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  1. cityrebel

    Kent v Eastbourne 03/08/21

    Another enjoyable meeting for the neutral at Central Park last night. Some great racing, well run. Ticked all the boxes for me.
  2. cityrebel

    Eastbourne 2020

    The crowd levels must be a concern as well. From a very healthy start, they have dwindled away. Covid restrictions and dreadful weather haven't helped for sure.
  3. cityrebel

    Club Merchandise

    They had very little for sale. Mostly stuff from previous seasons. Next to nothing from this year. No plans to do a Seagulls badge, which is disappointing.
  4. cityrebel

    Club Merchandise

    I wish i had one at Eastbourne last night. I'm feeling it this morning, after standing up for over 3 hours!
  5. cityrebel

    Eastbourne vs Plymouth 31/07

    Definitely a threat of rain. We drove through monsoons on the way from Tunbridge Wells. It rained heavily on the way home as well.
  6. cityrebel

    Plymouth - Pennycross, track records

    Looking at my records, i saw Plymouth beat a weakened Long Eaton side 51 - 27 in August 1969. Pennycross was No.2 in my tracks visited list, after Wimbledon the previous year. West Ham was No.3 in May 1970. It seems like a lifetime ago!.
  7. cityrebel

    IOW 2020

    We were booked on the 4pm from Lymington and came back on the 11pm from Fishbourne. It felt like a chartered speedway ferry!
  8. cityrebel

    Eastbourne vs Plymouth 31/07

    Absolutely. There is a taxi firm very near to the station.
  9. cityrebel

    IOW 2020

    It was a big crowd. It suprised me.
  10. cityrebel

    Kent v Poole 27/7/21 6.30pm

    He never got the best out of Garrity. He let Len down big time.
  11. cityrebel

    Witches v Stars 29th July

    Heeps was on the pace last night, but Poole were a tough nut to crack.
  12. cityrebel

    Kent v Poole 27/7/21 6.30pm

    A great meeting at Kent, with some excellent racing. British Speedway was still alive and kicking tonight!
  13. cityrebel

    Kent v Poole 27/7/21 6.30pm

    Seems to be a threat of rain every Tuesday. Unbelievable really.
  14. cityrebel

    Plymouth - Pennycross, track records

    1968 & 69. I think the track was tarmaced for the stock cars, when the speedway packed up in 1962.
  15. cityrebel

    Plymouth - Pennycross, track records

    I went to Pennycross as a wee lad on holiday in 1969. I seem to recall the track had a sand like surface, before being replaced with shale in 1970. I'm not sure if this made the track slower as regards to track records.

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