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  1. P T Preece

    Workington 2024

    What has happened to the fixture on the 29th June, isn't still on.
  2. Any idea what the weather forecast is in the area.
  3. Plymouth record in preparing tracks isn't that great.
  4. Your not getting it. This happens more and more, but do you ever hear of them trying to find away around the problems. No research into a different way to do the tracks, no pre-planning. Wet weather tyres, they power the engines up, so shouldent they have someway of decreasing the power to suit the conditions. Just keep going along in the same old way,year in and year out. Tossers the lot of them.
  5. Been down in Plymouth since Tuesday, looking forward to watching the speedway . What is the point of planning anything involving speedway, totally pointless sport. Sick of travelling hundreds of miles to watch a sport, that dose nothing to help itself. Been going on for years and they do nothing at all to try and improve the situation. .
  6. P T Preece

    Stars v Brummies 2/5

    Thank you.
  7. P T Preece

    Stars v Brummies 2/5

    Do they do streaming at kings lynn, if so can you inform us where we can get it. Thanks.
  8. P T Preece

    Birmingham/ Aces

    well done boys, great nights racing.
  9. P T Preece

    LIONS v BIRMINGHAM 25/4/24

    we lost but they were sharper from the gate than the last home meeting. Heats13 & 15 did the main damage again.
  10. P T Preece

    LIONS v BIRMINGHAM 25/4/24

    ignore that just read it goes live 5mins before the start.
  11. P T Preece

    LIONS v BIRMINGHAM 25/4/24

    Im on the stream, but got no picture yet, is this normal?
  12. P T Preece

    Birmingham v Oxford Mon 1st April PL

    Not a great performance, a couple of the lads rode well, gating was awful. Oh well on to the next one at saddlebow, not expecting a lot.
  13. P T Preece

    Witches v Brummies 28th March

    Hi, will this meeting be streamed do you know?
  14. Brummies supporter, do they stream meeting at Ipswich, would like to know for Thursday, thanks.
  15. P T Preece

    Brummies 2024...

    You cant really judge the team untill you have all the riders in place, yes the teams have been weak over the last couple of season but nobody expected the Morris problem last season. Give it a chance.

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