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  1. What amuses me is that you must be so sad that you and others on here try to trip up certain fans on ANYTHING that is posted that doesn't go with your mentality. I mean fancy trolling to find a small mistake and trying to humiliate someone. You're a sad individual. Go ahead, reply with more sh!te that pleases your tiny mind. I know I made a mistake. Pity you don''t realise the same clown.
  2. I say it as it is dont care
  3. Check the correction times and what else I posted at the time prat . F king loser
  4. Believe what you like d head I don't have to answer to you
  5. Now wait for the ban Haha
  6. Proudtobeawnkr I was doing the wrong programme and got the rider wrong how about that u gutless cnt
  7. And yes holder is f king useless so far. But worrall is worse so go f a duck
  8. Actually you f king pr1ck I got the name wrong so f u
  9. Phew that was lucky. Didn't deserve the win though.
  10. Just love watching bomber. Never gives up. Would be a worthy world champion.
  11. Lots of grip on 2nd turn
  12. Great battle between the two old timers Harris and Nicholls. Harris wins it and livens up the place
  13. NBJ falls off in re run . Ippo were on a 5_1

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