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  1. Slow night on the nightshift tonight has me casting my mind towards the weekend and our first clash in donkeys years with the Eastbourne Eagles . Our two Danish stars are away back to Denmark for their quest to win the Captain Baconheid title , so we have drafted in two capable guests in the shape of Aaron Summers and Ben Barker . The Eagles have two ex-tigers in their ranks in the shape of Lewis Kerr and Son of God , and they are backed up by Eddie Kennet. After that it's a long looking tail ,though Tom Brennon looks a real prospect and could be troublesome from reserve . A tough looking test to get our league campaign started , though Mr Maximum , Starky and the assorted guests should get our first three points on the board .
  2. Had to be a reserve for a tapes offence . But with the meeting already won , why risk Craig off 15metres ?
  3. If we can somehow leave with a point it will be a great start to our campaign .Eastbourne shouldn't need the same level of tactical awareness their management showed last night though
  4. Paulco

    Eastbourne 2019

    Couldnt believe Kennet's average when I saw it in last night's programme .when was he ever a 10.5 rider? Young Brennon is a major prospect , Bowtell is on a hiding to nothing riding at 3 , while Morley is just rubbish . The long tail won't bring the Eagles many away points , but they'll be solid enough at home . If we could somehow get a point there tonight I'd be delighted . Is it the same team management duo tonight for Eastbourne by any chance ?
  5. Was very impressed by the fighting spirit Connor Coles showed , we could do a lot worse than consider him for the vacant number 6 racejacket
  6. The Eastbourne tactical substitution manual . No point doing it against Mr Maximum as he doesn't get beat at home . Heat 8 is protected so that's out . So what is left . Heat 5 , you're 6 points down.........no not yet . Heat 9 then , you're still in touch ........eh nope . Ok heat 12 surely , still an outside chance of a point .....nope . Then heat 14 when the score is 50-27 , bring out the big guns and there you go a 5-1 . Brilliant lol .
  7. Glasgow Tigers 1 Mr Maximum 2 Sarj 3 Rasmus 4 Starky 5 Claus 6 Luke 7 Kyle Sheffield 1 Danny King 2 Kasper Andersen 3 Ty Proctor 4 Drew Kemp 5 Kyle Howarth 6 Broc Nicol 7 Zaine Kennedy Afternoon sports fans , season starts properly tonight with the other Tigers up here for a cup tie . Unusually for a day when Sheffield are up , it's not raining . It's fair to say that despite being pre season favourites , the lesser Tigers from Yorkshire have slightly underperformed so far . But the pre season stuff is all but over and this it when it really matters . Looking for Mr Maximum to miss the gate a few times tonight again , so we can enjoy him pouncing on an opponent faster than Joe Lawler's finger on a hotel fire alarm button , but there are a few in the lesser Tiger's septets who won't make it easy for him . But an intriguing and hopefully exciting two meetings will be enjoyed by fans of both Tigers and may the best big cats win .
  8. He was indeed , a very fast gater
  9. Paulco

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    No need to rush these things
  10. Paulco

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    I see our home meeting with Scunthorpe is now on Saturday 25th of May
  11. Paulco

    Sheffield 2019

    I enjoyed the meeting today
  12. Aye I was being smart and just altering last weeks thread and i forgot to change Luke's name. Yes it is Leon Flint , speedway's wonderful rules allows us to strengthen in the period we try to sign a replacement . I would imagine young master Flint will be used as often as his Berwick commitments allow.
  13. Was it not the Young Shield ? And it was Rye House cause i was there that night and It was freezing
  14. Let's just go and win at Armadale and let others worry about the maths
  15. What a night , me and George pissed on the bus home, was a pleasure to meet totally honest John and watch the Tigers do the business
  16. Glasgow Tigers 1 Mr Maximum 2 Sarj 3 Rasmus 4 Starky 5 Claus 6 Luke 7 Kyle Newcastle Diamonds 1 Steve Worrall 2 Simon Lambert 3 Jorgensen R/R 4 Mathew Wethers 5 Lasse Bjerre 6 Max Clegg 7 Danny Phillips Big welcome to the Diamonds this Friday as we race our final home Shield match . As pre season competitions go it has been a useful work out. The home form has been really good , just need one or two to get up to speed away from Ashfield before the season begins in earnest next week against Sheffield in the cup . We are at full strength , while Newcastle are missing Tommy the tape toucher . His battles from the tapes with Sarj will be missed . Should be a comfortable home win , but anything can happen in speedway, as long as we see great racing , that's the main thing .
  17. Paulco

    Eastbourne v Leicester

    Slightly off topic , but can anyone recommend a hotel or B and B relatively close to the stadium for when Glasgow are down on the 18th
  18. First time ever no thread started for this , I'm on the train back from Berwick and trying to do this on my phone , so I hope it works
  19. That's the one , and he would have been this year too , but for the nonsense at Peterborough . He will be again before too much longer no doubt
  20. The same criticism was being aimed at Cook on here during his last season at Armadale . The response from your end of the M8 was a bit different then .
  21. The bizarre sequence of events at the start of heat 10 was the only real talking point after this mainly one sided derby . I always thought that riders could leave the track after a first bend fall , especially the rider who walked back to the pits after falling . The tigers heat leaders dominated a fairly tame Edinburgh side with only Wells and Pickering offering any resistance . Cook imperious as usual , thankfully missing the gate in one of his rides to give us an overtaking masterclass. Jensen impressed again round his new home track , unlucky with the puncture during heat 15 . One more Shield home match to go before the real stuff begins .
  22. That was the pivotable race , but ultimately after watching how average out of the gate we were on Friday , my fears about Saturday came to fruition . Berwick are a solid side and there won't be many leave Sheilfield with the points .Gappmaier is a completely different rider round his home shale and the engine room of him and Doolan need to keep their form while covering for Etheridge . After our performance on Friday , last night brought us back down to earth , and one or two stepping things up to support Cook away from home is necessary if we're to do anything this season .
  23. Can't see any other outcome the way he came down after the race in heat 14 last night . Different ball game tonight with our gating having to be much better than it was last night . But if tonight's meeting is even half as good as last night's , then it will be a cracker .
  24. Paulco

    Glasgow v Berwick April 12th

    As many have said , that was as entertaining and exciting a meeting as you'll see anywhere this season . The racing was terrific with passing , repassing and close racing in almost every heat . Craig Cook looks , and played the part of the best rider in the league to perfection . I wonder if they pay him to miss the gate . But that was the theme throughout the meeting , the Bandits gating and the Tigers coming from the back . Nobody filled that role better than both Jensen and Starke , with Starke's gating pretty awful , and while they can get away with that at Glasgow , they won't at Shielfield Park . Jensen's race with Jackobsen in heat 9 being the pick of a long list of breathtaking heats , that was no quarter asked or given . Young Bickley was also a stand out on his debut , looked a much faster and solid rider than he did last year . Berwick played their part though and were much better than the scoreline suggests . If the track is like that every week , with so many lines , what a season we are in for .

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