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  1. Totally agree takes 2 sets of fans in my book to create an atmosphere. I’m currently sat having a beer waiting for the bus. We have a 50 seater coming your way and plenty in cars so here’s to a cracker night of Speedway and a comets win. Like you say it’s like the old days and that’s only a good thing . See you for a pint Paul!
  2. What a night! After some bad luck in the first heat it looked like we were in for a long night but the Comets dug deep and really impressed especially with limited experience around the STMP. Great to have plenty of supporters making lots of noise!
  3. Can’t wait for this one tomorrow! Big support for our lads and lass !
  4. I wouldn’t bother replying to half the crap posted on here, meant to be a speedway forum to discuss but so far this season it’s filled with trolling.
  5. And back to reality …..let’s hope the meeting is on and we see some good racing.
  6. Checked Apple weather and BBC and I think we will be fine. Regarding the meeting it’s going to be a close one Scunthorpe have a decent team with some out and out racers in there. I’m looking forward to our guys getting another meeting to get used to our track and set ups etc hopefully the positives from last weeks meeting continue and we can pull off a win!
  7. I only care when he wears blue and white and so far for me not done that and has had a positive start.
  8. After seeing Troy ride for us in the openings 2 meetings I can only judge him from what I’ve seen while in the Comets colours and in my opinion he’s not given up he’s given it a go and so far I’m happy with him. 8+2 away 7 at home I’ve seen a lot of worse scores so far from a lot “better” riders ….. so keep an eye on them in fact get them sacked!!! Keep it up Troy and welcome to Workington!
  9. Brilliant! looking forward to seeing our old rivals!
  10. Waking up in sunny Scunthorpe ready for our trip to Berwick! Hoping our guys get some track time today and it’s a good nights racings!
  11. Agree this isn’t to damn our sport but it’s pointing out the obvious which need addressing, how can a club that has a promoter in such a position operate that way! ? No miles or loss of money will ever stop me attending speedway and I’m fully aware this isn’t the norm! Let’s get things run like a professional sport and do better then this !
  12. I’m more annoyed what it does to the “general “ speedway fans it looks horrendous and like I said although it’s disappointing surely communication with the fans will help a bad situation. He’s my gun shot my foot !
  13. Right here we go here are the unfortunate facts Yes I’m a travelling Workington fan but don’t let this distract you from the fact that this was a horrendous advert for speedway! We need people to want to come back and although I appreciate we have no control over the weather but we do have control over announcements and keeping the fans updated … nobody had a clue what was going on unless the speaker system was gone people on the first bend had no idea what was happening. All appeared very unprofessional and especially as the promoter is part of the bspa we need to do better someone come on the centre and announce what’s going on! On a side note respect to the track staff for the work draining the standing water they did do a good job, my only issue is newbies won’t want to return and you can’t survive on idiots like me. Onto the next one! Up the Comets!!
  14. Weather forecast looks ok so far, ready for tapes up excited for it now!
  15. Get yourselves stood by the supporters club banner and make some noise!

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