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  1. Najjer

    Polish Betting 2021

    Masarna and Vetlanda both -14 tonight seem great value tonight
  2. That’s not a bribe - that’s what in most sports would be called a transfer fee.
  3. Not sure how long a contract be signed with Łódź this year, I would presume probably more than just a year though. With riders like Jeppeson, Krakowiak, Birkemose etc not really cutting it this year, you have to think he will be we’ll sought after for one of the under-24 positions
  4. He is more than underperforming abit, for the first half of the season he was especially poor. He’s been better in recent weeks but not at the standards expected or required of him... or he reaches in the GPs! He came under fire from Częstochowa fans earlier in the year too for spending too much time focusing on marketing an advertising monster energy than practising and going quicker. Tough crowd to please!
  5. Drew Kemp has been named at no.4 for Gdansk on Saturday vs Rybnik replacing Gruchalski
  6. Najjer

    GP Betting 2021

    What’s taking your fancy then? Laguta over Woffinden at evens Woffinden exactly and under 9 at 6/5
  7. Najjer

    Polish Betting 2021

    Bydgoszcz on the handicap Lyager +1 over Jakabson Bewley exactly and under 12 Sheffield -4 on the handicap
  8. Bydgoszcz team is now looking superb now they are all fully fit again. Really hoping they make a charge for the play offs now.
  9. Najjer

    Plymouth v Poole 13/7/21 CL

    By the way, when is somebody signing Zmarzlik and then using R/R or guests to cover for him whilst the paperwork is sorted out? What a joke situation that is.
  10. Najjer

    Plymouth v Poole 13/7/21 CL

    The video doesn’t really show anything as you can’t see them behind the fence as they exit the turn. Matter of fact, if anything, Bowtell is ahead as they exit turn 2. Hume doesn’t have a god given right to carry on down the straight alongside Bowtell who looks like he’s closed the door. You watch a lot of Polish Speedway and that is a standard sort of move. Wouldn’t call it dangerous and wouldn’t say Bowtell should of been excluded either.
  11. Najjer

    Polish Betting 2021

    Przedpelski over Pawlicki Kasprzak exactly and under 9 for me
  12. Najjer

    Polish Betting 2021

    I’m breaking my own betting rules of never betting on Miedzinski, Batchelor or KK by taking on that very bet myself. Also like the look of Lampart exactly and over 6
  13. In my opinion, there shouldn’t be GP riders in the SEC anyway. The SEC should be used as like a division 2 to the GPs where you should get promotion and demotion.

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