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  1. Still undergoing further tests to assess if there are any further injuries.
  2. tellboy

    Aces v Lions

    You are not wrong there.
  3. Think that is best we could have done tbh.
  4. Forgot about the TV match.Ellis will do then
  5. My daughter just said that,that would be his season over unfortunately.
  6. Maybe tomorrow night,but not going forward.But surely one of the above would be willing,even Nicholls maybe available.
  7. We should be doing better than that,and that is no disrespect to Cook.
  8. Bomber and Pickering averages are too high.
  9. Seems obvious Klindt will be missing from this meeting,hope it's not as bad as feared and he makes a quick recovery.What should Lynn do in the mean time.For this meeting I would like to see a guest utilised,A.Ellis seems in decent form and would like to think he would be a good possibility to be able to do it.Janowski would be great but would rate our chances of that happening at about zero.Just don't want to see us use R/R,would rather see a 1-7 go out and ride.R/R would give anyone a ride and I could see Lynn using this as normal.
  10. A cervical spine injury was reported by Canal+,has to go to hospital for tests obviously.Lets hope it's not as bad as that and the early reports prove to be wrong.Fingers crossed for Klindt,he doesn't need another bad injury.
  11. We have already won at home,49-41
  12. tellboy

    Belle Vue 2024

    He definitely won't be riding at Sheffield tomorrow, mind you neither will,Bewley,Lidsey or the rest of the team
  13. tellboy

    Belle Vue 2024

    I was answering the question about Musielak.
  14. tellboy

    King's Lynn v Oxford 17/06/24

    Definitely down because of being on TV,always is.There is normally 6/7 of us go each week,yesterday there was only 2.
  15. tellboy

    Belle Vue 2024

    His 28 day ban started yesterday.

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