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  1. Byker Biker

    Roman Matousek.RIP.

    It's sad that he has passed away so young and yes his on track antics are fondly remembered but off track this guy was a coppers nightmare and unfortunately in the eyes of the law a criminal, ask Machin and he'll tell you how many times he had to get him out of clinkers to race. A great character but sadly out of control. (Machin as well if you like) - RIP Roman.
  2. Byker Biker

    Sheffield v Peterborough 20.05.21

    Yes, the referee is responsible in most cases from when they arrive and commence their work but certainly no later than 1 hour before the advertised start time and in fairness some referees try to keep the meeting on until certain Australians start bleating.
  3. Byker Biker

    Sheffield v Peterborough 20.05.21

    The rain has saved them from a mega loss with a severely restricted attendance limit, they deserve the opportunity to make money sod all to do with Machin, if the referee says it's on when he gets there and knocks it at 8.15 it's still nothing to do with Machin
  4. Byker Biker

    Sheffield v Peterborough 20.05.21

    The A57 can be sh1te at times!
  5. Byker Biker

    Covid Plans

    "I know little Jimmy hasn't scored a point this season but he has to self isolate, I'll be using a facility until he is able to ride again" - you heard it here first folks!
  6. Byker Biker

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    Brilliant! "Cheque book Speedway survives world wide pandemic", anyone else can go fluff themselves, meanwhile the rest of us pray for the sport's survival.
  7. Byker Biker

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    I heard he had paid the club (sponsorship) to do the job, let's be honest all clubs welcome financial input and to be fair he is a decent guy despite the printed word. He may have naively answered a journalist's question and got caught out, who knows he could be equally disappointed to see appear the way it has.
  8. Byker Biker

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    Nothing to elaborate on until Local Authorities have finally made their minds up on permissible spectator numbers, there appears to be a lack of consistency which may have an impact on some clubs ability to run, it's still relatively early days in some areas.
  9. Byker Biker

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    It's perhaps a possibility that another club may be struggling to come to the tapes which could throw up some riders, in his role as Chairman he would know that but of course would be doing everything he could to help them. Could just be a waiting game. Financially this could be the most difficult season for club owners, 1 blip in the figures and stadiums could be empty, it's about survival.
  10. Clear views and opinions have been posted on this thread but perhaps now is the time to let this debate fizzle out. Here's why, Horrendous crimes leave a legacy for life with those closely linked or related to the victims and perpetrators, the pain and anguish never goes away but does find a tolerable level. Periodically physical and emotional flares occur naturally to exacerbate that pain and anguish (Birthdays, Christmas anniversaries of the event) however the whole episode is relived for months when the event is brought back into the public eye. In the case of a convicted perpetrator every time there is a parole review and talk of release the event hits the headlines and takes everyone back to the beginning again destroying any recovery and progress that has been made. Many Police Officers believe that whilst justice has not been seen to be done a perpetrator taking their own life is an easier outcome for those left behind to live with than a lifetime of constant reminders in the media. Many of Kenny and Pam's respective family relations are still actively involved with or supporting motorcycle events including Speedway and do read this forum so out of respect for them it might just be time to put this thread to bed.
  11. Byker Biker

    Swindon Stadium

    Don't you mean "Australian Teenager?"
  12. Byker Biker

    Philip Rising

    You forgot "Pug Ugly" Jimbo, hey ho. Happy Birthday Phil.
  13. Byker Biker

    2021 Season

    They might find the clubs that are against them are; 1 in a position of "influence" within the BSP 2 Bleeding out of the backside on a perpetual basis but won't consider the lower league I won't praise Glasgow's extravagance over recent years but their point based on minuted General Council Meetings is totally valid, anyone for Coventry and Peterborough v BSPA as an interval attraction?
  14. Byker Biker

    Philip Rising

    It's time for your medication John ..
  15. Byker Biker


    Postal deliveries in my area have reduced to 2 or 3 times a week, fortunately I have a digital subscription so do not have to worry about my SS but upon enquiry to the local sorting office last week I was told that there were 35 employees who had either tested positive or were self isolating as a consequence of close contact - over 60% of the team! This may be the situation elsewhere in the postal service, clearly if it is all deliveries will be impacted.

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