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  1. I did think of going to this, but i tested positive for the bug on friday. After following the updates, i feel like i had a lucky escape.
  2. cityrebel

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    I would have thought that any additional fans would be appreciated by every track. With inflation rising on a weekly basis, tough times are on the horizon for most people.
  3. With speedway all but dead here in the South East, the last race is fast approaching for me. I will support Iwade's return to the NDL, but my nearest professional venue will be Oxford. A costly midweek round trip of over 150 miles, and all the traffic and weather uncertainties that go with it. I always felt that when there was no local tracks left, the game would be up.
  4. cityrebel

    Eastbourne Speedway

    30 stock car meetings to be staged at Arlington this year, several on Saturdays. Speedway seems just a distant memory.
  5. cityrebel

    RIP Pavel Karnas

    I remember seeing him ride for Hackney in 1991. RIP.
  6. cityrebel

    Eastbourne Speedway

    The fans certainly didn't.
  7. cityrebel

    Eastbourne Speedway

    Or Central Park. A disaster for speedway in the South East.
  8. I don't think any government could save it now. The sport is unfashionable and out of the public eye. It's virtually dead here in the South East.
  9. The Tory's must have been in power since 1981. The loss of Wembley was the start of the decline. The 1970's was a pretty decent decade for speedway, definitely my favourite.
  10. cityrebel

    Poole 2022

    I did enjoy the bigger track, compared to the original narrow version.
  11. cityrebel

    The Repair Shop BBC1 8pm Weds 5th Jan

    Harringay used Initials instead of letters for awhile. I've got Lloyd Goffe's Racers jacket in my collection.
  12. cityrebel


    I'm not sure an air fence is compulsory at NORA meetings. Maybe someone could confirm this.
  13. cityrebel

    Kent 2022

    What about Charley Powell. I saw him ride at Lydd and Iwade last season. He was also very impressive on the grass.
  14. cityrebel

    workington ..

    Both. Weymouth were also the Scorchers, Royals and Eagles!
  15. cityrebel

    Why is Speedway so far behind Formula 1?

    Not interested in formula one racing. I watched formula two at Crystal Palace when i was a kid, but it never grew on me. I always preferred speedway.

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