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  1. Najjer

    Speedway Betting 2024

    This is why I think it’s better to go Klindt over Harris. He can score 8/9/10 and still prove to be a winner. I don’t expect Harris to be the tac sub when it is required personally.
  2. Najjer

    Speedway Betting 2024

    Klindt over Harris looks great on paper too
  3. Najjer

    Speedway Betting 2024

    He might know the track inside out, but he was sacked by Lynn because he wasn’t actually much good there! That is one to avoid for me. Lynn -6 for me
  4. Really? I’ll be amazed if Sheffield hit 40
  5. Najjer

    Speedway Betting 2024

    Holder under 9 tonight
  6. Najjer

    Kings Lynn v Sheffield 6/6

    It comes as no surprise to see that Tobiasz Musielak is lining up in Poland this evening for Ostrow.
  7. Najjer

    Kings Lynn v Sheffield 6/6

    Wonder what exciting announcement Buster has up his sleeve? He’s sold the club? He’s got a new pit gate? The sun is out for the next 7 days so there is a chance the match might go ahead next week? Simon Lambert has been signed to replace Palm Toft? He’s the messiah after rescuing Peterborough speedway? I’m glad he didn’t announce this last night as I don’t know how I would of slept last night through the excitement.
  8. Sundstrom and Nicholls
  9. Najjer

    Kings Lynn v Sheffield 6/6

    Of course, call me a cynic, but Musielak only take 3 rides had nothing to do with the fact he ran a last place and was replaced by the junior Szostak who was flying all match…. Quoted from Polish media: “The first two races were very good, in the end he won four points and two bonuses. Later, he remembered his leg injury from last season and eventually gave up his fourth condition so as not to aggravate the pain.”
  10. Najjer

    Speedway Betting 2024

    Birmingham -2 after heat 8 -4 after heat 15 Masters over Harris at decent odds Fricke under 11
  11. Najjer

    Aces v Lynn

    It’s results like this which show why they should still have the losing bonus point - as Kings Lynn have performed well and got absolutely nothing to show for it now.
  12. Najjer

    Speedway Betting 2024

    -16 for me, especially given the way Belle Vue are going at home
  13. Najjer

    Oxford Spires 2024

    As a permenent replacement, there is no reason why that can’t happen.
  14. You can normally move flights to another date, up to a point though, which I’m not sure what the cut off is for that.
  15. Najjer

    Brummies 2024...

    It’s not a track that would typically suit him or his riding style. He is much better suited to riding a big fast track week in week out.

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