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  1. Custom House Kid

    Panthers v Wolves - 2nd leg

    Modern machinery ?
  2. Custom House Kid

    Colin Pratt R.I.P.

    RIP Colin thanks for the memories
  3. Custom House Kid

    West Ham Speedway Closes 1972

    How I miss speedway at Custom House not the same since:-(
  4. Custom House Kid

    British Final

    I don't have a tune my friend just an opionion! I feel your posts are often in the negative and based mainly on team bias. Sadly that seems to be norm on the forum these days. That is why I rarely post any more and tend not to look in that much lately. I also note most of the original forum members appear to have lost patience and are not seen of late.
  5. Custom House Kid

    Team Gb For World Cup

    Woffinded,King,Nicholls,Cook, Lambert(u21). Not sure it makes sense not to allow an under 21 rider to take a ride for an underperforming rider?
  6. Custom House Kid

    British Final

    I often wonder why you get so much stick but now the penny seems to have dropped. You seem to be a glass half empty kind of guy?
  7. Custom House Kid

    British Final

    Great meeting great track. Well done Danny great meeting riding Sverre Harrfeldt lines all night. Remember watching him as a 17 year old around Lakeside being mentored by Craig Boyce and always said there was something about him. Hope he now kicks on.
  8. Custom House Kid

    Arena V Wolves

    I changed my viewing last night from back straight to the bar. I normally move to the back straight after the first pint but rather than get wet externally I chose to stay put and wet my insides instead! The crowd was down from Friday. I think there are a number of reasons for this. Having already raced on Friday another on Monday and a further home meeting on Friday can get a little expensive even with a discount for the middle match. these schedules make no sense to me? The weather would not have helped and I think the England Ladies were playing in the World Cup. A lot would save a tenner and watch from the comfort of there arm chair. Another factor could be our recent home record. The crowd I would say was 1/2 to 2/3rds down from Friday. I personally went because I cannot make next Friday and always prefer to watch at the track (you can see so much more). I thought the meeting itself had some good racing despite the conditions and Lingrens poor showing. I hope the person removed from the main stand by the medical team is ok.
  9. Custom House Kid

    Swc Race-off

    Sadly I'm a virgin customer so will not be able to watch I believe or do they have a quest channel?
  10. Custom House Kid

    Lakeside V Coventry Friday 1/5/15

    Wolfie, PK last season was not the same rider and I feel he would have been a better guest than fast Freddie! As you say a case of if my Aunty. However I do think Richard may have had an outing in 15 and I think it took a bit of the wind out of our sails. (I refer you to my Aunty). Most enjoyable meeting by the way. Apart from an Idiot shouting about Bech not getting off the track in 14 (If that was the case he must have some confidence in his skipper).
  11. Custom House Kid

    Is Rich Lawson The New Harry Kane?

    If he keeps wining it will do for me. There are not many genuine riders now who will miss the gate and win the race from the back! Perhaps a sign of the times, tracks/equipment! I wonder how many more world titles Jack Young would have won if he could gate? Or how few Ivan would have won if he lost his skills at the gate?
  12. Custom House Kid

    Is Rich Lawson The New Harry Kane?

    A bit like Harry the rest of the side are making him look good. Joking aside Lawson has improved season on season for the hammers and is a supporters favourite. Harry is having a great season and like Richard currently the one shining star in the team.
  13. Custom House Kid

    Lakeside V King's Lynn 03/04/15

    Perhaps they can also check on the condition of the showers whilst there at it!
  14. Custom House Kid

    Lakeside V King's Lynn 03/04/15

    Swindon different kettle of fish to Peterborough 29yds longer and longer straights, different shape I believe? Still should give a good idea of his progress/flexibility! Interesting Statistic Arena 275yds, (Small), Peterborough 367yds (medium ?), Swindon 396yds (large) Custom house 415yds (Big) 450yds (original pre Jack Young) The change in shape at custom House helped the racing so, as I say to the missis it's not all about size!
  15. Custom House Kid

    Swindon Robins Vs Poole Pirates 3/4/15

    I'm sure all speedway fans across the country appreciate the time an effort put in by track staff and promotions trying to get a meeting on so you will hear no criticism from me. If you are a speedway fan a rain off is part of the sport sadly it is dictated by weather conditions. I understand it is annoying but no one is at fault.

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