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  1. Thank you. Really looking forward to going to the new stadium. The match should also be a good one. Here's to an enjoyable day.
  2. Morning. Forecast for today doesn't look too smart and webcam of George Square shows a few puddles and a deal of dampness. Is the weather going to spoil today's racing? Thanks in advance.
  3. SCOTLAND1314

    Edinburgh 2015.

    Well that is anybody’s guess. Cookie’s progress whilst with Edinburgh has been tremendous to the point of phenomenal. It’s been obvious, particularly recently during post match interviews and dinner dance speeches, that he has a great affinity to the club. The amount of off track assistance he has given to his team mates throughout the seasons is often over looked but is another bond. Bonds like these are often hard to break but obviously not impossible. The adulation offered to Cookie from the Blue and Gold fans over the years has also developed exponentially. With recent views and speeches suggesting he is the best Edinburgh Monarchs rider in modern history. I for one would not disagree. Fair play to Doyle he certainly had a good season. Would he have gone to Poland etc. if his hand hadn’t been forced by the visa issue, who knows? Personally I think Cookie has the ability to cope with the racing in any of the continental countries and I hope he gets an opportunity to showcase his abilities soon.
  4. SCOTLAND1314

    Edinburgh 2015.

    I wonder if riding In PL and Poland (and maybe Denmark and/or Sweden) would be an option and drop the EL? Not specifically re Cookie but any rider looking to advance himself. Just a thought.
  5. SCOTLAND1314

    Premier League Forecasts

    Hopefully your predicting abilities have got this bit wildly wrong as well. ;-)
  6. SCOTLAND1314

    Biggest Improver 2014

    Although the end of season averages are yet to be updated on the BSPA website (last time I looked) the following increases excluding bonus must be in with a shout: Stevie Worrall 3.00 to 7.54 increase 4.54 Justin Sedgmen 4.99 to 7.27 increase 2.28 Max Fricke 5.80 to 7.96 increase 2.16 (from heat leader position all season)
  7. A dramatic night of speedway played out in front of a huge crowd. That was speedway at its box office best. I'm obviously delighted at my teams 2014 successes but I'd just like to acknowledge Big Martin (Rebel fan with big flag) that I (and a few friends) spoke with on Friday night at Somerset. Martin came into the Armadale bar after the meeting to shake my hand and congratulate the Monarchs on their win. Class act.
  8. SCOTLAND1314

    Leicester Lions 2015

    Again interesting and sounds quite encouraging. Do you you know if Leicester Speedway trade as a Limited Liability company? Name?
  9. SCOTLAND1314

    Leicester Lions 2015

    Interesting. When I've been down it didn't look anything like that but maybe these were just one or two of the lesser crowd sizes. I was just asking as I wondered how likely the revenue would be able to support another Gp (type of) rider. Do Leicester break even or make a profit just now?
  10. SCOTLAND1314

    Belle Vue National Stadium

    Thanks again. I must admit to being disappointed in the lack of smaller training track. It goes without saying that we all hope it is a great racing track.
  11. SCOTLAND1314

    Aces 2015

  12. SCOTLAND1314

    Aces 2015

    Are Belle Vue going to race on a Monday in 2015 and Friday 2016?
  13. SCOTLAND1314

    Belle Vue National Stadium

    What is the new facility going to compromise of? Main track - size? Training track - size?
  14. SCOTLAND1314

    Leicester Lions 2015

    What average crowd size do Leicester get?
  15. SCOTLAND1314

    Berwick 2015

    What would your team be?

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