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  1. Beirao

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    Neutral venue won't work. That was the initial plan for the ill fated Jubilee Competition. Nuff said!
  2. Beirao

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    Hardly every month never mind every week, and isn't it the same distance from Glasgow to Poole/Plymouth as Poole/ Plymouth to Glasgow.
  3. Beirao

    Only Three Scorers

    Only three Liverpool riders (Craven 11; Subritsky 7 Morton 3) score at Poole in a 51 -21 defeat in September 1960. Only 12 heats raced in the first PL season though seven riders in both sides.
  4. Beirao

    Only Three Scorers

    Without looking it up, it happened a couple of times at Peterborough in the 80s.
  5. Doubt the league are too bothered about it. You need to be at every meeting covered by a season ticket to come out marginally ahead, so its a minor benefit but one that doesn't happen every year.
  6. Beirao

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    Would have said it's due to us not making the semis in either the BSN or the KO Cup but these ties haven't been raced yet. Indeed I don't think the dates have even been agreed. May be the full KO Cup draw - like the tennis at Wimbledon where the path to the final is known - should be made ahead of the league fixtures being drawn up and integrated into them.
  7. Beirao

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    It's a big ask for Pijper, Pearson and Starke to hit the ground running this weekend as their last meeting was about three w weeks ago.
  8. Glasgow gave the same discount after their meeting with Berwick which also got abandoned after heat six. While this is in line with the standard BSPL terms and conditions, it's derisory and badly needs updating/ upgrading.
  9. How much of a discount is being given?
  10. Might Claus be one of the Bandits guests? Would seem to be a good choice.
  11. Beirao

    Poole 2024

    It becomes 5.18 (5.44 at home) from July....or replace him with a 5.00 signing.
  12. Beirao

    The Eldest McMillan

    Just about unbeatable around Shielfield and his overall average suffered from bike troubles at Nelson where he scored 1 from 3 rides.
  13. Beirao

    The Eldest McMillan

    Thanks. Not as impressive as I first thought.
  14. Beirao

    The Eldest McMillan

    I think my views were coloured by him having rare heat wins at both Sunderland and West Ham, the latter in 1968.
  15. Beirao

    The Eldest McMillan

    Anyone remember Bill riding at their tracks - in particular at Sunderland and West Ham, two tracks where he scored well? https://classicspeedwaymemories.webador.co.uk/june-2024/the-eldest-mcmillan

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