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Danish metal league 2021

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The eight clubs are GSK Liga Grindsted, Team Fjelsted, Esbjerg Vikings, Region Varde Elite Sport, Slangerup Speedway, Holsted Tigers, SES - Sønderjylland Elite Speedway from Vojens and Nordjysk Elite Speedway from Brovst.

Brovst have signed Grzegorz  Zengota

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Thought Klindt announced a few weeks back he has moved from Holsted, but can't remember where to

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Changes announced for 2021: https://metalspeedwayleague.dk/ny-spaendende-elite-speedwayturnering/

There will be the regular league series meeting followed by a semi final and a final. In addition to that there will be a league cup.
Regular series i 7 rounds + semi final (teams places 3-6) where teams places 1-2 in the league will be directly qualified for the final.

The cup will start after 4 rounds of the league where teams placed 1 and 2 will host a semi final each with 3 other teams in each.
Teams placed 1,4,6 and 8 will be in semi final 1 and Team placed 2,3,5 and 7 will be in semi final 2.
Two teams from each semi qualifies for the final which is hosted by the one of the semi final winners that scores the most point.

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Team Fjelsted
(A) Peter Kildemand
(B) Frederik Jakobsen
(B) Andrej Karpov
(B) Josh Grajczonek
(B) Kyle Howarth
(C) Marcus Birkemose
(C) Jason Jørgensen
(C) Ulrich Østergaard
(D) Benjamin Basso
(D) Rasmus Pedersen
(D) Andreas Kaag Jensen
(D) Stian Vithen
(D) Rune Thorst
Lagl. Thomas Søfeldt
Slangerup Speedway Klub
(A) Matej Zagar
(A) Mikkel Michelsen
(A) Michael Jepsen Jensen
(B) Rohan Tungate
(B) Andreas Lyager
(B) Dawid Lampart
(C) Daniel Henderson
(C) Jonas Seifert-Salk
(D) Jacob Bukhave
(D) Emil Pørtner
(D) Silas Hoegh
(D) William Drejer
Lagl. Kenni Trasborg/Anders Graversen
Esbjerg Vikings
(A) Niels-Kristian Iversen
(B) Bjarne Pedersen
(B) Jake Allen
(B) Kevin Wölbert
(C) Kasper Andersen
(C) Jye Etheridge
(D) Matias Nielsen
(D) Emil Breum
(D) Esben Hjerrild
Lagl. Tom P Madsen
Region Varde Speedway (Outrup)
(A) Piotr Protasiewicz
(B) Mathias Thörnblom
(B) Tomasz Gapinski
(B) Nick Morris
(B) Aleksandr Loktajew
(C) Lasse Bjerre
(C) Keynan Rew
(C) Philip Hellström Bängs
(D) Tim Sørensen
(D) Michael Thyme
Lagl. Brian Møller Skydt
Holsted Tigers
(A) Nicki Pedersen
(B) Rasmus Jensen
(B) Rene Bach
(B) Vadim Tarasenko
(C) Sam Jensen
(C) Kenneth Kruse Hansen
(C) Justin Sedgmen
(D) Mark Bayer
(D) Frederik Kristiansen
Lagl. Lars Munkedal
Grindsted SK
(A) Kenneth Bjerre
(B) Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen
(B) David Bellego
(B) Adam Ellis
(B) Oskar Fajfer
(C) Patrick Hansen
(C) Tobias Busch
(C) Matic Ivacic
(D) Nick Agertoft
(D) Kevin Juhl Pedersen
Sønderjylland Elite Speedway (Vojens)
(A) Anders Thomsen
(B) Hans Andersen
(B) Nicolai Klindt
(B) Kai Huckenbeck
(C) Mads Hansen
(C) Norick Blödorn
(D) Jonas Knudsen
(D) Jesper Knudsen
Lagl. Ib Pedersen/Claus Ørts
Nordjysk Elite Speedway (Brovst)
(A) Timo Lahti
(A) Grzegorz Zengota
(B) Daniel Kaczmarek
(B) Jonas Brøndum Andersen
(B) Thomas Jørgensen
(B) Claus Vissing
(C) Mikkel Brøndum Andersen
(C) Michele Paco Castagna
(D) Lasse Pørtner
(D) Tobias V. Thomsen
Lagl. Thomas Ramskov
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Posted (edited)

Maybe it`s a good time now we have the teams riders and gradings to list a Google translation of the rules appertaining to team strengths.


Before the start of the season, all the drivers are assigned a category (A, B, C or D), where A is the absolute top driver, the B-drivers are the drivers who are just below the absolute elite, the C-drivers are drivers with some experience, while the D-drivers are primarily the new Danish talents.

To create exciting races, rules have been laid down for how the team may be put together on the day.

The total value of the team must not exceed 24 (high)and must not exceed 19.(low)

This includes:

A-drivers with the value 8.

B-drivers with the value 6.

C-drivers with the value 3.

D-drivers with the value 1.

Max. be an A-driver on the team.

Max. be three B-drivers on the team.

Max. be three drivers who do not have a Danish regular club and a Danish license.

The team must consist of at least one D-driver or alternatively a U21 driver with a Danish regular club and a Danish license.

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