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  1. Went as a neutral for my first trip to Swindon since 2014 tonight. Gutted for Belle Vue fans who must have had a right frustrating season watching that team, how inconsistent can a team be?! I hope their British riders find consistent form again next season after injury free seasons for Bewley and Worrall, that was a massive ride for Worrall to beat Doyle. As for Swindon, I can't wait to see them at Wolves in the play offs, that should be a tasty match up! Had their gating boots on tonight. Not the best racing I have to say but glad I went, a very healthy crowd indeed and a masterstroke to put the meeting on at the start of Cardiff weekend. When you get a crowd and occasion like that on a warm evening too, it reminds you speedway is still alive and well on its day! How I miss my regular fix at Brandon.
  2. JamieE

    Somerset 2019

    Gutted to see Somerset drop out of the top flight after your rise (almost) to the very top of British speedway! So glad I made the after work dash from Warwickshire to see the KO cup final this season as my first ever visit to Somerset, with the likes of Doyle, Iversen, Harris and Lambert (not forgetting your home track hero Wrighty) in action at the OTA. As a Coventry fan in exile, the above meeting provided the perfect end to my season of travelling around the tracks. Just surprised to see this move has been taken, based on the feel good factor I picked up on my visit. I wish you luck in the Championship and look forward to visiting again, maybe the Championship Fours one day!
  3. As a complete neutral, I couldn't give a monkey's that Cook is riding in this league and was allowed in the meeting, just want to see the strongest lineups possible in the meetings I choose to attend up and down the country. That's why I have a dilemma about my first planned visit to Somerset this week being against an Iversenless King's Lynn!! The likes of Cook and Riss ultimately persuaded me to make my first visit from Coventry to Owlerton...and I'm glad I did. Good racing, well presented stadium and a decent atmosphere with the big crowd. Hope to visit again and great to see all the club colours on show with no disappointing no shows on the day for once!
  4. Looks like August has well and truly arrived in speedway. Injuries, unavailability and fixture cramming all rearing their ugly heads once again, mostly out Peterborough way by the looks of it! Not the first time I'll be going to a meeting there 'making do' with what's left in the aftermath of speedway politics! Sheffield to win this...if Lasse's fit to ride!
  5. JamieE

    Swc Game 2017

    Sorry for the last minute picks once again! Looks like this round should shake the scores up a bit with lots of rider combinations. My picks; Poland - Janowski and Dudek GB - Cook and Harris Sweden - Lindgren and Lindback Russia - Sayfutdinov and "go-go" Tarasenko Thanks.
  6. JamieE

    Swc Game 2017

    Race off picks Australia - Holder and Doyle (Fricke if no Doyle) Russia - Sayfutdinov and G Laguta Latvia - Lebedevs and Bogdanovs USA - Wells and Manzares Thanks
  7. JamieE

    Speedway World Cup 2017

    Brilliant! Great meeting and the once mighty Danish team reduced to the qualifiers next year, better hope they can beat Milik and the Czechs if they want back in.
  8. JamieE

    Swc Game 2017

    Sweden - Lindgren & Jonsson Denmark - Iversen & Bjerre Russia - Sayfutdinov & G Laguta Latvia - Bogdanovs & Lebedevs Thanks.
  9. JamieE

    Swc Game 2017

    Event 1 GB - Cook and Harris Australia - Batchelor and Holder Czech Republic - Milik and Kus USA - Wells and Manzares Thanks
  10. JamieE

    Poole V Belle Vue Bt Sports 26/6/17

    Why do I get the impression that Kelvin would be more excited at Klindt scoring a point than Bewley's heroics on this awful track?
  11. Looking forward to my first trip to Rye House, would be nice to know the teams though. Where do away fans tend to congregate? Also, do we think there's any chance of either Peterborough or Rye House moving their start time to allow fans (and presumably Bomber) to get to both meetings? Surely makes sense and a win-win for both club's (especially if weather's like today).
  12. Work in Nuneaton so figured I was half way there and thought I'd go along to this one. Wolves' dominance didn't surprise me in the slightest, having seen them ride against the Coventry select and Rye House already this season. By far the most significant and worthwhile changes of any team in the league, giving top end strength and some depth at reserve in Mark Riss. Want the Lions to have a good season but that's twice I've seen them annihilated at home now, it's just not a Danny King track either. No shame in losing to Wolves this season though, they'll give others a good tonking too, I can't see where they might lose, not even Wimborne Rd now. No reason why Leicester can't bounce back on bank holiday Monday. Good work by the Lions ownership to get the stadium good to go for tonight by the sounds of it, sounded like the vandals have struck again. Finally, good to see two great servants of British speedway flying high. Lindgren and Schlein deserve all the success they get for bouncing back from loss of form and injury respectively, as they have.
  13. JamieE

    Brandonbee 48 Rip

    This is shocking news. RIP Alan. I didn't know him personally but like several others, he has made a big, positive contribution to my enjoyment of watching the foreign leagues for a number of years now. For that I thank you Alan.
  14. A bit flat for Wolves vs Bees at Monmore? Maybe, but when all's said and done, it was a challenge meeting on a chilly April evening. As has been said, there were some good races and agree it was more entertaining than the real business over at Leicester on Saturday. Hats off to Nielsen, showing the potential he had before a stale spell in the tougher draft system last year. One of the feel good stories of the night for me and if our nomad club requires an occasional nomad rider to make up the numbers here and there, then well, I won't be too upset to see us give them track time. Another feel good story, great to see Schleiny getting back up to speed after his latest injury nightmares. Like at Leicester on Saturday, just getting a bit squeezed out on tight first laps still, missing out on the big scores, but a remarkable comeback really and always good to see in Bees colours. For Wolves, that's a very strong top order that will be hard for others to conquer. Even Skornicki looks to be figuring it out again. A reserve change clearly looks needed though, will that require a casualty from the top 5 to get the balance right? Hopefully a couple of appearances from Bomber should bring back the Coventry feel some are saying is missing from the Bees of 2017.
  15. JamieE

    Coventry 2017

    Good news if true, I have no doubt he will do a great job for his grandad's old team at Poole someday but see no point in us keeping him based on the 'Coventry' Woryna we saw this year. For Coventry at least, I don't see him improving for us.

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