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    Former London Venues

    Part of a Wembley v Wimbledon crowd.....

    Former London Venues

    I used to love going to White City as a lad for the International meetings. Would have loved to have gone to West Ham & New Cross but a little before my time. I just noticed this thread started 8 years ago......glad some have enjoyed the pics though. Any other defunct tracks arial or standard I have too. Oh, Southampton was one I would have liked to have experienced. Sadly there are more and more clubs becoming defunct. Let's hope Rye House get back in the game asap.

    Former London Venues

    This is/was West Ham.. The photo top left was the original entrance and the photo next to it on the right is the exact same spot today! The lower left is where the starting gate would have stood. Another then & now of the Custom House Stadium & surrounding area.....

    Former London Venues


    Former London Venues

    Some better pics of the old London tracks.... New Cross... Stamford Bridge... Stamford Bridge... Walthamstow... Walthamstow now... White City... West Ham... Wimbledon... Harringay... Hackney... Romford as the area is now....

    Former London Venues

    Then & now...Wimbledon...... West Ham... Wembley... Walthamstow... White City... Stamford Bridge... New Cross... Lea Bridge... Harringay... Hackney...
  7. Ffs get a life!!! And while were at it, I think Ivan Mauger should be world champion in 1973 cos the ref didn't hold the tapes long enough and anyway Jerzy didn't stop when Ivan fell off and also the ref should have stopped the race blah blah blah

    Premiership Play-offs 2019

    I know... Have a play off match every week home then away with all meagre 7 clubs and the team that finishes with the most points by October are the champions. Simples.......

    Somerset 2018

    Hellooooo, not topic, but does anyone have a Somerset v KL KOC Final programme they could do a cover scan for me ta thanks.
  10. NOBODY

    Buxton v Birmingham 21st October

    HI Buxton chaps. Does anyone possible have a Buxton home programme cover scan they could email me from this season? Thnaks
  11. NOBODY

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Hi Scunny fans. Does anyone here have a programme cover scan from the KOC Final>? Thanks
  12. Does any Eastbourne or Mildenhall fan possibly have a programme cover scan they would be able to email me from the Play off and KOC Finals? Thanks.
  13. NOBODY

    2nd leg play off final

    Listening....wish I could watch...
  14. NOBODY

    2nd leg play off final

    All the best to Workington tonight in your BIG Final.
  15. NOBODY

    Worky v scunny koc leg 2

    Hi. Does any Workington fan possibly have a programme cover scan they could email me of the KOC Final? Thanks.

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