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  1. A predictable response. As I said: no imagination. Don't worry. I grow weary of trying to get any sort of interesting reaction from you which you are obviously incapable of giving, so you can resort back to your petty baiting of your Poole friends. Have a nice day!
  2. I was, and enjoying the news until I came across another person who I can only guess is a friend of yours.
  3. I have no affinity with Poole. I just like to call people like you out. Let's add 'No Imagination' to the list. Keep digging...
  4. Oooh, bitchy! Probably can't say the same for you.
  5. I rest my case. No wit. No intelligence.
  6. I come on here to follow the speedway news and hear first hand comments about what is happening in meetings. Unfortunately, I have to encounter the garbage that comes off your fingers. If you had wit or intelligence it wouldn't be so bad, but you are sadly lacking in both. Why you are allowed to remain on this forum is beyond me when you obviously have no knowledge of speedway and just come on here to wind people up. If you ever met any of the people you insult on here I guess you'd just wet yourself.
  7. Shayman

    Poole 2016

    I believe Holder is guaranteed to up his average next season. It's taken this season to finally get over all the injuries he's sustained and then the Darcy incident hit him hard again. I think he'll come back fighting next season.
  8. Shayman

    Poole 2016

    I think 'rebuild' is being taken too literally. Every team has to 'rebuild' the following season because all the contracts are null and void. So, it's quite possible to re-build your team with nearly all he same riders from the previous season.
  9. Shayman

    Poole Vs The Aces For The Title

    This sort of thing goes on in all sports. It's all part and parcel of it. My advice is that you stop watching all types of sport if you are so offended by this. The whole saga just adds to the drama. Get over it.
  10. >> If all clubs had promoters like Matt Ford we'd have a far superior sport. Wouldn't want there to be any more Matt Ford's. That would be a threat to Poole's current supremacy.
  11. Shayman

    Poole 2016

    Agree with the concern about Holder getting back to the standard he attained when world champ. I remember injuries having the same effect on Lars Gunnestad who I thought would make a very good GP rider but his form slumped to the point that he even struggled at reserve in his later years.

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