I think you guys should stand up for your right to be stupid.
  8. He had an actual average for Swindon last year of only 2.80 before they dropped him. I’dhave gone for Jack as they would have scored similar. Edit: Sussed it now With Danny having his average assessed up to 4.00 as with all foreigners it means our team total is higher than if they used Jack. Even though they both perform to a similar standard in the PL including Danny in the team means we won’t get slapped with an under strength team fine.
  9. My wind ups???? Ok to make it easy for you just complete the following. The poles prefer pooles track from Wednesday night to the NSS because........ Belle Vues team is not made up of mostly CL riders because......... The racing at Poole on Wednesday was good because........ If you answered the points of the posts we could debate, get it?
  10. Why don’t you stick some facts in your post when making a challenge instead of posting this white noise you waste of space. Give an opinion love or shut the *^%# up.
  11. Two wrongs don’t make a right.
  12. The majority of our side are from the second division with maybe even a third division lad thrown in. Coming up against a strong top tier team with only one CL rider makes it tough to see anything other than a Poole win. Be good to see one of those David v Goliath victories we used to get with previous inter league challenges.
  13. Lol. You’ll be bring up Alice Harts last dodgy decision. If only we had a current promoter who acted corruptly that we could lay into. Candy from a baby.
  14. Wow. So you think Wednesday’s Wimborne Rd track is better suited to the poles than the wide open spaces of the NSS. Now that’s a wind up or an incredible lack of speedway knowledge. I’ll go with the former, which is a shame.